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On today's post, I've decided to review the latest movie that I saw in theatres last Friday. It's the action-meets-fantasy film: Sucker Punch!

The Premise: Baby Doll (played by Emily Browning) is sent to Lennox house after brief a encounter with her step-father trying to kill her and her sister. Forcibly placed in the insane asylum by him and waiting days before doctors give her an unnecessary lobotomy (a scheme orchestrated between her step-father and the leading male doctor), the world shifts from the dark and dreary asylum to a glitzy 50's era burlesque reality.

It seems roles are reversed from what we've been led to believe. Doctors and guards become crime mobsters and dance teachers, the troubled Lennox house girls are turned into burlesque dancers held against their will and in this reality, Baby Doll is awaiting to be "plucked" by a high-roller. Desperate for an escape, Baby Doll orchestrates an escape with her four new friends and soon plots to attain all the necessary items for their brave escape before anyone figures out what they're trying to do.

The five main girls: (from L to R) Baby Doll (Emily Browning), Sweet Pea (Abbie Cornish), Rocket (Jena Malone), Blondie (Vanessa Hudgens) and Amber (Jamie Chung).
Where does the fantasy reality (poster above) come into the picture? One of the aspects in the Burlesque reality is that Baby Doll is forced to dance and learn a routine. Her dance seems to captivate the crowd but before we even see any of the movements, we are pulled into the fantasy-war reality were the characters try to find the missing items while battling futuristic enemies, robots and even a dragon!

The Good: The movie is visually beautiful. Every detail down to the littlest piece of scenery is perfected for the atmosphere of the setting. The beginning alone created a dark and depressing mood for the depth of despair that Baby Doll was feeling when her mother died. Certain characters are developed well enough that you root for them and hope that everything works out for them in the long run. The final and most important detail is the music. Every song selection was chosen specifically to coincide with the scene and I loved that. It made me feel anxious or nervous when it needed me to for the scene.

Amber (Jamie Chung) in the Burlesque reality
The Bad: For a movie, I expected more dialogue. I feel like the supporting characters had more lines than the main character in the film and once it got down to the really emotional scenes, the performance was somewhat laughable. I was impressed by certain characters and the fighting scenes, but this was not a film that centered around dialogue. I also didn't like how at times there was just music playing and we were left to question what was even going on. 

The final issue is the plot-holes and ending. When it shifted realities the first time, I had no idea what to expect. Nothing in the trailers prepared me for a third reality and I was piecing things together as the movie went along but with the ending, trying to distinguish what really happened or if most of the events actually took place at all really confused me. Side note: my friend, Kathleen, and I spent a half hour on the bus after the movie debating the events of the ending and have come to the conclusion that all the same events took place through both the burlesque and asylum reality (watch the movie and you'll see what we mean).

There was only music in this opening scene!
The Results: 3.5/5!
The movie wasn't terrible by any means but it wouldn't stand in my Top 100 films of all time. Let's face it. This is a popcorn film and I would be happy to watch it again at a later date but not one I'd talk about with my friends in 10 years. The creativity and design of the film is impeccable. I just loved watching the film. The fighting scenes were amazing and kept me at the edge of my seat but there could always be more. My recommendation is to watch the film because by no means is it a waste of time. There are high moments with the fighting scenes and the characters that make the movie but don't be surprised how you feel after watching it.

Agree or Disagree with the review? Share your thoughts about the movie and give your voice about what you think!
I'm usually never into going to networking events but my friend, Chandra, convinced me to go and I gave it a try. Twestival Toronto was surprisingly a fun event and it was great to see friends randomly there.

Emily M and I had arrived there early to find a very promising yet awkward event. We shouldn't have gone there early and it didn't really become fun until our other friends arrived. The music started playing and we joined the other room to see the Twidol competition. My friend from Hill and Knowlton was in the competition but I'm not sure if she won or not. All I know is that I recorded a lot of hilarious videos that I won't upload for the for the betterment of the contestants. I'll make sure not to delete them and keep it for a rainy day because the videos really are hilarious for when I need cheering up.

Would I go to Twestival again? It was a fun event but since it was my first time, I didn't know what to expect and since I had work the next morning I kept things at bay. I think I might give the event another go next year but I'm going toinvite a lot of people with me next year. Twestival seems like the event that is fun with the right amount of people.
The designer(s) that I want to feature this week are the twin style icons for the clothing line Dsquared2: Dan and Dean Catan.

I've been familiar with their work for about two years; it was right around the time when I became more interested in fashion and began learning about some designers. Their more stylistic-yet-professional outfits are the types of clothing that I would purchase myself. However, their price range is in no way near what I can afford...ever.

If I could afford (or find a decent outlet and vintage store that carries their line) then I would purchase maybe a top or ensemble. If you want to check out their collections and some of their outfits for men and women, visit their website by clicking the following link:

Check out a couple of the items below from their runway and photography ads that interested me. I really like the first, fourth and fifth look from the mash-up picture blow.

It's time for another one of my favourite things to do on this blog: create a Top 10 list! This time around I'm going to be focusing on the video game series, Resident Evil, and rank 10 characters that I feel should be recognized as favourites to the series. Just throwing this little note out there: this list is based on my opinion so your list may be different than mine. I will not choose any characters from the film series and the list will only focus on the Resident Evil video games from the canon and non-canon games to the series.

10. Ozwell E. Spencer
Known from: All games but appears in Resident Evil 5.

I know this is a weird choice for the number 10 spot on the list but in some ways you will agree with me. Spencer is one of the three main people who established the whole chain-of-events for the Resident Evil games. He helped create the Progenitor Virus, Umbrella Corporation, and ordered the development of the infamous mansion from Resident Evil. His presence lasted throughout all the games but we never really got to see Spencer interact with any of the characters till his demise. Spencer never got his hands dirty...he always just paid for someone like Wesker or Birkin to do his dirty work for him. Without him and his dirty work towards James Marcus, there might not have even been the legacy that is Resident Evil.

9. Outbreak Civilians
Known from: Resident Evil Outbreak and Outbreak File #2.

I know that I should limit a ranking to a specific individual person but I feel that these eight are interchangeable with each other. Nothing separates them apart: none have S.T.A.R.S. training, biochemical mutations or were high ranking officials in the Umbrella Corporation. It astounds me that each of these civilians were able to survive the Raccoon City outbreak and escape the city. For that alone, these eight earn a spot on the list.

8. Rebecca Chambers
Known for: Resident Evil Zero and Resident Evil.

I hold some respect for Rebecca Chambers because her first role as a main character was the first Resident Evil game I passed. She was 18 years old during the events of her experience in the series and the fact that she not only survived the outbreak but was stood up to take down some lethal threats. Besides, her intelligence in the game out of most of the characters is probably still unsurpassed. I would love to see her back in a next canon game to see how an older Rebecca has developed since her time in S.T.A.R.S.

7. Nemesis
Known for: Resident Evil 3: Nemesis.
If I was 10 years old, Nemesis would probably be higher on the list but since I've grown up since then...he's perfectly placed at 7th. His bravado as the rocket-launching Tyrant who combs the streets of Raccoon City looking for S.T.A.R.S. members has lost some appeal. He was a great villain who made things really scary for Resident Evil 3 but there was really no depth to his character.

6. Claire Redfield
Known for: Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil: Code Veronica. 

We all can remember the scene of Claire making her way into Raccoon City and discovering that the city was infested with the undead. She was brash but loving, adventurous yet cautious and most of all...she made sure to look after a little child and protect her with her life. Claire has the sweet nature to try and protect Sherry Birkin and the sisterly love to find her missing brother Chris Redfield. Honestly, I know people will not like me for this but...I feel she was the perfect balance of warmth to Leon S. Kennedy's role in Resident Evil 2.

5. Ada Wong
Known for: Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 4.
That infamous dress. Her iconic nickname. The hilarious times that she just reappears to cause Leon some stress. Ada is an enigma in the Resident Evil series because you never really know her true motives in her missions and what she is really trying to accomplish until she succeeds. I understand why she is a fan favourite because some of the best villains who aren't really villains like to change things up in the game and add the fun that sometimes a horror game really needs.

4. Chris Redfield
Known for: Resident Evil, Resident Evil: Code Veronica and Resident Evil 5.

The development that I've seen from this character has been astounding. He started as the A-typical S.T.A.R.S. lead hero in the first Resident Evil game who quickly proved himself for a force of good but through the years he has turned in a really buff agent for the BSAA. I liked how he progressed through all of the games because for some reason, he always develops a sisterly relationship with his female counterparts in his game (i.e. Jill Valentine, Claire Redfield and Sheva Alomar). He has proven that he is a strong presence in the series.

3. Leon S. Kennedy
Known for: Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 4.

Many Resident Evil fanboys will disagree with me 100% with this decision. I get that and we are entitled to own our opinions so here is mine: with all the hype, I don't feel that he is all that. I will agree that he was impressive in Resident Evil 4; doing all the amazing stunts and acrobatics to save Ashley Graham with the help of Ada Wong, Luis Sera and the Merchant. The reason that he is at the number three spot is that his personality is a little drab and stone cold. He's a great agent but I feel that he is so overused now that his appeal has decreased.

2. Albert Wesker
Known for: Resident Evil Zero, Resident Evil, Resident Evil: Code Veronica and Resident Evil 5.

Wesker has proven to be the top villain when it comes to the series. He is usually behind most of the dealings when it comes to the Progenitor virus and has no ill will to turn on people who thought they were his allies or associates. Wesker has grown to show his mutations with all types of viruses to make himself better and stronger but all-in-all, he is still defeated by the hero and dies...well, for a bit at least.

1. Jill Valentine
Known for: Resident Evil, Resident Evil 3 and Resident Evil 5.

Jill has topped lists as one of video games' favourite leading lady. She has played the hero and villain role in several games for the series while wearing a questionable outfit during a citywide outbreak. She ranks as my favourite because she has proven to the perfect mix of lethal fighter and compassionate ally. Her villainous blonde form in Resident Evil 5 was a far cry from the original hero we met in the first game. No matter who she is playing at the time, Jill is always a hero and continues to conquer expectations. If Ada can give Leon a run for his money then I know Jill could be a perfect match to take on any of the characters listed above. That's way she is listed in the number one spot.

Agree or disagree with the rankings? Share your rankings in the comments below.
Hello Bloggers!

I'm back again for the fourth edition of this thrilling music feature. I know you were eagerly waiting on the patient side to see which videos I'd choose. Sorry I took some time but I surfed around YouTube to look for music videos that you'd absolutely love in a second. For those of you who are newcomers to this section, you can check out the FIRST, SECOND and THIRD entries for this feature to learn more about past entries and all the latest videos that have been selected. No time like the present to reveal which videos I chosen that feature an underline theme of music.

The three videos that will be featured this week are:

1. "Hold It Against Me" by Britney Spears (Performed by Sam Tsui)

2. "Dr. Jones" by Aqua

3. "The Secret" by The Pierces (Video collaboration by the CW Network for Gossip Girl Season 1 DVD)

Well it's Tuesday again Bloggers which means another edition of Tuesday Tunes. I'm thinking that to break up repetitiveness from posts, after like two more Tuesday Tunes, I'm going to stop this feature for a couple of weeks and then restart again. So enjoy the next nine videos because they'll be all that's left...well at least for a while. Uploading videos is a lot of fun and hopefully you're all enjoying the break with some music vids. So just to refresh, I choose three videos from YouTube that all feature an underlining theme of music whether it's from television or a music video.

The three videos that I am going to feature this week are:

1. "Born This Way" by Lady Gaga
2. "Going Through The Motions" by Sarah Michelle Gellar (Performance on Buffy The Vampire Slayer)
3. The 83rd Academy Awards Auto-tune Mash-ups