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'The Carrie Diaries' Recap: Caught

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When caught between two options, making the right choice is never simple.

This week on The Carrie Diaries, the group must make tough decisions between the things they want and the choices they can't seem to make. On the upside it all takes place at the school's winter dance!

After two somewhat inactive and lazy episodes, Carrie is beginning to define her opinions about love and sex. She can't admit that her feelings for Sebastian are still there and believing that George is the "one" is only hiding her lies. Mouse and Maggie are also caught between two decisions: Mouse with her balance between love and academics and Maggie with her unknown future and love prospects. Carrie puts it best about her future: "If I'm in my 30s and still talking about finding love and boys, someone please smother me with a pillow." She takes a chance on George and invites him to the dance.

While at the dance, it's clear that Carrie is faking her feelings for George while Sebastian stares on. Sebastian doesn't need to speak, he only needs to smoulder to make his presence known. Carrie tries to flaunt her new rich boyfriend in Sebastian's face but it's clear that she can't get him out of her head. Speaking of head! George turned into such a jerk this episode. He pressures Carrie into having sex in the backseat of his limo (while his driver is in the front) and when she refuses, he expects her to help finish him off. The entire experience didn't feel sanctimonious or an after school special - she honestly didn't want to sleep with him for her own reasons. Well this marks the end of George! His presence brought down the show a bit and I'm happy to see him finally leave. I loved Gossip Girl but let's leave the Upper East Side out of the show.

Maggie and Mouse both had minor storylines this episode. One was absurd (Mouse) while the other could prove to be interesting (Maggie). Mouse is the overachieving type - she works hard for her grades and scoring a B+ is unthinkable. She blames her slip of grades on her relationship with Seth. Their plotline involved trying to submit an extra credit and having a mature break up in the process. Maggie, on the other hand, came toe-to-toe with her rivalry with Donna LaDonna this episode after Donna caught Maggie after having sex with her on-again-off-again hook-up. Donna is truly an evil villain The Carrie Diaries needs: she used the discovery to blackmail Maggie into keeping Carrie away from Sebastian. Though the Maggie came clean to Carrie, it was a sweet bonding moment that made Maggie into more than just a supporting friend.

I felt sympathy for Dorrit. (There... I said it!) The irritating presence in previous episodes were justified with her confession in this week's episode. Coming clean about why she's been acting crabby towards her father delivered genuine emotion and likeability that I never saw. I think we can all relate when we lose someone - it's hard to know where things stand without that person in your life. The father tried to compensate by bringing her to the Nutcracker, but Dorrit said it best: "Carrie had you. I had mom. And now I have no one."

Larissa! My favourite Brit popped up and brought the fun Manhattan storylines with her. Inspired by Carrie's contribution to the latest issue of Interview, Larrisa offers Carrie an internship at the magazine. Carrie has until now flirted around the idea of writing but now the series is moving in a new direction. (Which it desperately needs.) The show needs to add some risky moments beyond the sweet teen storylines - there needs to be a little drama. Sooner better than later...

Will Carrie's new role at Interview change the direction of The Carrie Diaries? Share in the comments and let me know your thoughts on this week's episode.

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