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'Revenge' Recap: Union

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Revenge is the best for big episodes: two weddings, a break-up, a make-up and even a death!

There was a lot going on Sunday night at the 9 p.m. timeslot. Heavy competition included program such as the Grammy Awards on CBS and The Walking Dead midseason return on AMC. Unfortunately, the ratings hit a series low but that was expected with the competitors. Hopefully they will go back up next week with the landmark "flash forward" moment where one of the main cast members is murdered. I've got my guess but who will it be? (Also, let's take a moment and celebrate this being the three show I'm starting to recap)

This week on Revenge, love is in the air with the upcoming nuptials of Fauxmanda and Jack, Emily tries to save Aidan from going off on a suicide mission, Nolan throws Padma a life-vest, and Victoria blows her villainous competition away.

The moment has come for Jack and Fauxmanda: it's time to say "I do." Planning is underway for the pair but the future of the Stowaway still hangs in the balance. Coming in as a guardian angel, Emily offers to solve their problems by writing a cheque for Fauxmanda and Jack to buy back to remaining half of the property. The idea seems good at first until it's revealed that Conrad and Ashley have their own plans: they want to work with Nate Ryan to turn the boardwalk into the next Atlantic City.

Fauxmanda might be pretending to be the old Amanda/Emily, but she's definitely taking a page out of the new Emily. She steals Emily's secret computer (by using the most easiest password ever. Infinity? Really?!) and uses it to blackmail Conrad into selling back the Stowaway. This news doesn't please Nate too well because he looks ready to take his revenge against the Porters once-and-for-all. Conrad, on the other hand, washes his hands of the deal and goes back to his business.

The beach wedding goes off without a hitch, with Nolan acting as officiant (or as he called it "wedding bitch" - I love Nolan!) and Emily, Carl, Declan and Charlotte serving as guests. On top of the beach wedding, we're also introduced earlier to a flashback from Emily's childhood where she "married" Jack on the beach. We see general emotion from the stoic heroine when all the emotions of what could have been come flooding back to her. It's a touching moment and I'm not sure how she would have handled seeing Fauxmanda and Jack sail off on their honeymoon. Dating remorse or unfulfilled love?

As revealed in the previous episode, The Initiative has killed Aidan's sister Colleen with a drug overdose and the revelation sends him into a tailspin to discover the real truth behind her death. Enlisting the help from Nolan, the group uncovers that the date of the video was marked from six years ago... not recently like Helen had stated. Autopsy photos revealed that Colleen had died six years prior and The Initiative was just using the video to toy with Aidan. Even though I prefer Daniel and Emily together as a couple, it was a tender moment to see them bond over a heartbreaking moment like this.

On the other end of the Scooby gang, Nolan deviates from Emily's plan and takes a chance in trusting Padma. He hopes that since Aidan's father and sister were used by The Initiative that maybe Padma was too. Once the secret is revealed, Padma spills everything... like EVERYTHING! She comes clean to Nolan and fesses up about her father being kidnapped. Is she lying? Maybe. I still think she's a villain but to what extent, we may find out later on.

Victoria is possibly my favourite villain in Revenge. The chilly dynamic that she has with Emily is the best ongoing interaction in season one and it's been lacking throughout this season. In this episode, Victoria no longer wants to sit on the sideline and let The Initiative destroy her family once again. She reaches out to Conrad for the proof she needs to convince Daniel that Helen is not to be trusted. What she doesn't know is that The Initiative already knows about her betrayal and is listening in on her conversation with Daniel.

Helen plans to deal with Victoria herself! She makes a surprised trip to the mansion and threatens Victoria for the evidence in exchange for Daniel's life. Victoria only bides her time before pulling out her gun and shooting Helen in the chest! Victoria saved her son for now but now the family will have to harbour the secret of Helen's dead body. Maybe this will also get rid of The Initiative storyline as well? Fingers crossed everyone.

With the good comes the shocking! Season two premiered with footage about the boat being sunk and a man dead underwater. At the end of the episode, Jack and Fauxmanda are celebrating their honeymoon when it shows that Nate Ryan is secretly on the boat and cuts the shore-to-sea radio. Someone is going to die next episode but whom?

Will Jack or Fauxmanda survive the boat encounter? How will The Initiative react to Victoria murdering Helen? Can Padma be trusted? Will I ever stop saying Fauxmanda? Time to share you thoughts below in the comments!

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