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A Falcon falls and the red sharpie rises from the ashes.

Back after a ridiculously long hiatus, Revenge aired its newest episode on the heels of show creator Mike Kelley announcing his departure at the end of this season. Revenge hasn't officially been renewed yet but ABC did admit they would like to fill the new vacancy. Take that tidbit as a gain of salt until the show is announced to return - anything could happen in the next few weeks. I'm looking at the change more positively; this season has lacked compared to last year and a new change could get the storyline back on track.

This week on Revenge, the Graysons flounder in the Nightline spotlight, Jack and Ashley get a leg up against Conrad, and Nolan takes the fight to the streets.

First off I want to apologize for not recapping the last episode of Revenge. A lot had been revealed in terms of storyline, which included the untimely death of Nolan's ladylove Padma. Picking up from the last episode, The Initiative has made Nolan the scapegoat for Padma's death and is using the Falcon to help seal his fate. Nolan has never had his own revengenda and merely assisted in sabotage but with help from Emily, they've teamed up to take down the mysterious hacker.
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Not sure how you felt about the big reveal but a random character named Edith didn't really impact my thoughts of the storyline. I had strangely guessed Marco could be the Falcon and that it would be a shocking twist. (Anyone else feel that was where the plot was going?) After defeating Edith in a game of arcade Street Fighter, Nolan manipulated her into using a bugged USB key and getting caught by the FBI. The Falcon may a genius when it comes to planting evidence; however, she really didn't have any common sense.

Conrad's political campaign has pulled his family back into the limelight. The latest bit of publicity is a media interview with Nightline and for once Victoria is forced to tell the truth. She thought admitting the "truth" about her teenage abortion would quell the rumours and they did... until Juju Chang uncovered the real story. Victoria did in fact deliver the baby, a six month boy named Patrick but gave him up for adoption to attend an art school in Paris on scholarship. She confesses and later asks Nolan to track down Patrick in exchange for his company back. (I'm guessing Patrick will be back as a series regular for season three.)

Also revealed in this episode was Daniel's potential re-engagement with Emily. Forcing her to admit on camera caused more trouble than it was worth (bad move, Daniel) and Aidan did not look pleased. Though, in his simple trying to be romantic way, Aidan approved of the engagement and urged Emily to take down the Graysons. The red flags from their conversation kept going up; I wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't survive the season. (Nobody should ever talk about their happy ending on a TV show, it's like tempting fate.)

The Jack and Ashley pairing is an interesting development as of late; their characters needed a new direction. Though, I'm pretty certain either one, along with Declan, Charlotte or Conrad, will be written off in the season finale. (None of the core four should leave at this point.) While pairing up to stalk Conrad, the team snaps pictures of the aspiring Governor jumping into a car with his opponent's wife. Ashley uses the information to get her position back in Conrad's campaign; with this new bit of power, they could actually fall through and succeed in their plan. Unless, you know, the plan were to backfire in the next three episodes.

Will Emily go through with marrying Daniel? Which main character will be the next get sharpied out by the show's writers? Post in the comments and share your thoughts on this week's episode.
Did anyone else see the final death coming?

Death scenes on The Following have been anything but subtle and yet it's sad to see a likeable character go. The FBI team is getting closer to confronting Joe and his followers, but I'm still left scratching my head at points. With only one more episode left to go in the season, will Ryan finally have his long overdue confrontation?

This week on 'The Following', the killer groupies staged a widespread attack on the local community centre, Claire took a stand against Joe but was somehow caught (again) and is now being held captive on a ship. Also, Emma sealed Jacob's fate by cutting ties with her former flame (and his neck). To get excited for next week's season finale, I've got a few predictions and guesses that I'm thinking could happen at the thrilling conclusion.

Too many characters have died on The Following and I don't think they would cut out another FBI team member. This week's episode ended on a cliffhanger where two of Joe's followers have kidnapped the scared FBI agent and buried her alive for the sheer fun of it. The teaser promo shows Debra reaching out to Ryan and the team trying to find her but will they? Debra's backstory about growing up in a cult has been a good fit with the current theme of The Following; I don't see why they would cut her out for a new character. Ryan will probably save her just in time and she'll be back for next season.

The obsessed killer groupie has been unwavering in her devotion to Joe, so much so that she's killed anyone that has gotten in her way. On this week's episode, she murdered her former flame Jacob because he wanted to leave Joe's cult and had asked her to come with him. Shame to see Jacob go, he was one of the most likeable characters and actually felt guilt compared to certain others. Emma has blindly followed Joe throughout his recent crazy ramblings and that will eventually get her killed. Plus, Jacob's ominous warning is definitely a foreshadow to next week. She wants to be the new Claire in Joe's life, but I don't think she will reach her goal. (Unless the producers decide to keep Emma around for next season.)

I'm stuck between the fates of Joe and Claire. Halfway through this week's episode Joe has recaptured Claire and is now holding her hostage at sea. Ryan and the FBI will need to locate the pair and hold a thrilling confrontation aboard the very tiny boat. My guess would be that one of them, either Joe or Claire, will survive while the other won't (or both could projectively not make it). Joe has proven to be Ryan's adversary in this fight of good vs. evil and the storyline needs to have a final resolution. There's only so much cat and mouse episodes this plot can pull off before it gets tedious. Between the pair I think Joe will be written off, with Claire getting a small edge over her psychotic ex-husband. The last few episodes have progressed to an upcoming climax where Ryan and Joe would finally face off; there's no other place Joe could run out at sea.

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I'm looking at The Following like a mini-series; similar to that of American Horror Story. Next season should focus on a new mystery and a new serial killer that will terrorize the world. Joe is a great antagonist to Ryan and knows how to pull his strings, much to the pleasure of the viewers. Though with all the back-and-forth failed attempts, I don't see the same plot lasting for several seasons. Unless a major direction change happens next week, Joe won't be sticking around for too long. His organization will crumble and a new big bad will step into his shoes.

The first season could end on a high note or leave it on a cliffhanger that continues the same story. I hope for the former as I'd like to see how Ryan and the team chases a new criminal; maybe even with Joe behind bars? 

What do you think will happen in next week's season finale? Share in the comments below and post your thoughts about this week's episode.

The (potential) end is here for Ms. Bradshaw.

Thirteen episodes have passed and this week marked the season finale for The CW's bubble series. Will it come back for another year? Chances are not but anything can really happen. The ratings have been lackluster at best and it didn't perform well with the big marketing push. However, The Carrie Diaries apparently is the network's second highest rated series online. Plus, The CW is so unpredictable that I've stopped guessing, especially after the last two years being wrong.

Instead of the typical recap review, I'm going to look over the past season and share my thoughts for what I'm hoping for in the (uncertainly long-shot) second season. I'll keep this quick and easy while trying to keep things moving steadily.

The teen power couple was bound to break up yet again; in fact, the pair made up and broke up twice in the same season finale. Normally a couple like this would find some sort of resolution in the following season but I think this is the end and it should stay that way. Carrie Bradshaw needs more experiences with dating and Sebastian was just getting in the way; he couldn't measure up and he simply reverted back to his old habits. Sleeping with Maggie (Carrie's best fiend) and breaking that trust was just one straw too many. Now that Carrie is once again single, she needs to experiment and learn a thing or two about dating beyond the hometown bad boy. Maybe an introduction to the boy who does take her virginity?

The Carrie Diaries features an impressive ensemble cast of characters from Carrie's childhood hometown... and yet they somehow are never mentioned in the future. The obvious answer is because she grew up and a book/show can't bring up EVERY person in a fictional character's life. Now that Carrie is spending more time in New York and less away from Castlebury, new characters could be introduced while others are fazed out. 

Walt and Mouse should be kept on as Carrie's closest friends. Walt's personal coming out story has been the one to watch and he might be the only one on par with Carrie who wants a New York lifestyle. Mouse, on the other hand, is hilarious and while I think she should be let go after their high school graduation, she still is the comedic character. Maggie, the former best friend, should be downgraded to supporting or fazed out completely. She betrayed Carrie and possibly triggered Carrie's narrow view of romance and dating. It would help her character development more if Maggie weren't around as a whiny and heartbroken main character but supporting or a guest star villain. Cheating is cheating and The Carries Diaries needs a kick of drama.
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Donna and Dorrit are in this state of limbo for me. Donna has been underutilized and unless she becomes more of a villain or Carrie's friend, I don't see any purpose for her. She's become more of a supporting character than anything useful; a let down for the drama that's juvenile. Meanwhile, Carrie's little sister has grown on me and her relationship with Miller was the change she needed. (Anyone else feel creepy their father doesn't mind she's dating a senior?) Let's just hope she doesn't revert to her old angst ways.

Carrie and Walt are finally in New York to live the life we've all waited to see (for the summer at least). Now that they're in the city, The Carrie Diaries should add more references to the original series and start to introduce many of the staple characters like Stanford, Samantha and Miranda to name a few. These characters are what viewers want to see and I would love to have more origin episodes compared to teen angst. I'm not saying to abandon all the original characters that were introduced in Season One, but to expand the group to provide a healthy mix and explain WHY many of the The Carrie Diaries cast didn't transition to Carrie's life in Sex and the City years.

Final renewal news won't be revealed until May and even then I don't expect it to be good. The CW is clearly moving in another direction with their programming and the only thing that could save The Carrie Diaries is its potential. Online viewing does help (very small at least) to build on live ratings over the summer for fall and already being a midseason show had a major strike against its renewal chances. A full season is out of the question but a midseason might work to try a 13 episode order. Though in a realistic landscape, this could be the swan song for Carrie's early years before the city. I did like the series, there were moments that stood out and major changes that need to happen for the show to grow.

Do you think The Carrie Diaries will return? Share your predictions and season thoughts below in the comments.

Say goodbye to the midseason mystery!

Revealed via Twitter by its series creator, The CW has pulled struggling midseason thriller Cult from its schedule line-up after seven low-rated episodes. Reruns of The Carrie Diaries and Oh-Sit! will now fill the vacated Friday at 9 p.m. timeslot.

Originally slated on Tuesdays at 9 p.m. following Hart of Dixie, Cult failed to find an audience and premiered to low ratings (even for The CW standards). The network moved the show to Fridays after two episodes in the hopes that a better pairing with Nikita would improve its ratings. Unfortunately, Cult still averaged between a 0.2 to 0.3 in the demo.

Cult followed the adventures of investigative journalist Jeff (Matt Davis) and production assistant Skye (Jessica Lucas) uncovering the secrets of Cult's obsessed fans while trying to locate Jeff's missing younger brother. Also showcased is the show-within-a-show Cult that stars Roger (Robert Knepper) as the actor portraying the charismatic cult leader Billy Grimm and Marni (Alona Tal), the actress portraying determined cop Kelly Collins.

The CW has yet to confirm whether they will air the six remaining episodes of Cult's one and only season.

Are you sad to see Cult get the axe? Post in the comments below and share your thoughts of which show will be next!
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Writer's block could be the only thing to take down the big bad Joe Carroll.

Sorry for the delay in putting up this post. It's been a busy few days and admittedly I missed the first airing on the episode due to a previous matter. I have caught up with The Following; however, since the episode has been out for a few days already, I'll change the format of this recap to be short and sweet.

This week on The Following, Joe ties up loose ends personally when his writer's block keeps him from continuing his masterpiece. Plus, we learn a deep dark secret about the tortured Ryan Hardy.

The killer groupies on The Following are like pawns - they're expendable, used to distract from the real threats and are easy to take out. Problem is that they come and go like extras hired for the background scene of a movie and only fill up storyline for a week. (Someone should really set up a counter: number of killer groupies revealed vs. how many died.) This time that said groupie is Monroe, the militia leader who supplied weapons to Joe and went off-the-grid but still apparently threatening enough that Joe would need to eliminate him personally. While both the FBI and Joe's followers were easily able to find Monroe (and yet they couldn't find Jordy in episode two), it was only a matter of time before he died.

The confrontation led both Joe to kill Monroe and Ryan to kill Vince, Monroe's second-in-command, without any real harm to the central cast. Though, the interaction did prove that Joe isn't all cold and collected as he wants everyone to believe; his writer's block has left him to become unhinged and sloppy. Ryan could have the upper-hand in the following weeks leading up the season finale now.

Enter flashback: Ryan, a young kid ready to break out and cut loose (Footloose!), experiences the greatest tragedy of his adolescence. He witnesses the death of his father by the hands of a robber (and subsequent addict) at the local convenience store. Joe tortures Ryan with the memory of his father's death all episode... through scene with the glass window was a little too Silence of the Lambs. We did learn that Ryan and Joe might have more in common than thought: mini Ryan forced his father's killer by gunpoint to overdose on drugs.

Emma has a case of Single White Female going on. (Everyone loving the movie references?). When taunting Claire about kidnapping Joey, the former Mrs. Carroll delivers a dose of karma against Emma with a well deserved slap! (Go Claire, this is the first time I'm impressed with her character.) Roderick breaks up the fight before Emma lets loose on her competition but it's quite obvious the little psychopath wants to replace Claire. Joe might be sleeping with the frenemy again, but she'll never be the new "Claire" character in his book.

Is Ryan's new revelation a sign that he may join the dark side? Share your thoughts in the comments section below and let me know what you thought of this week's episode.

Carrie and Sebastian will try to take their relationship to the next level.

This week on The Carrie Diaries, Carrie and Sebastian crash Madonna's "Like A Virgin" party, tensions boil over for Mouse, and Carrie's father learns a thing or two about dating.

Kyddshaw (you know, the couple name for Carrie and Sebastian) have reached a point in their relationship when things get serious. The brooding bad boy spills his guts and admits that he loves the future sex columnist but she can't say it back. Instead she practically throws herself and offers a free invitation to the bedroom. (NOW it feels like Sex and the City!). Meanwhile, at Interview Magazine, the style icons are preparing for a one night only Madonna tour party and both Larissa and Bennett invite Carrie to tag along; with a halfhearted invite for Sebastian too.

Madonna isn't the only highlight of the night - tonight is the night Carrie might lose her v-card! (Wouldn't place your bets just yet, I'd guess the season finale). She and Sebastian plan  for a night to remember but in teen dramas, plans don't always follow through. The event starts off right, with Bennett offering an amazing mantra for VIP booths. ("The party's in there and if you're not on the list, you're just a commoner"). Miss Bradshaw is full royalty but Sebastian didn't get the memo - he's not on the list. 

Carrie secures an extra wristband for her too-cool-for-parties boyfriend and while she redeems herself, the tension slowly bubbles over for this teen couple. Her ambition pulls her away for an Interview Magazine byline and she repeatedly apologizes, even though she shouldn't have to. (This is Carrie's job - she has to work). The cracks are forming for Kyddshaw, they didn't sleep together (yet) and now it's only a matter of time before they potentially break up.

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While Carrie's romantic night fizzled, Mouse finally got back on the horse. She and Wes, her competitive admirer, resisted the urge to admit their true feelings for each other... at first. During a fundraising meeting, Mouse and Wes are the only two volunteers left to package chocolate bars. He baits Mouse on until they practically attack each other in the middle of the classroom floor. Mouse might be giving Samantha a run for her money with hook-ups.

Carrie's family both succeeded and failed with their dating life. Tom, Carrie's father, had an overnight with his new ladylove but criticized his "girlfriend" about raising children as a single parent. (Plus, walking around the house naked didn't help). He did redeem himself and they're still together, he's lucky that she gave him another shot. Dorrit, on the other hand, excelled with her new not-so-bad boy Miller. I'm not sure if they hooked up at the end; the laughing could mean anything. Though, I think it will kill Carrie to find out her younger sister might have lost it before her. We'll definitely finds out in next week's season finale.

Someone is DEFINITELY losing their v-card next week, will it be the young Miss Bradshaw? Post in the comments and share your thoughts on this week's episode.

If Joe won in last week's episode, Claire was definitely the winner this week.

This week on The Following, Ryan and the FBI team discover a new hideout for Joe's followers, Claire gets closer to seeing her son and we learn more about Ryan's ex-girlfriend.

A new break for the case or another endless loop? Picking up from last week's episode, the FBI team uncovered a website where Joe has been recruiting his followers. The IP address leads Ryan to an S&M bondage club, of all things and a mysterious woman named Hayley is their link to the website. Hayley is innocent but one of her clients is a cult follower (and loves the rough stuff - no surprise there). Instead of serving jail time for her previous crimes, she offers to help trap the delusional follower and bring them slightly closer to Joe. 

Can I just say that this FBI team is always one step behind? They make impromptu decisions believing that it will get them closer to the compound but it blows up in their face. First, Hayley gets metaphorically kidnapped by her client and once he finds the hidden wire under her shirt, he begins to chase and beat her in an abandoned underground maze of tunnels. Where do the killer groupies find these places?! A giant farmhouse, a large open mansion compound and a hidden bunker with access to tunnels - who is their realtor? (And can he find me an apartment?).

Ryan and Debra save Hayley in time but her client is already long gone. Another key discovery in this episode is that the bunker isn't only an armory, it's a training camp. A hidden room in the tunnels housed several potential groupies locked in an room; proving their loyalty to Joe. Once the FBI SWAT team opened the door, they swarmed two of the police officers like rabid zombies.

Photos courtesy of CTV and Hitfix
Claire, in all her stubborn maternal glory, agreed to leave with Roderick last episode to reunite with Joey. Unfortunately for her, once she arrived at the compound, she still does not get to see her son. Jacob changed since he murdered Paul; he's giving Emma the cold shoulder and now he's taking charge of looking after Claire. He pushes her to the ground when she argues back and forces her to dress up for an "intimate" dinner with Joe. A creepy dinner with her psychotic ex is just what she needs!

Joe's dinner doesn't go the way he wants. It's obvious that Claire isn't in love with him anymore but he's not giving up. Anyone else feel uncomfortable when Joe said the mind could be conditioned? We already saw what he does to his potential followers - I bet what will happen to Claire and Joey will be much worse. There were a few happy moments: Claire and Joey were reunited at last!

Ryan's ex made a reappearance last episode. The mysterious blonde woman is Molly, a nurse in the terminal ward with a kill record higher than Joe's. Through several flashbacks it's revealed she moved to New York at Joe's request and had asked to kill Ryan personally. My guess is that it won't happen. Joe is having TOO much fun playing with his nemesis to give up the ghost.

Will Molly have her chance to kill Ryan? Share in the comments and post about your thoughts on this week's episode.