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'The Following' Recap: The Poet's Fire

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All of the killer groupies have been revealed!

This week on The Following, the masked killer reappears and begins his killer addition to Joe Carrol's work. Plus, more backstory is revealed from the groupies and Paul is not ready to play nice while Emma and Jacob play house.

Picking up directly from the end of last week, the masked killer sets a random passerby on fire at a hot dog stand. Scared citizens catch the scene on video and the FBI is quickly on the case. Ironic that within the first 10 minutes of the episode, they found surveillance evidence and identified the killer yet they COULDN'T find Jordy in Claire's basement last episode. The killer is apparently a man named Rick Kester, who is one of the mysterious six groupies that follow Joe's teachings. With help from Rick's scared wife Maggie, the group confirms that the groupies are a cult and that Rick's ultimate plan is to enact revenge against three people who wronged Joe. The first being a book critic (that man is on fire!), Joe's former university dean (Rick's first victim using a knife), and the last being Ryan Hardy.

The team is unsure when Rick will strike next but they've placed Maggie under their protection until then. However, unbeknownst to them, Maggie is the last member of the groupies! She fatally strikes one of the supporting FBI team members before Ryan figures out the truth and charges in to save the day. Maggie escapes in time but Ryan shoots Rick dead and scores one small win for the investigation. (A very, VERY small win!)

Photo courtesy of FOX
Emma, Jacob and Paul possibly share the most interesting of the plotlines in The Following. Their story is always filled with tension and is told through flashbacks from their time in the attic. Emma and Paul are still feeling the bad tension between each other while Jacob tries to play Switzerland. His advice maybe working because Paul raises the white flag... only for Emma to slice through it with her kitchen knife! 

The past revealed that Joe and Emma concocted the 'gay neighbours' cover for the guys to get closer to Sarah Fuller. Though, real romantic feelings started to manifest between the guys and now Paul is left out of the relationship and he's confused about his feelings. He picks up a random girl at a convenience store, makes out with her and then kidnaps her to keep in the basement. I wouldn't consider this denial but instead jumping off the handle about his sexuality. It's very soap opera for a cop drama. (All they need left is a dramatic catfight and an affair with the shirtless gardener and I'm sold)

Also, the master plan for kidnapping Joey might possibly be to turn him into a serial killer. A bit sadistic if you think about it since his father came up with the idea. Like father, like son apparently.

Will Claire and Ryan just finally get together again? How will Maggie enact HER revenge? Will Paul admit his feelings to Jacob? Post in the comments and let me know what you think about the next chapter of The Following.

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