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'The Carrie Diaries' Recap: Fright Night

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Things are looking up for Carrie this week.

The ratings report have come in and The Carrie Diaries rose two tenths to a 0.7/2 rating this week. Normally that isn't a good number, but this show is on The CW so it's showing some signs of growth for another week. Still too early to tell which 'bubble shows' will get the axe or renewed on the fifth network.

This week on The Carrie Diaries, Halloween is here and Carrie has invited Walt to be her plus one to Larissa's outrageous costume party, Maggie and Mouse crash Sebastian's private party, and Dorrit continues to be a pain on my television screen.

A Halloween episode in the beginning of February?! Sure, I'll take it as is. Carrie is excited to spend her first Halloween in the city at one of Larissa's very 'extravagent' parties; she even decides to invite Walt along for the ride. Taking a tip from bad couples costume ideas, the pair dress up together as Princess Diana and Prince Charles... from their wedding day (remember this is 1984 afterall). The party is all costumes, drinks, drugs and an overabundance of skin, but Larissa soon introduces Carrie and Walt to an intriguing new boy Bennett that quickly catches Carrie's eye. Though, it's quite obvious that he has eyes for someone else.

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A bit of ecstasy - and a whole lot of everything else - throws a wrench into the night when Larissa 'flies high' with her taste in drugs. Carrie, as the sweet girl and predictable girl she is, tries to look after her while Bennett guards Walt, who has also decided to take the little happy pill. While Carrie was playing babysitter, Walt became the central character with his own story. He shared his first kiss with Bennett, endlessly repeated that he's not gay and he got back together with Maggie in denial. Oh, and they slept together too! (He could have just walked away...)

The teens on this show are always in awestruck by the lives of the New York twenty-somethings - their lives in Conneticut aren't THAT dull. Regardless, Carrie and Walt spent the party discovering their inner most desires and finally coming face-to-face with some realizations. For Carrie, she realized that she can't be a selfish person who only lives to meet her wants. While Walt, and his soon-to-be-out-of-the-closet ways, he's just not ready to admit the truth about himself quite yet. A little teen soap, but little coming of age...

Let's beg the question: what do you do on Halloween in Conneticut? Apparently nothing since Mouse and Maggie made it a BIG deal to crash Sebastian's party. He easily welcomed the girls into the diner and they enjoyed some drinks with their classmates before Maggie's secret cop boytoy showed up. He planned to break up the party, she threatened blackmail - that relationship couldn't have fizzled fast enough. Plus, little Mouse puffed her first dose of weed and helped to mend the awkwardness between Carrie and Sebastian. Hey, supporting main characters need their own stories too!

I don't dislike the character of Dorrit but I'm not particularly fond of her. Ever since the first episode, she's been TOO whiny and TOO angry to her family. This week Dorrit directed her angst to her father because he wouldn't let her go out on Halloween. Suffice it to say, she got scared from watching The Exorcist and went running to daddy dearest. The entire cast is good but I'm hoping that they dial back on her storylines.

Will Mouse fall deep down the rabbit hole? Could Bennett be Walt's new boyfriend after he dumps Maggie again? Are you fed up with Dorrit too? Happy to see the ratings go up for the fourth episode? Sound off in the comments and share you thoughts about the Halloween episode.

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