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The boy's are falling one after the other.

This may be the first season ever where the men are being evicted earlier compared to the women of the house. First David, Nick and now this third houseguest, could my prediction of a male winner be wrong? Probably. I was wrong about Big Brother Canada - only technically.

The third person evicted was Jeremy McGuire, the 23 year old boat shop associate from Texas.

Let's Meet Jeremy...

Jeremy is the strong-willed and bossy ex-member of The Moving Company alliance. He rubbed people the wrong with his bullying attitude, made several chauvinistic comments and sparked a romance with Kaitlyn. Starting off strong with several alliances, the house turned against Jeremy once The Moving Company had been exposed and the Blondetourage alliance fell out of power. He survived the second week by winning the Power of Veto (POV) but he was blindsided when Head of Household (HOH) Helen made him the replacement nominee in the third week. On Day 28, he was evicted by a vote of 9-1-0.

Why Did He Lose?

It's no surprise but Jeremy was a threat. He's strong, won challenges and started off the game in a pretty comfortable position. However, his downfall was his attitude toward several of the other houseguests. Big Brother is not only a competition but a social game and his earlier moves were terrible. He would degrade people, personally attack and downright bully others into following his plan above all else. He admittedly tried to turn it around in the final week, even winning over a few friends for outside of the game but the pull of evicting a serious threat was just too tempting to pass up.

How Could He Stay?

Jeremy was possibly the biggest physical threat but he wasn't the personal threat. Many hated his alliance member Aaryn and if he tried to flip sides against her, it could have helped him out. He should have changed his attitude and tried to work with Helen to secure his safety. However, looking at the situation from a distance, there was nothing Jeremy could have done. The damage was already done and he couldn't backpedal to change his reputation.

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Last Thoughts...

If there was someone who's game crumbled the farthest, it would be Jeremy. He stood in a perfect position with a showmance, a secret dominating alliance, an obvious alliance and physical capabilities - he could have at least made jury in a normal season. Social game is more important than people realize and his attitude ruined any chances that he had to make it far. The "weaker" players banded together and successfully pulled off the third blindside of the season. Jeremy was unable to do anything at that point.
Anyone else loving the blindsides? (And my change of starting pictures - love them!)

So far Big Brother 15 has been a pretty good season. With the exception of the mean and racist comments being said, this season featured players that were ready to compete and scramble with the eviction votes. It took one day to flip the entire house and send this recent houseguest packing. As a Big Brother fan, this scenario was unreal and amazing to watch develop.

The second person evicted was Nick Uhas, the 28 year old entrepreneur from New York.

Let's Meet Nick...

Nick is the outgoing and enigmatic leader of the secret all-male alliance, The Moving Company. He not only proved to be a strong strategic thinker but had good social skills with his friendships and his showmance with GinaMarie. While he survived (and arguably helped control) the first week of the game, the target suddenly grew on his back when Elissa, the Big Brother MVP and a nominee, nominated Nick after Jeremy won the Power of Veto (POV). On Day 21, he was evicted by a vote of 7-4-0.

Why Did He Lose?

Nick had a huge target on his back; he's a physical threat and many thought he was untrustworthy. In the early days of The Moving Company, life was looking good for Nick but he made a stupid decision and forgot a vital lesson to always agree. Elissa made him an offer of two week safety if he promised not to use the veto on Jeremy, Elissa's BBMVP nomination. He hesitated but reluctantly agreed with no intention of keeping the deal. Once she asked him if he could have his vote for safety, he couldn't confirm or deny - giving Elissa the push she needed to nominate him and listen to the house, who had thrown Nick's name around. Had she gone the other path and nominated Kaitlyn, Nick would still be in the game.

Another problem Nick had was friendships; he made alliances and connections with the wrong people. While The Moving Company looked good on paper, a big alliance of five guys drew too much attention from the girls and the other boys. Nick was connected to GinaMarie, his buddy showmance, who he was also friends with Aaryn and Jeremy, the two most hated houseguests. Simply being a threat wasn't enough, he was friends with people that nobody could stand and this gave the house an opportunity to scramble and save two outsiders instead.

How Could He Stay?

Nick is once again the victim of the twist. In a normal Big Brother week, he wouldn't have been nominated and either Elissa or Helen would have gone home. His best course of action would have simply to agree with Elissa and position a strong attack on Kaitlyn. Even if he backed on his word, his support could have lead Elissa to nominate Kaitlyn instead. Also, Nick should have campaigned more. Nothing is secure in the Big Brother house and he was downright shocked when he found out he was evicted. He wasn't as safe as he assumed.

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Last Thoughts...

I will genuinely miss Nick. There are a few houseguests this season I detest and a few that I liked and Nick was one of them - in fact all three nominees were favourites of mine. He was there to play the game and he enjoyed competing, strategizing and backstabbing his houseguests for the grand prize. I'm always sad to see a non-floater go, but he made a few bad errors and got trapped in a situation where the rest of the house performed one of the most BRILLIANT blindsides in Big Brother history. Thank you, Nick - it was amazing to watch as a fan!

Can The Lying Game and Bunheads survive cancellation? That's the million dollar question we'll soon find out.

With little being said by ABC Family or any real news revealed since their season finales, fans of sophomore drama The Lying Game and freshman comedy Bunheads are still eagerly waiting for news on the future of their shows.

Rumours and reports circulated that ABC Family had been holding off on making a decision until they determined the success of their summer programming, which includes shows like The Fosters and Twisted. An unusual strategy for the network as it's left fans frustrated and the stars unsure of their future prospects.

Well the wait will soon be over. In an interview last month with Celebified, The Lying Game cast member Allie Gonino revealed that we all should be finding out the status of both bubble shows by July 15, 2013. That's only in four days!

New programs Twisted and The Fosters will play an important part in their renewal chances. The Fosters has surprisingly grown in its timeslot while Twisted has failed to take advantage of its Pretty Little Liars lead-in. While neither Bunheads or The Lying Game has impressed in the ratings, Bunheads has earned some critical acclaim and secured California production funding while The Lying Game has developed a loyal fan following and has produced more episodes; closer to any syndication deal that ABC Family might seek. 

The forecast is still mixed but is looking grim for some. Vulture reported that Bunheads' sets were already torn down, the social media accounts left inactive and the show left out of Emmy contention while other ABC Family shows, including The Lying Game, were submitted. The Lying Game, on the other hand, is still active on their online pages and cast contract considerations were offered but anything could happen in the next few days.

Between the two I would love to see The Lying Game come back for another season. The season two finale cliffhanger would be devastating to have the show end with too much up in the air. Unfortunately, we won't (hopefully) find out until July 15th.

Do you think The Lying Game or Bunheads will survive? Share your thoughts in the comments.
A house split and one houseguest already sent out the front door.

The game is well into the second week of the season and the house is clearly divided between certain players. With all the controversy going on with the racist, bigoted and homophobic comments being spewed, let's not forget that this is still a competition and people will be evicted each week.

The first person evicted from the game is David Girton, the 25 year old lifeguard from California.

Let's Meet David...

David is the relaxed and carefree surfer who joined Big Brother 15 with the sole purpose of finding a showmance. The relationship call was answered when he started hooking up with Aaryn, the mean-spirited and vile houseguest who has said the majority of the racist and homophobic comments this summer so far. Surviving the early nomination phase, David and his allies felt safe until Elissa, the Big Brother MVP, secretly nominated him as her choice for eviction. On Day 13, he was evicted by a vote of 7-5-0.

Why Did He Lose?

The first week rarely sees the house split - it's usually a unanimous decision for evicting an annoyance or a floater. Secret alliances and his association with Aaryn were David's downfall as the potential future threat proved to be too dangerous to keep around. The Moving Company, a secret alliance of five houseguests and their allies, decided that evicting David instead of Elissa would be more beneficial for future challenges. David's a pretty physical guy and given the right motivation, he could have won more power later down the season. Elissa, on the other hand, had fan power and more odds of winning the BBMVP - the Moving Company thought keeping her might help them use the power as well. Plus, sparking a showmance with one of the most despised houseguests didn't help David either!

How Could He Stay?

The twist ruined David's chance; having the chance at evicting a strong threat early on proved too tempting. David needed to win the Power of Veto (POV) or... more shockingly... actually play the game. He didn't do anything except sit at the pool, hangout with friends and spend time with Aaryn. He needed to strategize more and not look at this as a dating show - this is a game. While the other players scrambled and flip-flopped, David sat back thinking that the house was going to stick to their word and evict Elissa. Turns out he was wrong...

Photos courtesy of the Big Brother Network

Last Thoughts...

From the few moments David was in the game, he didn't impress me. He didn't actively compete, he didn't even strategize and his "character" proved to be only a gimmick - it was just too much. I would compare David to Brayden from Big Brother 11, but at least Brayden tried to stay before being evicted week one. Big Brother may be a summer show and the network loves young/physical bodies but selecting characters that don't really want to play only wastes a player spot from someone more deserving and ultimately my time.

Am I drinking the Kool-Aid?

Yes. There's no doubt about it. I've held off on starting my own Tumblr page as I've enjoyed just writing on this blog and managing my own accounts. Seemed like a simpler time ago of just posting and pinning - oh, how yesterday felt!

I've toyed around with the idea and if I decide to do it, I'd probably do fun GIFs I find online. This is still an idea and we'll see if I actually move forward and create one in the end. It would not replace the blog and this website - this site is still my #1 - it would add to the fun.

For those of you who have your own page, is it worth it to create one? I've followed a few sites and there are some that look alright. Might give it a try and share with you all how it goes in a future post.