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Top 25 Favourite Musicians Of 2012

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There are some yearly features that I like to try and keep up with for the blog. One of them is highlighting my favourite songs and artists that have impacted my playlist. A few years ago during my retail days, a friend of mine and I discussed who deserved to be in our Top 10 list of artists. Though, it was more an argument to change each other’s thoughts and opinions. Since then I’ve felt inspired to always look back and think about those songs I couldn’t stop singing, the videos I played on loop or the artists that popped up back on my iPod.
Note: Just like last year, some of the artists could get an explanation behind their rankings. Artists will be listed from most-to-least and if certain artists below collaborated on the same song then I may only reference it once.

1. Ellie Goulding
Songs: Anything Could Happen, Lights, Starry Eyed, Human, Little Dreams
LYR (Last Year's Rank): NEW
Before 2012, I had never heard of Ellie Goulding or really listened to any of her songs. ‘Lights’ and ‘Starry Eyed’ were downloaded on my iPod after it was a random song I heard over the radio one time. At first I wasn’t a big fan and even contemplated removing them; however, after some time listening to the tracks and hearing more of her music, I absolutely fell in love. Ellie Goulding is possibly one of my current favourite artists and I can’t wait to hear more from her. 

2. Ke$ha
Songs: Die Young, C’Mon, Warrior, All That Matters (The Beautiful Life)
LYR: #4 

Ke$ha has vastly improved her place on my playlist. Her dance tracks are incredibly catchy and most days I really do need an upbeat dance song on the way home. Her new album dropped in 2012 and most of the songs made their way on the list already. I’m not sure if all the ones above will become videos, but it would be great to see if it actually happens.

3. Dragonette
Songs: Let It Go, Live In This City
LYR: #16 

Another group that has climbed up the ranks from year-to-year. Pop-rock isn’t a genre that I’m used to but I have really developed an appreciation for Dragonette. Their last album was great and even though I have listened to their new tracks yet, their last two singles were amazing. Let’s see how 2013 turns out for Dragonette.

4. Owl City
Songs: When Can I See You Again?, Metropolis, Good Time, Speed Of Love, Bombshell Blonde

Owl City’s sound may be a little tween for me. A few of the tracks are catchy pop tunes and I really do like the tone. It all started with his collaboration with one of the artists on the list and I decided to check out a few of his other songs. Suffice it say, I’m somewhat hooked and I really wanted to see if he’s good as a live performer.

5. The Black Keys
Songs: Lonely Boy, Dead And Gone, Run Right Back
Rock music is definitely not my main genre. It’s something I don’t really listen to on repeat and I’m not really sure how I was introduced to The Black Keys. It may have something to do with work and someone sharing with me their album to listen. Apparently I really liked the songs because a few weeks later, the entire album is now on my playlist and ‘Lonely Boy’ was on repeat for a while. Maybe I will give new genres a chance in 2013.

6. Carly Rae Jepsen
Songs: Call Me Maybe, This Kiss

The song that defined the summer. ‘Call Me Maybe’ inspired parodies, online videos and practically everyone knows the lyrics. I had to put her on the list regardless and the tracks deserved to be in the Top 10. Her follow-up songs were good and hopefully she becomes known for more than one song.

7. FUN.
Songs: We Are Young, Some Nights

Well... FUN. has officially won the Grammy for their debut song. The group is slowly growing on me and last year definitely showcased two of their current top hits. FUN. definitely has something and they could become even bigger this year. I should check out more of their album tracks to see if there are other songs I can add to my playlist. Any suggestions I should know about?

8. Nicki Minaj
Songs: Starships, Pound The Alarm, Va Va Voom

Her music is a hit-or-miss sometimes. I really love her more dance and pop songs compared to some of the harder tracks. Her recent appearance on American Idol may delay any future songs for a while so be prepared to wait.

9. Foster The People
Songs: Pumped Up Kicks, Houdini

Trying something new this year with different artists and groups. One of the few new groups I've listened to was Foster The People. 'Houdini' is a great song that I love to hear on dull afternoons and the remixes have been getting better and better. The group is still somewhat new so I haven't heard much in terms of songs yet. Though, I would love to hear more.

10. Tegan and Sara
Songs: Body Work, Closer

Another new addition to the list this year. Tegan and Sara have been around for a while and I’ve heard about them before but never really heard much of their music. Last year, they worked with a DJ who helped spice up their music and ‘Body Work’ was an amazing track. Slowly they’re starting to pop up more but I’d like to see how things develop in 2013.

11. Lana Del Rey
Songs: Blue Jeans, Born To Die, Ride
LYR: #25

12. Adele

Songs: Skyfall
LYR: #6

13. David Guetta

Songs: Titanium, Laserlight
LYR: #2

14. Bruno Mars

Songs: Locked Out Of Heaven

15. Florence and The Machine 

Songs: Shake It Out

16. Metric

Songs: Youth Without Youth

17. Anjulie
Songs: You and I
LYR: #13

18. Kelly Clarkson

Songs: Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)

19. Britney Spears

Songs: Scream and Shout
LYR: #1

20. Kat Graham

Songs: Put Your Grafitti On Me, Sassy, Boyfriend’s Back

21. The Saturdays

Songs: All Fired Up, Notorious

22. Katy Perry

Songs: Part Of Me, Wide Awake
LYR: #5

23. Demi Lovato

Songs: Give Your Heart A Break

24. Rihanna

Songs: Diamonds, Where Have You Been
LYR: #22

25. Christina Perri

Songs: A Thousand Years (Part Two)

Agree or Disagree with the list? Share your thoughts and comments below about which artists or songs influenced you for 2012!

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