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'The Carrie Diaries' Recap: Dangerous Territory

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Let's take a trip back to Gossip Girl: 80's style!

This week on The Carrie Diaries, Carrie meets a new potential boytoy that invites her beyond the golden gates to the Upper East Side. Plus, Maggie stakes her clique claim against Donna, Mouse plays the battle of the bedroom and Carrie's father loses a piece of his late wife.

Morning Upper East Siders! Gowns and gossip are in full swing for the formal season and knowing your place on the list is the name of the game. But in the exclusive world of summering in St. Barts and all day shopping sprees on Madison, the tried and true always stand supreme: what you wear to the party isn't as important as who you bring. (I always wanted to do that! Back to normal voice).

While spending time working at her dull internship, Carrie meets a cute boy who quickly takes an interest in the aspiring writer. George, an old acquittance and the son of her father's best friend, invites Carrie as her date to an Upper East Side party hosted by his mother, Kick Silver. She turns down the invite at first but when she discovers that Sebastian has already moved on to mean girl Donna LaDonna, she accepts the invite and pulls together a dress with the help of her stern boss.

The Upper East Side party was different than Carrie had initially envisioned. Jokes she didn't understand, a mother who didn't accept her social standing, and a jealous ex-girlfriend that was ready to claw her eyes out. Before Carrie was about to throw in the towel, Kick's heart grew three sizes that day once it was revealed that Carrie's late mother and Kick were best friends. Carrie earned a new ally in Kick, a potential new boyfriend and some MUCH NEEDED future drama with the wrath of Donna and Blythe, George's ex-girlfriend.

Not sure what Castlebury, Connecticut has to offer, but if Donna and Maggie are fighting over a booth at a diner, it's clear that Manhattan needs to happen more often. After Carrie spots the new "IT" couple around town (and nearly runs them over), Donna and her sidekicks decide to invade Bradshaw territory and claim the diner as their new hangout. Maggie, being the bestfriend she is, declares war and refuses to give up the bench. Though both sides put up a great fight, Sebastian comes walking in and convinces Donna to give up the bench before starting a real fight. Maybe they're a good couple after all? What am I saying...

Was your first time good? Mouse didn't think so. This week, she's ready to jump back in bed with Seth but she's worried that she wasn't good their first time around. Walt, Maggie's secretly gay boyfriend (and apparently great in bed), comes to the rescue with an old VHS tape on how to perform. He gives Mouse his secret weapon and she learns how to impress Seth with her moves. The tactic obviously worked because their montage was suggestive and their reaction hilarious (no subtlety here, folks). Surprisingly from all the hooking up this series has shown so far, I'm surprised people are still complaining it's not like the HBO series. Though, it was revealed that Seth has hooked up since his first break-up with Mouse and he's a bit of the jealous type. (Watch out Mouse! There could be a scary encounter or worse... a pregnancy plotline!)

Will Carrie and George last beyond next week's episode? Will Donna take this fight to the next level? When does Carrie start to obsess about shoes?! Time to share in the comments and post your thoughts about this week's episode.

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