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'Revenge' Recap: Sacrifice

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Looks like the Amanda has finally bit the dust!

This week on Revenge, tensions come to a thrilling conclusion when the identity of this season's victim is revealed. Plus, the Graysons deal with the aftermath of Helen's murder and Padma jumps into the Mystery Machine and joins the Scooby Gang.

Wedded bliss on the high seas was the original plan for Jack and his blushing bride Fauxmanda. Last week, it was revealed that the nefarious Nate Ryan had stowed away in the hull of the ship. His plan: exact revenge against the newlywed couple for their involvement in Conrad ending the waterfront deal. After some shared honeymoon time together between the married couple, Nate made his presence known and held the couple at gun point. (He's not just a would-be murderer but a peeper as well!) To the shock of no one, Emily was the first to discover his whereabouts from a photo-bomb sent to Charlotte. (This seems a little too easy for Emily, right?) She and Nolan decide it's up to them to save the pair. Their solution: high speed boat race through the water!

Meanwhile on the Amanda, Fauxmanda reveals the "truth" about blackmailing Conrad and promises to share the information with Nate to help take down the Graysons. Not sure if it was love or denial but Jack didn't mind that his new wife went homicidal in a matter of seconds; she states they need to kill Nate to survive. They trick him into searching below deck for the laptop computer while making their way onto a life raft to escape. Channeling his inner Incredible Hulk, Nate breaks through the bathroom door and fires blindly through the door - Jack is struck with a stray bullet. Fauxmanda, confusing as it as, sends Jack away on the raft alone and fights Nate before being knocked out. From the speed it took the raft to get away, they both would have survived but regardless of horror movie logic...

Taking a tip from Poseidon, Fauxmanda plans to sink the ship from the inside. Water is slowly filling up the hull and when her captor checks on the problem, she finally makes her strike. Emily is the best at saving the day because she shows up at the right time and practically knocks out her enemies in the most dramatic and elaborate fashion. During the struggle, however, a gas line was released and the boat slowly starts to fill up with gas. The girls rush to Emily's life raft when Fauxmanda stops and heads back to grab a childhood necklace. Unfortunately for her, Nate pulls out a match and... boom goes the Amanda! Nate is dead, the Amanda is no more and Emily says goodbye to her close friend in possibly the most emotional send off in the series yet. (At least Emily tried to make room for Amanda on her raft... I'm looking at you Rose!)

When one door closes, another enemy breaks through the window. Picking up from last week's best Victoria confrontation, the Graysons plot over how to handle Helen's recent murder. Victoria's cold and calculating nature comes alive when she concocts a devious plan to frame Fauxmanda for the murder and use her as a scapegoat for The Initiative. (Hmmmm... who's the pot now, Victoria?) Unbeknownst to the plan, Fauxmanda is halfway to grim territory in the high seas and Helen's replacement, a man named Trask, shows up to locate his missing colleague.

Trask falls hook, line and sinker for all the planted evidence and lies that the Graysons are feeding him. Though, I don't buy this for one second - he looks like the type of man who needs more than Victoria's word to drop the search for Helen. In the meanwhile, the Graysons have used their new found 'reprieve' to announce Conrad's sudden interest in running for Governor. Plot wise it's better than the Stowaway mess that was the Ryan brothers - this new political position could help Emily get closer to Daniel and those who helped frame her father.

Padma, Nolan's bed buddy, came clean last episode with the truth about working for Helen. Her father was kidnapped by The Initiative and she needs to find Carreon to bring him back. Nolan apparently trusts her enough to invite her to the Scooby Gang and have Aidan protect her while he's gone looking for the dying Porters. Padma reaches out for proof that her father is still alive and The Initiative sends her a treat in a little doggy bag: her father's finger! Not sure if her father's actually alive and I've dropped the theory that Padma is evil. Why send Helen a fake phone call if Trask didn't know it was fake? She's off my list... for now.

Did you guess right with the murder prediction? Can Conrad actually win the election without The Initiative? Who will be the next cast member to fall? Time to share in the comments and post about what you thought about this week's episode.

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