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Another coach is gone from Big Brother 14 and this is possibly one of the most heated evictions. For the majority of the game, this houseguest had (somewhat) masterfully manipulated the players but in a shocking turn-of-events, he was blindsided. Unfortunately, he was one eviction away and will not be a part of the Big Brother 14 jury.

A double-eviction means that two houseguests were eliminated in the same night. This player was the first to go and another newbie was evicted afterwards (post to follow). The next person to be evicted is Boogie, the 41 year old Restaurant Owner from Los Angeles, California.

Let's Meet Boogie...

Mike "Boogie" is the second member and co-founder of the infamous Chilltown alliance from Big Brother 2. Before he returned to season 14 as a coach, he also competed and won Big Brother All-Stars against former coach Janelle. On Day 1, Boogie entered as a coach and selected Frank, Ian and Jenn to join his team. While as a coach, Boogie won the first coaches' challenge and saved Ian from eviction. None of his teammates were evicted before the season reset (which he voted not to return), even though Frank was continuously a target. Following Wil's eviction, Shane (Head of Household) nominated both Boogie and Frank for eviction. Frank won Power of Veto (POV) and Jenn was forced as a nominee against Boogie. On Day 48, Boogie was evicted by a vote of 5-2.

Why Did He Lose?

Boogie is possibly (one of) the most ruthless players in the history of Big Brother. He makes decisions to turn the tables against his enemies and manipulates situations to band the floaters to his plan. However, Big Brother 14 was the first time he was faced with a situation he never encountered: playing the game without Dr. Will. The reason that the Dr. Will/Boogie duo works so well is because both play a different yet cohesive game. Boogie is ruthless yet Will is cold and calculating - they depend on each other to bounce ideas and manipulate the house. Boogie's partnership with Frank was different. Boogie took the leadership role (the brain) while Frank was the enforcer (the muscle). Instead of playing mind games like the original Chilltown, Boogie/Frank resorted to an aggressive tactic when the duo was nominated. Unfortunately for them, it wasn't successful and resulted in Boogie's eviction.

Similar to Janelle's eviction, this season saw a new change in Boogie. He still was the same annoying mastermind that he was but things were a tad different. Instead of constantly questioning the motives of his alliances and itching to make the first strike, he placed his trust in the wrong people. He didn't expect that his alliance would turn on him and that his own former teammate had helped to orchestrate his demise. Near the end, he played sloppy and forgot his own Chilltown rules to play the game.

How Could He Stay?

Boogie was in a tight spot. He competed for and lost the POV so without any real power, he couldn't save himself. Once Jenn was placed on the block, it solidified his eviction. A lot of "What If?" scenarios can be thrown out and the biggest would have been if Boogie/Frank had turned on Dan early on. The duo got too comfortable and never expected to be blindsided the following week. The only way Boogie could have stayed would have been if he had attacked first.

Last Thoughts...

I wish I could say this season made me like Boogie more. He's a great player and enjoyable to watch but something about him has always irked me the wrong way. It's been years since Boogie last competed and new players knew who he was by now, including his tactics, strategies and the way he played the game. The minute he stepped into the house, there was a target on his back and for a short time, he was sitting in a pretty comfortable position
I try not to create posts for old movies that have already been released. This movie was first screened last year at SXSW and apparently made its way to a limited widespread theatrical U.S. release (not even sure if it made its way to Canada). I felt a sense of accomplishment for getting the chance to finally watch a copy of the film. The mini movie review below is for the teen-horror flick: Detention.

The Premise: What happens when self-aware hipster teens are thrown into a horror flick? You get Detention. After the untimely death of Queen Bee Taylor Fisher, the town of Grizzly Lake can't seem to comprehend the impending death rate and killer that is on the loose. Riley Jones (Shanley Caswell) is a rebellious outsider who tries to make it through the daily torment of high school she endures from ex-bestfriend Ione Foster (Spencer Locke) . After Riley is attacked by the killer Cinderhella, more student bodies begin to turn up and the unique group of students stick together, which includes Riley's longtime crush Clapton Davis (Josh Hutcherson), to stop Cinderhella before he strikes again.

The Results: 4/5!
For an indie teen-horror/comedy flicks, the production values for Detention weren't terrible and the acting wasn't laughable. Special effects were top-notch and the jokes, while completely self-aware and full of 90's references, were not that bad. I will admit that certain things presented were a little out there (like the bug guy and some plot holes with the story), but if you're willing to ignore all that and just focus on a good popcorn movie to watch for an hour, you will really enjoy Detention.
Can you believe it has been over eight months since the last edition of this post? New music has been released, bigger hits turn into videos and surprise songs become YouTube hits. I couldn't decide the next article for this site until I saw one of these previous editions reach the Top 10. Looking back at the post date, the previous edition was created back in January!

As a little refresher to those newbies around, Tuesday Tunes is a featured I created to highlight three online videos that focus on music. They could be a music video, choreographed piece on TV/film or just the latest viral video. It's all about what I find or what interests me.

To restart the series in the 11th week (I still can't get over the fact about January), here are the three that will be showcased:

1. "Ready or Not" by Bridget Mendler
2. "Shake It Out" by Florence + The Machine
3. "Let It Go" by Dragonette

We're at the halfway point this season and six houseguests have been sent packing. What's most shocking is that this week marked the first male to actually be voted out of the house (Willie was expelled). While the house has been quiet this week with fairly any drama, things may be about to take a turn come the next few episodes.

Last week's eviction of a veteran didn't cause the newbies to band together and evict the coaches. Instead, another newbie was evicted. The current evicted houseguest is Wil, the 24 year old Marketing Consultant from Kentucky.

Let's Meet Wil...

Wil is the aspiring singer and YouTube personality who famously is an American Idol reject. On Day 1, Janelle selected Wil as her first pick to join her team. While Wil has not won either Head of Household (HOH) or Power of Veto (POV), Janelle selected Wil to receive safety in week three. When the coaches entered the game as players, Wil felt tension with his former coach and plotted her demise. HOH Danielle nominated Wil for eviction but choose to save him with the POV to blindside Janelle. The following week after Janelle's eviction, Wil had a vague conversation with Frank (current HOH) and Boogie that led to his nomination. On Day 41, Wil was evicted by a vote of 6-2.

Why Did He Lose?

Wil played the game very personally. Sometimes the cast makes decision based on cattiness; it's no longer about gameplay or threats but getting out someone they don't like. Last week's decision to evict Janelle was a little bit of both. Wil saw the game as high school and himself as the popular clique. He lost sight of the game and made decisions based on personal feelings. During his conversation with Frank and Boogie, Wil didn't approach the situation appropriately to save himself from the block. He got cocky and alluded to something even he said he wasn't 100% sure. Houseguests have plenty of alliances (many of them being secret) and Wil should have known this before discussing the secret alliance to Frank and Boogie. After the chat, his image changed in the eyes of Boogie and Frank and it made himself a bigger target than Joe.

I wanted to start off this next paragraph with saying that Wil choosing to evict Janelle didn't lead to him being evicted. Though, when I started to write reasons why, it became clear that it did. If Frank had stayed it would have made Wil a target like Joe but things would be different if it worked out (i.e. Frank not being HOH and Wil not being nominated). Each player currently has a veteran who would help them out and even if Wil hates to hear this, Janelle actually had his back. By jumping on the bandwagon and not working to get the house to flip on Frank, he was now veteran-less and part of the outsiders.

How Could He Stay?

Wil needed to lay low Now that his former coach was evicted. He should have stepped back and watched the game from a distance like Ashley or Jenn. The idea of blindsiding Dan was a great idea and his "alliance" should have fought harder to make it happen. Would it have worked? Probably not, but they should have tried harder.

Last Thoughts...

Wil could have been a threat but it turned out his biggest enemy was himself. He lost focus and made some very poor decisions, especially when talking to the HOH for his safety. I understand the idea of wanting to be your own player without the veterans but it was a decision based from cattiness against Janelle. He lost an ally instead of losing a threat. On top of that, Wil stopped being a competitive player and once he was nominated, he didn't do much in terms of trying to fight. Even if it looks like a houseguest may be leaving the game, they should never stop campaigning until the bitter end.
The first coach has fallen and already the game might be looking up for the newbies. Who am I kidding?! The eviction was a lucky break that was mostly spearheaded by cattiness instead of actual gameplay. While this evicted houseguest is one of my favourites from the previous seasons, I’m happy to see her go only for the reason that I would like to see a newbie win to redeem the decimation of last season.

The most recent evictee is Janelle, the 32 year old housewife from Minnesota.

Let's Meet Janelle...

Janelle is the renowned "Queen of Big Brother" and is currently a top fan favourite. Prior to having veteran status, she competed on both Big Brother 6 and Big Brother All-Stars and earning a 3rd place standing for both back-to-back seasons. She returned to Big Brother 14 as a Coach: not an actual houseguest but a mentor who would help to train and guide three houseguests. On Day 1, she selected Wil, Ashley and Joe to join her team. While as a coach, none of her houseguests won Head of Household (HOH) but she herself won two Coaches' Challenges and gave safety to Ashley in week two and Wil in week three. When the coaches entered Big Brother as competing houseguests, Janelle was blindsided when Danielle removed Wil from the block and nominated her for eviction against Frank. On Day 34, Janelle was evicted by a vote of 8-1.

Why Did She Lose?

Janelle's eviction was both shocking and quite expected. She was one of the biggest threats and could have stood a great chance to win the game. Her eviction shocked many for the fact that the houseguests had successfully blindsided Janelle and campaigned for her eviction. As a veteran and coach, Janelle already had a target on her back and was sitting in a good place with the newbies and fellow coaches (with the exception of Boogie, of course). Though, Janelle couldn't escape the one glaring fact that led to her eviction: she's Janelle. Whenever a veteran returns, they're remembered for their notoriety first and  gameplay. It's been more than six years since the last time Janelle competed but she couldn't shake her image as a powerful and athletic competitor. The houseguests saw an opportunity to get rid of her (plus a coach) and they took it.

This season saw a new change in Janelle. While she did utilize her floating and competitive qualities, when she was placed on the block, she gave up. Janelle of season's past would have done anything to stay but this time around, she thought there was nothing she could do. Wil and Ashley (her former team) split to vote her out, her former alliance had banded together in a new group that resulted in her being evicted and Boogie (her nemesis from Big Brother All-Stars) had manipulated the current houseguests to make Janelle the target. The end had come and she couldn't talk her way out of it.

How Could She Stay?

Janelle is a cat with nine lives - when you think she's out, she can find a way to save herself. However, her luck ran out this season and she was evicted pre-Jury. Since Janelle wasn't able to compete in the Power of Veto (POV), I think there was only two ways she could have stayed. The first would be to align with the coaches and move the target away from herself. While Danielle was HOH, both Dan and Britney had her ear and if they had talked her out of it, the target would have been moved to Joe, but Janelle hesitated with nominating Joe and caused doubt within the coaches. The second idea would have been to reaffirm connections with Dan and Britney to get Frank out. Frank was, and still is, the biggest threat. He's won countless challenges and is Boogie's personal puppet

Last Thoughts...

Janelle came into the house with a huge target but was sitting pretty. Once she entered the game as a real houseguest, the players couldn't ignore how powerful she could be. Years have passed since the last time Janelle competed and she's no longer the same player she once was. I'm happy that she came back for another season as I still do like Janelle. She didn't do quite well this year but if she does choose to come back (chances depend on the season), hopefully she makes it farther to redeem her standing this year.

Hi Bloggers,

I hope you all are enjoying your weekends. While relaxing at home and checking out upcoming movie titles, I saw this name pop-up and was perplexed to see the name. At first I thought it was the long awaited movie for Left 4 Dead but through a very quick YouTube search, it was just a short film made by some fans.

For all the gamers out there reading this post (or even people who like a good crossover parody), this short film might be for you. It's a fan film about the original Left 4 Dead film after the events of The Sacrifice storyline. I've included the video for you all to check out the short ten minute video.


Time really does fly in the Big Brother 14 house and already the next houseguest is evicted from the game. I know this article is a little late but last week was possibly one of the busiest weeks I've ever had.

This evicted houseguest could have earned a chance to reenter the game. Did anyone really think that her, Kara or Jodi would get the shot when they heard the twist? I didn't (well, only for the first 20 seconds). 

This might be the last time we'll hear from this player but for now, the fourth person evicted from Big Brother 14 was JoJo, the bartender from Staten Island.

Let's Meet JoJo...

JoJo is the 26 year old bartender who sparked the first potential showmance of the season. On Day One, she was chosen by season 10 veteran Britney to be mentored and thus was part of the first winning team. Being part of the first group alliance of Britney and Janelle, her group was riding high until Willie (also part of her team) began to cause problems. The house turned against Britney and plotted to evict Willie but when he was expelled, the HOH Frank decided to nominate Shane and JoJo as default replacements. When Shane won Power of Veto (POV), he removed himself from the block and she was now facing against Danielle, Shane's other showmance. JoJo was evicted on Day 20 by a vote of 5-1.

Why Did She Lose?

JoJo was an interesting choice to be the fourth person evicted (second by an actual HOUSE vote). The most obvious and glaring reason is that the power of Willie worked against her. Starting from the first day, she was picked to be on Britney's team and when Willie became the enemy, the house made her entire team as scapegoats. Even though Willie was expelled for fighting, JoJo's name kept coming up as a nominee. Alliances can make or break you and this is a perfect example. Nothing JoJo did would have earned her a nomination and subsequent eviction; instead, the twist worked against her and placed her in a makeshift alliance that she tried to follow in the first week. JoJo listened to Willie by voting to evict Frank and when that didn't work, Frank (then HOH) targeted Willie's closest allies

JoJo (by being herself) didn't help in proving that she should stay. We've all seen an episode of Jersey Shore and the players would make jokes about her. Her main competition to staying was Danielle, who up until that point was a shy and quiet girl who floated. If JoJo had just taken a step back, regrouped after the predicament and calmly whispered about potential game-changing ideas, it may have saved her. However, Big Brother 14 is turning into the season of  cattiness. Houseguests are turning on each other for the most inane and petty high school qualities like (for instance) JoJo flirting with Shane who was also flirting with Danielle

How Could She Stay?

JoJo might have been a long-shot to survive eviction. New alliances were grouping against her and Danielle was sitting pretty for the most part. JoJo's only cache to stay was playing the Dan card. Danielle was Dan's only remaining player since both Jodi and Kara were evicted back-to-back in the first week. If Danielle was evicted then Dan would have been eliminated too. She should have regrouped and taken a new approach to people who might have discredited her as player

Last Thoughts...

JoJo's place in the game was determined by the twist. If it wasn't for the makeshift alliance that were drafted on the first day, things might have turned out better for her and she could have floated by along with the others. She was a nice character for the early weeks but I wouldn't have pegged her to win regardless. Past seasons have shown that floaters and models are picked off early before the real threats are targeted. Barring any returning players and veterans, I possibly would have liked to see her (as well as the houseguests this season and Big Brother 13) compete on their own without the influence of a past houseguest.