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'Do No Harm' Cancelled by NBC

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Was anyone really surprised?

NBC has decided to pull its medical drama Do No Harm after two low rated episodes. In fact, Do No Harm has earned the title of the lowest rated series premiere between the top four dominant networks.

News of the cancellation was sad but not surprising. The pilot episode premiered to only 3.3 million viewers (0.9 rating in 18-49), with the second week dropping 22% to 2.2 million viewers (0.7 in 18-49). The loss in viewership became only a matter of time until when NBC would pull the plug on the low rated series.

Do No Harm will be replaced by episodes of Law & Order: SVU. The midseason drama, which was inspired by the tale of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, starred Steven Pasquale and Phylicia Rashad.

Did you like Do No Harm when it was on the air? Post in the comments and sound off on your thoughts about the series.

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