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Due to popular demand and an increase in online traffic at this post, I've decided to do another post in the Online by Design section. I've searched through YouTube and various functions to find something that I think might interest you all. On this entry of Online by Design review, we will be looking at the video mash-up series: Dead Fantasy.

(starting from left) Kasumi, Ayane, and Hitomi (DOA). Tifa, Rikku, and Yuna (FF).

The Premise: Starting off in a dilapidated ruin, Final Fantasy X's Yuna is running through a path to be intercepted by Dead or Alive's Kasumi and Ayane. It quickly turns into a battle with DOA's Hitomi and Final Fantasy's Rikku and Tifa joining into the action. Various sequels have included new and recurring characters from the both series including their sister series, Kingdom Hearts for Final Fantasy and Ninja Gaiden for Dead or Alive. Not much is revealed about the storyline but much is apparent that all the characters are in an all out battle; rivaling each other and competing in combat to defeat their unwavering opponents. The burning question asked is which video game series will dominate in the war of combat?

Artwork featuring Kingdom Hearts' Kairi

Where To Find It: The Dead Fantasy series is created by user, Monty Oum. You can find all his videos plus fun contributions with the Dead Fantasy girls on his YouTube account or you can visit his personal to find all graphic art, discussion boards, and news about the upcoming sequels:

The Dead Fantasy girls performing "Gee by Girls' Generation"

The Good: Most parodies and online videos sometimes lack the effort and time put into creating a top quality product and that is clearly not what happened here. The quality and computer design for the videos continuing to get better and more innovative with each upcoming sequel. The fighting scenes are highly choreographed, the characters are thought out with their moves and the fighting moments of introducing materia battles, magic, and ninjas are a sight to see. The fact that using iconic characters and scenes from both these series are definitely a gem for any fans of either series.

Tifa and Hitomi fighting in the infamous burning opera house from DOA

The Bad: While the quality and mystery regarding the plot is a draw, I'm still confused as to what is really going on. Another big issue is the interval between sequels. It's taken a while for these videos to be created and while I do respect the time and effort that goes into creating these products, the time waiting feels like an eternity for the next one to come out.

The Results: 8/10! 
Dead Fantasy is a great series to watch and see my favourite characters from the series engage in combat. All the sequels can appeal for the amazing quality and jaw-dropping cinematics, but it all resonates within me because I love these two series.

Here is the first movie from Monty Oum's page to begin watching if you haven't already.

Agree or Disagree with the score and assessment? Then leave a comment below and share your thoughts about the content and what you think it deserves. See you later on the next Online by Design.
Originality is a creative tool that we all have treasured when experiencing a new genre piece. Our favourite shows have become landmarks for must-see TV and the innovative movies that explored new depths that have instantly became cult-classics. However, recently these industries have delved back into their vaults and established a new interpretation on past projects.

To clarify

A remake is taking a project's storyline and completely redoing the concept with few changes to make the new piece more adapt to the times.

A reboot is completely segmenting a storyline at an end point and beginning fresh with a new perspective; completely ignoring all the previous sequels as a new film legacy.


Don't get me wrong, I am ALWAYS very optimistic when watching a new remake and reboot. I loved the new Batman movies  and the new Nightmare on Elm Street horror movie remake, including other past remakes for other movies and television shows. Personally I prefer the act of spin-offs and sequels because it continues the timeline and storyline inside of completely retconned what happened beforehand.

Supposedly its rebooting the movie and not the tv series?

A recent reboot that might be coming into production is the Buffy The Vampire Slayer movie reboot. If you had been following my twitter then you will probably know how shocked I am that this is happening. I am a huge fan of the television show and grew up with that Whedonverse to know that a new movie is coming out without ANY of the characters nor Joss Whedon is really a letdown. A friend of mine, Zaira, and I have had debates about the concept of new reboot processes for these genres. She is, however, in favor of the new Spiderman reboots while I am very mixed since these are very recent projects in our decade. 

Is it too soon for a reboot from this trilogy?

I will continue to be optimistic because sometimes these remakes and reboots can surprise and intrigue me about the past series/movie. It all depends on the person and how much they loved the original product and if they are willing to separate one artistic interpretation to another one. However, I will agree that somethings should not be redone because the originals are amazing. 

My advice is to look at it this way: for reboots, it's just a different time and a different form so one is on television and the other is just a movie. For remakes, it's just updating the same concept and it can't change the original. Get into the fun and see how it all turns out. Things can surprise you.
Friends from my graduating class in college are going crazy over this cause and charity. Movember is supposed to be about a statement for men to grow mustaches to raise money for prostate cancer research. I have some friends who are currently doing the Movember program to raise money. 

I will not be doing Movember. I don't like to grow facial hair and having a mustache again anywhere on my face is a traumatic experience that I will never endure again. However, it's a worthwhile cause to raise money for prostate cancer research and I would advise people to donate to the cause and/or start growing your own mustache!
The holidays are near and the shopping season has begun. Usually I'm really excited to begin finding the perfect gifts to give for friends, family, and buying my own Christmas gifts that are from my family. It's a weird tradition because my family should be buying them for me but I know what I like and would pick it out to see the smile on their face. However, this time I really don't even know what I want this year or have the urge to buy anything.

This current semester in school has been incredibly busy and hectic. The time I have spent trying to complete assignments, volunteer, work at Gap, and trying to secure an internship has worn me out. Last thing on my mind right now is what I want to spend my money on to put gifts under the tree for a month. This will shock a lot of people but I think I might save a lot of my money this year on gifts for myself and just save for my 10-year goal of apartment/condo.

I do like buying gifts for friends and family. I know I'm going to get something cooking-related for my mom because she is addicted to the Food Network, something cycling or sports for my dad, a video game for my brother, and a new noise toy for my dog. Friends will vary with the craziness of their requests  (I'm looking at you Emily!).

I will write a must-have list of what people should be looking out for this holiday season to buy for friends and family on this blog. For me at this moment, I can't really decide or think about what I want. Maybe when my semester finishes in less than a month and I have some decent time off then I will think about what I really want this holiday season.

The only thing that will be on my mind this December is that there will be shoppers at my store who will want to buy all the things they are looking for on sale before the holidays. Sales and promotions, long lines, a packed store and mall, and one of the busiest moments of the year. My wish right now is that December will be calm and smooth for the entire month.
Hey Bloggers,

I am still alive. 

It has been a while since my last post and I am incredibly sorry for the late period these two posts. This last week has been very busy with me for my career standing and you would be very impressed. School and work has been busy and volunteering has started to slow down so I can focus on finishing my semester in peace. More articles and blog posts are on their way so don't fret I will be back and hopefully I will get a longer detailed post later today. 

See you then.
We all have dreams and goals that we want to accomplish in life, most are outrageous like climbing Mount Everest or marrying a certain celebrity (I'm looking at all you Twi-hards). Some are career, love, friendship, personal or simple just imaginative. When life gets tough and too hectic, I daydream and think about the future. My internship class had an exercise about the goals we want in life and that kept me thinking about the things that I want for the future. It's the most important question that everyone asks at least once in life.

What do I want?

Besides the obvious like finding my dream job, I want to move out of my parent's place and find my dream condo/house. Since I was a young kid, I've been planning my escape and what life would be like independently and not be under my parent's thumb. I know that life will be a lot of work with bills and all the other responsibilities but I would proudly deal with all that to have my own place.

I want to write a book. Right now in Writing Lab , we had to create a fictional company and mine was a publishing company and I wrote a fake novel winner and concept. The idea for the novel really intrigued me and sparked the realization that I want to write a book. Most likely a YA fiction book at first then delve into the different field of Mystery, Adult, Romance, and much more. Hopefully I can spark a trilogy some time in the future and see where this dream leads me.

My other dream is to find love. Not just corny puppy dog love but true love. Actual, meaningful love that people have those slow motion, tinted-moments that make life perfect. Its just a concept but I would love to experience how that feels.

Life is always more worthwhile when we have something to live for and I live for the possibilities of what might be in the future. I know that I can make most of these dreams come true and I will constantly be changing this list by removing, editing, or adding things that I want. It's life...and I love every minute of it.