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Even though I had created three mini movie reviews for three films that I watched last week, I think that I could use the mini review method as a means to a solution. For new movies that I watch on the day/weekend of their release, I'll write a full length review documenting everything how I feel about the film. However, for "new" movies that I review that have already been released for more than a week or two, I'll either create a mini review or a full review. In this case, I'll be creating a mini review for the teen romantic-comedy: Monte Carlo!

The Premise: Grace (Selena Gomez) is a recent high school graduate who plans to raise enough money to travel to Paris with her older high school dropout best-friend Emma (Katie Cassidy). When her parents surprise her with the gift to travel to Paris, the only catch is that Grace's older stepsister Meg (Leighton Meester) also gets to travel with the two girls for a summer of fun as well. When the girls reach the city and experience a few rough bumps while exploring, the girls encounter a spoiled and rich British socialite Cordelia who looks identical to Grace in many ways. While masking as Cordelia, the girls experience the privileged life in Monte Carlo with parties, fashion and love while keeping up with the charade and pretenses of Cordelia's life.

The Results: 3/5!
My feelings towards Monte Carlo were mixed. While there were hilarious and heartwarming scenes in the film, my biggest problem was that it was somewhat devoid of depth. The plot may have focused on the girls traveling to Paris, masquerading as Cordelia in Monte Carlo and the girls' corresponding romances, nothing really resonated within me as to distinguishing it as unique. I hate this term with a passion but the one word/saying that can't escape my mind as a definition for this movie is a chick flick. Don't get me wrong, I liked the film and in no way is it terrible or a waste of time. Monte Carlo is one of those movies that focuses on the power of a friendship between girls and the magic of exploring the world while enjoying the beauty of international destinations and finding love when they least expect it. My perfect example would be if you liked "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" movies and book series as this is a similar teen love/friendship piece. My recommendation is to watch or rent Monte Carlo because it's a good date movie to bring that special someone with for two hours and you may end up liking the movie. It's simple as to its plot and if you're looking for a feel good movie with some of today's biggest teen/young adult stars then this is the movie for you.
The final movie to receive the mini movie review treatment tonight will be my favourite from the three: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part Two!

The Premise: The final film in the intense and gripping saga reaches its climax at the battle at Hogwarts. Harry (Daniel Radcliffe), Ron (Rupert Grint) and Hermoine (Emma Watson) are still on their journey to find and destroy the remaining horcruxes to kill Voldemort once and for all but problems seem to always suffice with the deatheaters always on their trail. Their adventures take them to the depths of Gringotts, flying high in the sky with a dragon and returning back to their beloved school, Hogwarts. The return of Harry triggers an all out battle between good and evil when the students, faculty and aurors come to defend the school against Voldemort and his deatheaters. Who will win the fight that has culminating over seven books and eight movies: Harry Potter or Voldemort?

The Results: 4.75/5!
This is the highest score I’ve ever given a film review and some may pertain this as bias since I am a Harry Potter fan. However, I felt that this half-film was executed quite well since when you do read the book, most of the drama and emotional moments occur during the latter portion of the novel which this movie is based from. It’s the highest score because every film and every scene that was created throughout the series has led to this one moment and one final battle and everyone who followed the series was eager to watch the final events; no one was left disappointed or distraught how the film turned out. Definitely a film that you should watch in theatres and purchase since this is the last film and there were memorable moments to watch.
The second movie that will be getting the mini movie review treatment will be Horrible Bosses!

The Premise: Nick (Jason Bateman), Dale (Charlie Day) and Kurt (Jason Sudeikis) all have one thing in common besides being best-friends: they hate their bosses! Nick deals with a psychotic boss (Kevin Spacey) that passes him over for a promotion, Dale works below a maneater (Jennifer Aniston) that is trying to blackmail him into having an affair and Kurt really liked his old boss before he died and the company was left to his cocaine-addicted son (Colin Farrell). The plot of the movie involves the three friends seeking the aid of a hitman (Jamie Foxx) to help them plot the deaths of their bosses.

The Results: 4/5!
Horrible Bosses was a fun movie to watch both sides compete to destroy the other. The bosses were the biggest highlight to watch this film. To watch Kevin Spacey act as a psychotic and a cold-calculating tyrant, Jennifer Aniston be a seductive temptress and Colin Farrell a complete tool made the film unique compared to most of their movies they’ve done in the past. I don’t think they’ve every played a character like these before and it was a unique experience to watch. Once again, I have hopes but I don’t think it will be one that will stand the test of time but I’ve been proven wrong before and this is might be one of those movies to prove me wrong.
Typically, I write an overall review post talking about a movie I had recently seen and the benefits/negatives regarding the film. I had recently watched three movies last week that I could create full-fledged reviews for but since a week has passed, I think I will combine those three reviews into a condensed blurb to highlight the positives and negatives for each movie. The first mini movie review will be for: Bad Teacher!

The Premise: Elizabeth Halsey (Cameron Diaz) is a bitter gold-digging teacher who initially plans to retire from the profession once she gets engaged to a wealthy man but when the engagement is called off, she’s thrust back into work and plots to find a way out. She shows little appreciation to her fellow coworkers or to her students but when she realizes that the teacher with the highest class test scores on the statewide test wins a bonus, she soon pushes her students to limit to learn and achieve high grades to win her the money. Also in the mix, is a hilarious love triangle between Elizabeth, the goody-goody substitute teacher (Justin Timberlake), the school coach (Jason Segel) and Elizabeth’s newest coworker frenemy (Lucy Punch).

The Results: 3.5/5!
Bad Teacher is hilarious. A lot of the steps that Elizabeth does to “help” her students learn are shocking to say the least and I, personally, have never had a teacher like this before. Many of the scenes like the car wash, the dodge ball, the school trip and the dance are perfect additions to have in a comedy and I absolutely loved how the strange relationships played a part in the film. At times the movie was cheesy and she didn’t seem as “bad” as the trailers made her out to be. I didn’t like Justin Timberlake to be honest, I felt that he added little to the plot and he wasn't used as a character in the story per say. It’s definitely a movie to watch or rent if you’re in the mood for a comedy but I don’t think it will stand the test of time
I love the summer for many reasons: the sun, weather, relaxation, ice cream and so much more but there is also one thing I’m happy for when this time of year comes around. It’s time for another new season of Big Brother!

For those of you who are unaware, Big Brother is a CBS reality show where 12-16 contestants are forced to live inside the Big Brother house for three months and compete to be the last one left. The game features alliances, the Head of Household (HOH), Power of Veto (POV) and a variety of twists with backstabbing houseguests at the ready. It’s the perfect combination to watch drama during the summer and I always look excited for this. The launch of the 13th season and the first eviction have already taken place so let’s take a look at the previous 12 seasons of the game and rank my favourite seasons from the worst to my favourite season.

12. Big Brother 12 
Highlight: The Rachel vs. Ragan fight, Rachel vs. Kristen fight, the Rachel vs.….everyone fight
Low point: Annie, the Saboteur, being evicted in the first week, featuring boring and unlikable houseguests

Arguably I can agree that Big Brother 12 has to be my least favourite season. There were a multitude of reasons that made me want to turn off the screen. The first being that in the first week of the game, my favourite houseguest and the central character involved in the season’s twist, Annie, was evicted right off the bat. Already that was a strike against the season being that there was no main twist to ignite drama. Sure, they did try to bring it back with a two week saboteur and Pandora's Box every week but those twists were half-fasted and not thought through (completely unfair that Matt got a Diamond Power of Veto to keep his friends in the game for winning HOH). The second ultimate factor is that none of the houseguests in the house (with the exception of a select few) really wanted to strategize or create waves for dramatic TV. The majority played the “behind-the-scenes” game and we were left to watch them subtly make small moves but no real big moves. Nobody wanted to make big decision moves and relied on each other; no offense, but this season was a season of floaters.

11. Big Brother
Highlight: Premiered the Big Brother U.S. series
Low point: Concept was a tad boring

The original Big Brother was the catalyst for starting the franchise that we all love today but it was an entirely different game back then. It involved the public voting off the houseguests and choosing the winner at the end. It was more of an image and social game that determined how far you got and it’s a nice idea. Many countries around the world have specialized in that format and I think the U.K. version is the best example of the format being successful (when it was on the air) but it just didn’t resonate within North America. It’s the drama and backstabbing that keep people watching…for awhile.

10. Big Brother 2
Highlight: Chilltown and Implementing the current style of the game
Low point: Needed some improvements

There’s not much I can say about Big Brother 2 since I will admit that it’s the season I’ve seen the least. I only started watching the seasons in succession starting from Big Brother 4 (I own Big Brother 3 on DVD which I watched two-three seasons later) and it was one I didn’t gravitate towards. The Chilltown alliance was a highlight and I loved the nefarious nature of Dr. Will since he used manipulation to help him win the game but unfortunately, the season doesn’t stand out as my favourite. I know that it will be higher on many Big Brother fans’ list for featuring all that I’ve said above and all the things I’ve missed but it’s not my favourite.

9. Big Brother 9
Highlight: The fights, the couples and the surprise hospitalization of Alison and Amanda
Low point: The constant religious references, the aftermath of the season’s winner and very unlikable selection of houseguests

Big Brother 9 is currently the only season to ever be featured as a winter season; the writer’s strike was going on that year and networks were using reality shows to fill the time slots. The twist this season featured Big Brother playing matchmaker and creating “soul mates” (or I prefer drama mates) that they would have to play together till a certain portion of the game. While some houseguests were memorable and provided some interesting moments to watch, a couple of them either were extremely annoying with their voice or stunts while others are remembered for the terrible things they did once the season was over (i.e., Adam and Matt rings a few bells). It was definitely a spiteful season were people went after each other in the lowest ways possible and thinking of themselves highly over the other alliances (later on, this fact is a highlight for other seasons but in completely different ways) by relating themselves as the religious-type alliance.

8. Big Brother 5
Highlight: The five-finger plan, the twins and the birth of the backdoor
Low point: The four horsemen, Cowboy and sloppy gameplay

Big Brother 5 was the second full season I've watched when I becoming interested in the series. It focused on the DNA aspect and trying reveal shocking truths that the houseguests didn't expect when they came into the game. There were some very interesting moments in this season like Nakomis' brilliant plan to evict Jase without him realizing it (or being able to compete for that matter) and the shock of whom the secret twins were. Unfortunately, there were some annoyances while watching this season like Cowboy (for instance) or the fact that most of the players made very sloppy moves in the game especially when turning on their alliances or family. Shocked how these players orchestrated an amazing powerful move yet they self-destructed their alliance the following week.

7. Big Brother 3
Highlight: Introducing the POV and Danielle/Jason secret alliance
Low point: The pointless power of the POV and Marcellas not saving himself

This is one of the earlier seasons that started to develop the true nature of alliances and plotting to evict people from the game to win. There were a lot of amazing houseguests and it was a fun season to watch but my only problems stemmed from the pointless power of the veto this season since you couldn't save yourself if you were placed on the block. Luckily, it was changed the following season to let nominees get a chance at safety but I found the new power pointless this season. Another issue was the ability for ex-houseguests to watch the entire season from the comfort of their home then coming back to vote to win the game. It wasn't fair since they saw an edited show and you don't see everything that is said in the diary room so I'm glad that aspect was changed starting season 5.

6. Big Brother 10
Highlight: America helping to evict Jessie, playback to a no-twist season and the drama
Low point: Houseguests voting according to the house's decision early on

I love the big central twists that take part during the season but after so many twists, it was nice have one season where the houseguests had to play against each other with no outside force. Sure, for one or a couple of weeks Pandora's Box did play a small twist to the house but there was no central twist that affected how they played the game; it was great nostalgia. My least favourite point of this season is that the first houseguest evicted, Brian, caused a wave where the house alliance tried to systematically evict his friends week after week. It felt like they didn't really have an opinion of their own and if they did, they would be evicted.

5. Big Brother 4
Highlight: The exes return and the golden power of veto is implemented
Low point: Early alliance in house and sloppy game-play

Arguably, Big Brother 4 is the first full season I’ve ever watched of Big Brother while it aired concurrently on the TV. It involved several of the houseguests having their ex-boyfriends or ex-girlfriends returning to the house and competing alongside their former flames. There was a lot of drama in this season and I love the fact how most of the players would turn against each other. No one’s word mattered in this season and it definitely affected the players in the house especially when it came down to the final two and it played against the two finalists trying to win the game. The one thing I don’t like that Big Brother does is let houseguests enter the house in disproportionate times or groups so that the first group has a chance to create a house alliance to evict the minority. This season obviously played a factor into that and it’s something I hated to see how people turned on the exes right away.

4. Big Brother All-Stars
Highlight: Favourite players from past seasons returning, the drama, Chilltown, Janelle and other favourites
Low point: Nobody using the coup d'eta, Chicken George and houseguests believing Chilltown

Before Big Brother started to bring one to three former houseguests back into the house in the recent years, season seven is currently the only All-Star season that has occurred. It featured many fan-favourite houseguests and villains returning to compete once again to the game. I loved seeing how their style of games and deceit changed when brought back years later to compete in the game against different players. The one thing I hated is that every single person in the house believed Chilltown and never had a thought to evict either one of those two. Not surprising that both made it to the final four with one of them winning the season.

3. Big Brother 8
Highlight: The enemies entered the house, America's Player, the Donatos making the final two, Dustin getting blindsided
Low point: The religious arguments and stupid moves

Many wouldn’t agree with me for placing this season high on the list. Evil Dick may have caused a lot of trouble in the house and the events of the America’s Player may have been questionable but this was an incredibly enjoyable season to watch. Seeing how these “enemies” hated each other then tried to work together when they realized that their place in the game depended upon it; only Dick and Daniele really utilized it to their advantage. America’s Player was a good twist but I think the person they choose would have been a mastermind in the game had he not been chosen as this role so we’ll never know how Eric really would have done in the season or even Dick for that matter if there wasn’t this twist.

2. Big Brother 11
Highlight: The cliques, Jordan's surprise win and the Jessie cry-fest
Low point: Chima being expelled, the villain side always winning, Jessie returning to the game and Jeff believing Kevin and Natalie

Big Brother 11 was one of the most shocking seasons to watch on TV because it was never predictable the same week twice. For the first couple of weeks, a certain side of the house was always in power yet the game shifted and them it reverted to the other side. I really hated that Jessie returned to the game but he was less annoying this season so I didn’t have as big as a problem with it later on but when he entered, so mad. Jordon was one of my favourite player’s this season and the fact that she won was so shocking. I had it pegged that she wasn’t going to make the final two but to actually win the final HOH and win the game. Many have deemed that it’s because it was a vote against Natalie which is true but to me, she is not the least deserving winner in the lot.

1. Big Brother 6
Highlight: Each houseguest had a secret pair, the Sovereign Six, the fights, drama and the constant changing of power
Low point: Janelle losing in final three and the Friendship alliance

So much can be said about this season and so few words can describe how amazing it was to follow during its summer. The fact that the entire house had a secret partner playing in the house with them was one great twist but the fact that the house literally divided up into two major alliances really heightened the drama. It was great to see how polarizing the public favoured one (Sovereign) and disliked the other (Friendship). Each week was more shocking than the last because you never knew which side of the house would gain power and when one alliance had been betrayed by the other….hell was going to take over the Big Brother house! Many amazing and memorable fights took place this season and I loved watching every minute of it. That’s why that this season was the best season of Big Brother to date.
It's been a while since the last video game review and I understand that this may be an old game to do a review about but finally completing this game is an accomplishment to me. I started playing this game around Christmas and have only attempted it around the weekends of when I have free time. The fact I was able to finally complete a two disc story-mode game that spanned over 40 hours really means something to me that I wanted to create a review for this game.

The Premise: Gabriel Belmont is a member of The Brotherhood of Light that serves to protect the world from the monsters and evil that infest the world. When his beloved Marie is found dead, Gabriel goes on a quest to find a way that he can bring back his deceased wife back to the living. In his travels, Gabriel meets that guardian Pan that instructs him to go to the lake to communicate with the spirit of his dead wife but in the process, he meets Zobek, another warrior of light. Zobek reveals an ancient legend of the Brotherhood of Light that states when the Lords of Shadow are defeated, the powers can unite the connection back to the heavens and bestow Gabriel with the power to bring Marie back.

The quest brings Gabriel to fight the three Lords of Shadow and bring together the pieces of the God mask which is said to see and resurrect the dead. He must travel through the lands and vanquish the three Lords: Lycans, Vampires and Necromancers. Aiding Gabriel (one way or another) throughout his adventure includes the warrior of light Zobek, the telepathic mute girl Claudia and her Black Knight golem, the clairvoyant Pan, playful yet psychotic teenage vampire Laura and aging mystic witch Bab Yaga.

Where To Play: Lords of Shadow is available on a multitude of gaming consoles such as the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Once again for the basis of this review, I have played the game on the 360 (if you have any other suggestions for games on other systems then please say so, I have the gaming systems but will try to play the games to write a review for you).

The Good: One thing that stood out compared to all other aspects of this game is the visual design of the settings and scenery. Each level is visually stunning and you can tell that the video game designers spent countless hours making sure that each detail from a rock to the reflection of the water was perfected. In most games, the setting is just emphasized as the background and treated as such where the camera and dynamics are focused on the playable character whereas this game focused on the setting and you had to adapt to each level and the camera angle/environment you had to deal with like a falling ledge or climbing up a dilapidated cave to the one entrance in the middle of the ceiling.

The Castlevania series is known for its complex and intertwining storyline. Many fans (including myself at times) have debated (or brought into question) the true canonical story that gives the player an accurate depiction of the adventure. While many games before left you wondering the true story, Lords of Shadow is surprisingly linear and gives you a storyline that spans two discs that the gamer can follow. The story was not overtly complicated: you knew there were three main villains you had to face with the ultimate goal of bringing your dead wife back while everything in between was fodder. In the previous installments, you were just pulled into the adventure to know that Dracula was at the end to fight but another big villain is ready to fight instead.

It must be cliché that I’ve focused on the setting and story aspect but I’ll keep it going with the characters (don’t judge me). Sometimes developers choose the wrong person to portray a character but surprisingly, I was pulled into each character dynamic. The highlights have to be Gabriel, Zobek and Laura (the vampire teen in particular for a supporting character). I somewhat figured out the twist with a specific character halfway through the game but I enjoyed the twist and believed that it would turn out this way instead of certain games (couch*Heavy Rain*cough) throwing out a twist just to have a shocking conclusion.

The Bad: Now here is the true root of any video game review. I think these paragraphs are what you all truly skim over the post to read. While the camera angle did help to set the mood and setting, sometimes it was very detrimental when using Gabriel during the game. Many times throughout a level, the camera angle would cause me to move Gabriel in the wrong direction causing him to fall off a cliff, or a pedestal, or a ledge; something that got me frustrated to work around the scene.

The controls were already choppy at certain moments like when jumping and trying to hook a ledge to swing, the directions when moving around certain objects or when Gabriel continues to move at the slightest tap of the control stick and I so happen to fall off the moving pedestal. The fighting controls were easy enough but I wish there was more explanations on how to use them (like during a spontaneous puzzle).

The last thing (which depends on the type of person) is that the design somewhat takes away from the nostalgia of the Castlevania series. While I loved the plot of the story and functionality of keeping it linear, this game made sure the backtracking aspect was kept to a minimum. For previous games like Symphony of the Night, Alucard was able to revisit all the areas of the castle (another issue which I will present in the next paragraph) even when he completed the boss but this game focused on levels and once a level was completed, you moved on. It’s great for re-playability but loses the aspect to explore hidden chambers and rooms.

The biggest thing which I think everyone can agree me with to a certain point is that there technically was no official Castlevania in this game. It was a prequel to all the events that happen later on but the only castle you get to explore was when you had to fight the Vampire Queen, Carmilla. The castle was amazing and it would have been great to have more levels to explore the castle but it was more a small taste to the experience we’ve all enjoyed from the previous games. I think that’s my real disappointment is that I wish it was clarified as Castlevania and not just a namesake for this game.

The Results: 8.5/10!
I have much respect for this game as it truly redefined the perception of the next generation Castlevania game. It brought life to a somewhat dead (drum-line please!) or classic series to a new generation of gamers. The plot and characters were impeccable and kept you at the edge of your seat. While there was (in my opinion) too much downtown in between the eventful moments and the choppy controls didn’t help either. It made the game more realistic than adventure games that always just use the same formula: slow opening-action-action-more action-pointless dialogue-shocking twist-final battle-climax finish-credits. I hope that there will be a sequel after seeing the twist at the end but we’ll just have to wait and see if a new school of Castlevania games will be on the horizon…most likely at night.

Agree or Disagree with the review? Share your thoughts below and let’s hear what you have to say about the game we just reviewed.
Hey Bloggers!

I hope you've started to have a great summer and with summer comes more ideas to write about. Recently, I've been thinking about ways to update this site and keep it lively with articles and posts but that's why there's going to be some changes and redesigns in the future.

Originally, I was thinking of a URL and site name change to begin with but I've grown attached to the link and name so I may keep it around...for now. The content and focus of this site isn't going to change because I love writing reviews, lists and articles regarding a large variety of topics but I think we're going to expand to new areas as well. Plus, with new topics can come with new help from friends and contributors who can provide interesting pieces to the site. Speaking of...look out for some fresh new faces to provide some new pieces real soon.

I'm very optimistic for change so let's see where all these developments can lead and I hope you stay tuned and catch up. Maybe the next change will come really soon.
I know it feels like forever since I've done a book and movie review for a 007 film but I just needed some time to relax and give some time between each post. Originally, I was holding off on this story because it's my least favourite in the series and really needed to read another book between intervals. I've started on the next book in the series but I'm slowly reading it to coincide with this review so now I can read it at my regular pace. So to pull us back from my sidetrack, today's blog post will be reviewing the high-flying aerospace 007 adventure: Moonraker!

If you need to catch up with the previous reviews, they're located on the site: Casino Royale and Live and Let Die.

The Story (novel): James Bond is sent in to take down card cheat and industrialist Hugo Drax. The plot focuses on Drax's new secretive outer-space aircraft the "Moonraker" and the nefarious motive for launching the aircraft. At Bond's side is his superior M (who now takes on a bigger role being involved in completing the mission) and undercover Special Branch agent Gala Brand.

The Story (movie): 007 agent James Bond is brought in from Africa to find out the cause of a hijacking of a Drax industries aircraft. The plot soon focuses on Drax and his plan to destroy human life to rule with his own creed. On the villain side along with Drax is steel-mouthed assassin Jaws and Drax's bodyguard Chang. Helping Bond complete his mission throughout the film is undercover CIA Agent Holly Goodhead, Drax's personal pilot Corinne Dufour, MI6 superior M, quirky inventor Q, and Brazilian contact Manuela.

Being one of my least favourite entries in the Bond series, I will admit that my hopes and expectations when reading this novel were extremely low. In fact, Moonraker was the last Bond movie I watched when I purchased the entire collection because the idea of Bond in space really seemed laughable. Definitely someone tried to bandwagon on the popularity of Star Wars when this movie was created.

The biggest difference is very noticeably the story and plot. Moonraker the film focused on bringing Bond to space to stop Drax from releasing a toxin that would end human life while Moonraker the book involved an an aircraft that will go into space; difference is that Bond wasn't going to go into space in the book. The more appealing of the two is, surprisingly, the book. It felt more grounded in a Bond adventure because there was a key devious plot to destroy the city of London using this aircraft while in the movie there were guns that shot lasers and space ships; all we needed was Captain Kirk and we'd have Bond meets Star Trek.

Another big difference between the movie and the book is the choice of Bond Girls. In the book, the prominent Bond Girl is Gala Brand. She's a quick-witted Special Branch operative who goes undercover at Drax's secretary who proves to be one of the few Bond Girls who doesn't fall for the charm of 007 and doesn't sleep with him. On the opposite side of the spectrum, the prominent Bond Girl is Holly Goodhead. She's a cold yet sultry undercover CIA agent who works as an astronaut and researcher for Drax's Moonraker project. They're both good characters but I felt more emotionally connected to Gala because you could tell that she's trying to push Bond away and complete her mission but Bond is continually getting under her skin while you don't really sense the same with Holly. It's more of an ally presence to their "relationship" and it really was not the same.

One glaring fact that continues to pop up whenever I read these books is the lack of involvement from Q. In the series, Q is a physical person that shows up to give Bond his gadgets while in the novel, Q is just a branch and there is no gadgets that Bond uses. It's a different feeling because the gadgets were an aspect of the series that made it unique and different but without, it's like something important was missing and I kinda really want it back in the story.

My Favourite: The Book!
It's shocking to say the least due to the fact that the movies have proven to be the favourites for the last two review but this one was a clear winner when I put both in perspective. While neither really helped to improve the favour of Moonraker out of all the Bond films, it did help to shed some light to how I felt regarding the concept. I liked the novel's storyline and the association with Gala compared to his relationship with Holly. The thought of Bond in space using laser guns and the whole toxin idea sounds like a good and interesting idea but it really didn't resonate with me. There are some great scenes and moments in the film that I liked and I would watch the movie again in the near future but wouldn't top as my favourite.

Final Scores:
Moonraker (the book) - 7/10
Moonraker (the movie) - 4.5/10

NEXT: The next book on the reading list is one that I actually started reading days ago. I've taken my time to get through it and I haven't reached the halfway point so that I could write this review but now I start again. The next book is going to be the Las Vegas luxury adventure, it's "Diamonds Are Forever!"