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'The Following' Recap: The Siege

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Tensions are boiling over for both the heroes and villains.

This week on The Following, the FBI get a small lead on Joey's whereabouts when they receive a call from the kidnapped boy. Plus, the groupies' new relationship starts to crumble when Jacob can't take the heat and Joe gets a new lawyer on his case.

The hunt is on to find Joey this episode. After being denied repeatably by Emma to call his mother, Joey sneaks a call in the early hours of the morning and reaches out to Claire in desperation. The few moments that Joey was able to call Claire gives the FBI enough time to track the call and determine which county the call came from. In a matter of minutes, the team determines the surrounding area and sends Ryan to find any leads.

Luckily for them and the local police team, a call is received from a worried couple that states Joey is staying at a neighbouring farm. Ryan and Random Cop #1 descend onto the property and find the mutilated corpses of the elderly couple who had placed the call. They determine that the groupies must be close by and they race through the woods to locate the white farmhouse from Joey's call. A new player has joined the groupies and is skulking around the property to help in their escape, yet Random Cop #1 thinks he can take them all down by himself. Let's take a moment to remember those we lost this episode: newbie groupie and random cop.

Cliffhangers are a great way to tempt people to watch the next episode. Paul has trapped Ryan at the barrel of a gun and the screen goes black! Would be interesting to see Claire, Joey and Ryan get kidnapped together for one episode. Obviously Ryan will find a way to break free and escape in time but it would be a different plot to watch.

Joey finally took a stand this episode and defied Emma in calling his mother. Even for a young kid, it took him a long time to realize that Emma couldn't be trusted and something bad was going on. (Not sure how this kid didn't notice something was up after the first day...) Unfortunately for him, Paul discovered Joey mid-call and dragged him back up to his room where Emma fed him a bunch more lies. The groupies expected the new lies to work yet again, except Joey, being the nosy kid that he is, overheard their whispered conversation and took off running into the woods.

Hope arrived in the form of a kind, gently old man. The elderly man and his wife easily noticed that something was wrong and proved to be the smartest extras this season so far. (Hell, the wife knew Joey was kidnapped in mere seconds!) Emma might be the scariest one on The Following - she lies to Joey effortlessly to get him back to the house and then sends Paul to eliminate the elderly couple in the same sentence. Joey's one and only chance imploded in one episode and now he's back in the clutches of the groupies.

A new supporting character has joined The Following this week in the role of Joe's reluctant lawyer. Beckoned by the orders of Joe, his lawyer arrived with much hesitation and fear. (I would be too if a serial killer called me out of the blue.) He orders her to be his lawyer again and demands that she be his eyes and ears on the outside. First things first: make an ominous television appearance by reciting Poe (and 'activating' more serial killer groupies in the process).

She obviously hates Joe and wants nothing to do with him, but she can't shy away and hide. Her next mission was to inform Claire on where to go for the chance to see Joey again. The plan works but when she thought that her role was over, Joe pulls the rug from under her. He's not done with her just yet! If Joe has an 'endless' supply of groupies, there could also be a big number of people that Joe blackmailed as well... just like his lawyer.

How will Ryan survive this week's cliffhanger? Can Joey find another opportunity to escape Emma and the others? Will anyone finally save the kidnapped girl in the basement? Post in the comments and share your thoughts on this week's episode.

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