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Alright...let's take a minute and breathe for a moment. Breathe. MTV has announced that Faking It, their underrated and witty teen comedy, has been cancelled after three seasons. Plagued with low viewership over the years, the ratings seem to be the cause for the decision. The upcoming season finale will serve as the series finale.

Faking It focused on two best friends, Amy and Karma, who initially pretended to be lesbians to gain popularity at their progressive Texas high school. In actuality, Amy was dealing with her secret feelings for Karma, and Karma's crush on popular jock, Liam

I'm not ready to see the show end! I love the witty one-liners of the characters and their self-aware nature; it's almost like a non-horror Scream. The series finale of Faking It will air May 17, 2016 on MTV.

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What is happening at ABC?! The alphabet network is clearing house, with most of their bubble shows getting the swift cancellation axe. On Thursday, ABC revealed that several programs, including the long-running Castle and Nashville, were among their latest cancellations. In addition to these favourites, programs like The Muppets, Galavant, The Family and Agent Carter will also be ending this year.

While I FULLY expected The Family and (unfortunately) Agent Carter to end, Castle's fate is an utter surprise. The network earlier revealed that its co-lead, as well as another cast member, was fired to cut costs, so it was safe to guess that the show would be coming back. (I was wrong!) With this announcement, next week's season finale will be its SERIES finale.

I'm sad to see Nashville end. I watched the show early on when it started a few years ago and I recently binge-watched every episode when it was on Netflix. Fun fact: I still have 'Buried Under' from the first season on my playlist! It's also a shame to see Agent Carter go since it is a favourite with superhero fans.

ABC didn't just hand out bad news day, they had some good news for other waiting programs. American Crime, The Real O'Neals and The Catch were renewed for another season each. 

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Supergirl is making a super move over to a new station. One of television's breakout freshman shows is finding a new home on the CBS sister network, The CW, for its upcoming second season. Announced Thursday among a slew of other TV renewals and cancellations, Supergirl's fate was left up in the air as CBS determined costs for the bubble show.

While the show started off strong for the 2015-2016 season, the show ultimately declined in ratings to a respectable 10 millions viewers, with DVR numbers included. Rumours were popping up that the show may have been moving to The CW, where the network is home to other superhero shows. With this news confirmed, Supergirl will also be moving production to Vancouver to be filmed near other network shows, like Arrow and Flash.

In addition to the Supergirl renewal, The CW announced the cancellation of Containment and three new series pickups. Riverdale, the modern adaption of the Archie Comics, has been picked up to series, along with Frequency and No Tomorrow. For more about these new shows, I briefly discussed them when the network had ordered their pilots.

I'm VERY excited to see Riverdale  - it looks to be an interesting take on the show and could prove refreshing with the superhero shows on the network. As a fan of The CW programming, it will be on my must-watch list for the upcoming TV year.

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Let's get this out of the way: I'm a bigger DC fan than Marvel. This may be due to being a diehard Batman fan or growing up with the films/TV shows that came from the DC world. However, that's not to say I'm not a Marvel fan. I am! It can happen. Who says I have to choose only one?! I'm a big X-Men fan and I've watched many Marvel series, which is why I am reviewing this film today. The latest movie I will be reviewing is the third adventure in this Marvel hero's series: Captain America: Civil War!

The Plot: The world has been divided in opinion on superheroes after the recent destruction caused in the previous Marvel movies. Captain America (Chris Evans) and Iron Man (Robert Downing Jr.) lead two factions of Avengers heroes against each other to determine what to do with a global crisis.

The Results: 4/5!
Captain America: Civil War is a thrilling blockbuster with captivating special effects and thought out dialogue. With such a big cast included in this one movie, it was great to see each character receive some form of character growth, resolution and screen time. The introduction of Black Panther, Spider-Man and Ant-Man didn't come across as heavy handed; it felt natural for their inclusion into the film. And I was surprised that I did leave the film with a clear, definitive choice on which superhero/group I would side with! 

My problem with Captain America: Civil War is that it came across less of a Captain America movie but more of a mini-Avengers movie. There are SO MANY CHARACTERS in this film that sometimes I had to piece together who was siding with whom. There's a reason we go specifically to watch ensemble movies - I wished Captain America would've had his moment. Though, it was still great to see a clear focus and direction. Captain America: Civil War is fun, fresh and a good time. You should check it out and join in the chat on which side you would choose.

Emma's dream of a peaceful and quiet life is going to have to wait a bit longer. MTV has released the promo trailer for the upcoming second season of their horror drama Scream. And if the video is to be believed, it's going to be a 'killer' season.

Scream is the TV adaptation of the popular horror film franchise of the same name. The series debuted last summer and it is one of my favourites! I love a good horror TV show, and especially being a Scream property, I couldn't help but watch it. Even though I did figure out the killer early on, the tension served up a dramatic finale.

The second season of Scream will pickup after the events of the first killing spree. A new killer has entered the town and it seems that more of our core cast my find their time cut short in this sequel. Fans can watch the new season on MTV on May 30, 2016.

Until then, you can view the promo below: