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A good multiplayer video game can be so hard to find. Sometimes it's simply tacked on to a primarily solo story game with little care or it holds a multitude technical problems that prevent the experience from growing. I've played plenty of multiplayer video games through my console and PC gaming history. But when I find a really great game with an amazing multiplayer experience, I always come back for more. And the video game I will be reviewing today is definitely on of those games. On this video game review article, I'll be reviewing the first-person shooter multiplayer video game: Evolve.

The Story: Set on the distant planet of Shear, dangerous monsters have attacked the human settlements and nearly wiped out the population. No creatures are more so dangerous than the titans. They are the most powerful on the planet and they prove to be evolving at a rapid rate.

Players can take on the role of either a Hunter or a Monster. Hunters are from a crack team of military exterminators, specializing in roles like Media, Trapper, Support and Assault. There are plenty of different characters to choose from while Monsters, the sole competing enemy, is one of three different types of titans.

Where To Play: Evolve is available to play on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The Good: Evolve sets its sights on delivering a good multiplayer experience, and it does it pretty well. The concept is simple: you're either the Monster plotting to defeat the Hunters or vice versa. Evolve features a collection of unique characters and roles to choose from for each match. Instead of the stale monotony of playing the same five characters over and over again, each role has at least three different characters with unique weapons, powers and features to help take down the competing side. Plus, each role and character is styled differently, such as one female Trapper has a pet animal who tracks the Monster down while another Trapper is basically a cowboy. Variety is a big strength for Evolve.

The environments in Evolve are also a big takeaway. Each location is visually beautifully and offers something different for the players competing in that specific location. Also, each location contains their own set of mini-monsters and obstacles that could kill a Hunter. You wouldn't believe how many times I did from being eaten by a plant!

The Bad: With any multiplayer-based game, there are always some technical problems and glitches around that could be fixed. Evolve has its few issues where I've noticed that it impacted my online experience. Sometimes a game would lag or crash and I would need to restart a match. I've had my character miss several important hits because of a technical snafu where my character turned around or attacked on its own. The issue wasn't because of my internet connection as I was able to reconnect in the next match. Those small little things just added up as the game went out.

Another point which I want to bring up, which could be viewed as good or bad, is that Evolve is a hard game. Whether you're a Hunter or a Monster, winning a match isn't easy. Depending on which Monster or which Hunters you're facing, it could become really difficult to win the game. I groan whenever I notice I'm facing against a Wraith or a certain Medic/Trapper character. It takes a lot of determination, evolving, team coordination (an absolute must!) and evolving to win.

The Results: 9/10!
I really liked Evolve. Evolve offered a change of pace for a multiplayer game and didn't over-complicate the experience with complex mechanics. The environments were beautifully created and each character was designed differently, albeit sometimes on the stereotypical or cliche side. The video game does have its fair share of tiny technical glitches that could ruin a good online match. However, these barely occur few and very far between. Evolve is a perfect game for gamers who love a first-person shooter or enjoy playing against other gamers online.

I grew up watching James Bond. As a child, I was captivated with the many adventures of 007. Everything from taking down a media mogul to stopping a satellite from destroying London - I've watched all the films and played most of the video games. I like a good secret agent film. While the latest film I'm reviewing today isn't a James Bond movie, it is another British spy comedy where the main characters are secret agents. This mini-movie review is for the spy flick: Kingsman: The Secret Service.

The Premise: Gary "Eggsy" (played by Taron Egerton) is a delinquent young adult living in London. After being arrested for stealing a car, Eggsy calls upon a favour from "Galahad" (Colin Firth) and is freed with a catch. He agrees to audition for a top secret group of British spies, The Kingsman, and join their ranks to stop the villainous Richmond Valentine (Samuel L. Jackson) from destroying the world.

The Results: 2/5!
Kingsman: The Secret Service was a campy secret agent movie that featured plenty of action and comedy moments. Taron Egerton did a great job and Colin Firth never disappoints in whatever role he does. I wasn't exactly blown away by the movie. Nothing new was really approached and it seemed like another spy drama featuring a young guy, like Agent Cody Banks or Alex Rider. Before watching the flick, I wouldn't recommend going in with high expectations. However, it was an enjoyably fun film and a good popcorn movie to watch if you're up to seeing it.