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Movie Review: How To Be Single

By  Justin Carreiro     4:59 PM    Labels:,,,, 

Most romantic-comedies usually follow the same formula: 

1. Girl meets boy
2. Girl dates boy
3. Girl and boy hit a dramatic point
4. Girl and boy break-up
5. Boy makes a spectacular gesture for the pair to get back together

It's a sweet and touching moment that warms the heart. But what about the other side of the story? The good moments when we're just single and the only person we can rely on is ourselves? You don't see that too often in a rom-com; romance and love is the winning trend than a single love life. The latest movie I watched in theatres (just in time for Valentine's Day) focuses more on the latter than the tried and true former style. This movie review is for the cheeky and hilarious: How To Be Single.

The Premise: Alice (Dakota Johnson) is a recently graduated woman in her twenties who decides to take a break from her long-term boyfriend to experience the single life in New York. When things don't go as planned, Alice, along with her new wild friend Robin (Rebel Wilson), head out into the big city for nights of wild fun and personal growth.

The Results: 3.5/5!
How To Be Single is a fun and cheeky comedy that turns the single culture on its nose. The film isn't just about cheap laughs and disgusting moments to illicit comedy, there are some thought-provoking monologues about single life and about growing as a person because of it. If there was a film that reminded me of the comedy, Pitch Perfect would be the one. The one-liners are quick but effective, and the dialogue feels natural. The movie can come across as wordy at times and a little unbelievable about being 20-something single in a city (I mean...those New York apartments?! Come on!). Overall, if you need a good laugh and a little confidence booster about being single, this is for you.

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