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Two years ago when I still in school, I volunteered for We Day as a Parking and Transportation volunteer. It still remains one of the funnest and most inspiring days I've had as a volunteer. This year, my friend Kemeny, who has worked with Free The Children and Me To We, invited me along to this year's event.

We Day is always such an inspiring moment. I received another book (which I really need to read the previous two) and come together to be the change.

Now I really want to start volunteering again!

The season is over and a winner is crowned. Three months have just flown by and with the exception of maybe one rare week, Big Brother 14 was an eventful season. Whether you liked the blindsides or the mist, the final three performed well for a Big Brother season. In a landslide final vote, 21 year old engineering student Ian Terry defeated 28 year old Catholic school teacher Dan Gheesling by a vote of 6-1. Rounding out the finals is Danielle Murphree who was evicted in third place.

Instead of the usual posts, I'll critique the final three and their performance from the whole season. Let's start from jury and work my way up...

Danielle (Third Place)
Emotional gameplay at its finest. Danielle crumbled underneath the pressure and she fell for every lie that was thrown at her. I'm not sure if winning the game was on her agenda compared to finding a boyfriend. The men dominated this season in challenges and only Danielle was the one who proved to play somewhat on the same level playing field. For the choices that she made, Danielle would have never won the final vote. Many considered her to by the sidekick who followed Dan and proving otherwise would be an uphill battle. Though, I give credit to where credit's due. Her name was thrown around MANY times for eviction, she was an early personality target and nearly the last person evicted on Dan's team. She learned how to play the game well and I wish she played it without Dan at one point. Then we really could have seen if she could sink or swim.

Dan (Second Place)
The strategic mastermind could arguably be the best player this season. He started on a rough patch with Jody and Kara being evicted back-to-back and nearly was eliminated himself when Danielle almost was voted off. Once he joined as a houseguest, Dan became a new man and started creating alliances and breaking them with ease. Many of the key power moves made this year were by Dan and he will go down as one of the best players. Unfortunately for him, he lost in the final vote and it's partially due to his attitude. Dan in season 10 was MUCH more likeable than this Dan. He never had to get his hands bloodied last time around but now his ego this time rubbed the other houseguests the wrong way. It proved his undoing because a personal jury is an angry jury.

Ian (Winner)
The not-so-shocking winner of Big Brother 14. He came for the experience but he's leaving with half a million dollars. Ian's gameplay wasn't showcased like some of the bigger veterans, he performed as well as one of the big power players and made big moves. He had social, strategic and a physical game that proved to win over the jury. Most times when the finale comes down to two people, there's one clear standout but both Ian and Dan proved they deserved the title.
Sequels can be a hit or miss but when it's part of a series I love, I don't mind watching the film when it comes out. Originally, I had planned to write this piece in a more descriptive post. However, since there has been some time since I've seen the film and when it came out, I've decided to create this as a smaller review. This mini review is for the fifth sequel in this action-horror franchise: Resident Evil: Retribution.

The Premise: Set after the events of the last film, Alice (played by Milla Jovovitch) has been taken hostage by the Umbrella Corporation. Trapped underground at a secret Umbrella research facility, Alice must try to escape from the horror within while a band of allies (which include some familiar faces) on the surface work their way down the facility to free her. Also at the helm of the story is Alice's former ally and now Umbrella-controlled agent Jill Valentine (Sienna Guillory), who reemerges as a main character in the film franchise since Resident Evil: Apocalypse.

The Results: 3.5/5!
The Resident Evil film franchise is heatedly debated among fans. Half criticize the series for not following the storyline precise while others praise it to be a new interpretation. I'm always open to new creative elements and can distinguish the difference between a film series and the actual video game series - it doesn't bother me much. I loved the previous four films in the series so I naturally wanted to watch the fifth film. Overall, I think it was alright. The special effects and action sequences were amazing, dialogue was a tad bland and the plot was basic at best. It felt more of "filler" film where it's just a placeholder to explain the events between the last film and the thrilling final conclusion in the sixth film. The negative aspect of the film is the slow-motion sequences. These moments were continuously overused and made the experience feel drawn out. Normally that would be a good thing but with a bare plot and minimal dialogue, a third to half of the film could might as well be ONLY slow-motion action sequences. However, I'd still recommend watching the movie. I still liked it and for a good popcorn film near Halloween, it's nice to watch something with zombies.
Tuesday only means one thing: I'm watching a discount movie tonight. Though on a serious note, it's also the next edition of my Tuesday feature. Every Tuesday (or whenever on a day I feel like searching around YouTube), I find three videos that feature music in one way or another.

A music video, parody or even a segment from a television episode or movie. Sometimes I find an old song from the 90s and decide to highlight it for the week.

The 12th post is going to be a little special as two television shows I watched last week caught my eye. Plus, there's Carly Rae which is always special.

The three videos this week are:

1. "Good Time" by Owl City ft. Carly Rae Jepsen
2. "Feeling Good" by Nina Simone (performed by Carly Rose Sonenclar on The X Factor)
3. "It's Time" by Imagine Dragons (performed by Darrin Criss on Glee)


The finale is only a couple of days away and the final 3 have been chosen. Unfortunately for this unlucky houseguest, he was blindsided with only one week to go. It's one thing to be evicted in the first few weeks but to make it (almost) the entire three months and get evicted near the end must be a bitter pill to swallow. He played a pretty athletic game early on and surprisingly was a member of almost every powerful alliance.

With only the finale left to go, there is just one more jury spot left to be filled. Until then, the sixth jury member and latest person evicted from the game is Shane, the 26 year old house flipper from Vermont.

Let's Meet Shane...

On Day 1, Shane was selected by Big Brother 12 veteran Britney to be on her team along with Willie and JoJo. While his team suffered in the early weeks with Willie's expulsion and JoJo's eviction, Shane proved to be a tough competitor by winning the first three Power of Veto (POV) competitions and the third Head of Household (HOH). Shane joined two powerful alliances: the 'Silent Six' (Shane/Britney/Dan/Danielle/Frank/Boogie) and the 'Quack Pack' (Shane/Britney/Dan/Danielle/Ian). However, he proved to be closer allies with his former coach Britney and Danielle. He made it to Week 9 but HOH Ian placed him on the block against Jenn. He won his fourth POV of the season and removed himself. Unfortunately for Shane, it was a double eviction week and Dan convinced the next HOH Danielle to remove himself from the block. Shane and Danielle believed the plan was to evict Ian while Dan had another idea. On Day 69, he cast the only vote to evict Shane.

Why Did He Lose?

Shane agreed to a bad decision. With only four people left in the house and his best-friend holding both HOH and POV, it should have been an easy week for him. He was practically guaranteed a Final 3 spot. Dan (who was nominated) convinced Danielle that removing him from the block would be the best decision and that he was on board to evict Ian. Danielle agreed to the plan and confirmed with Shane, who hesitantly agreed as well. What Shane didn't know was that Dan had wanted Shane out of the house instead of Ian. By agreeing with Danielle to remove Dan and subsequently making Shane the replacement nominee, Dan had all the power to evict Shane from the house.

How Could He Stay?

Shane didn't plan on evicting Dan; he was going to evict Ian. He should have never agreed with Danielle to take Dan off the block. His best move to stay in the game was to remind Danielle that he had her best interests in mind and would follow through with the plan. There was no point in using the POV if the alliance of Dan/Danielle/Shane was truly intact. He needed to reiterate to Danielle that she could trust him and that he wanted to make the last vote.

Last Thoughts...

Every houseguest should follow this one rule: never agree to go on the block. Being a 'pawn' is just a nice way of saying that the HOH or the house might consider evicting you if things don't work out. To be fair on Shane's part, he thought he could trust Dan but let's be real... after everything that happened this season, he should have known better. I hope Shane has fun at the jury house and that he can finally end his showmance.
Two houseguests were evicted this week but the first was eliminated days earlier. She has played the role of floater quite well until she chose a side after being nominated on the block. Unbeknownst to the majority of viewers, nobody really noticed her until the numbers started to dwindle. It's a great strategy that has worked well in the past.

Since this evicted houseguest has been voted off in the latter part of the season, she'll return on finale night to decide which player will win the prize. She will be the fifth jury member. The next person evicted from the game is Jenn, the 37 year old musician from Brooklyn.

Let's Meet Jenn...

Jenn is the tattooed former member of the metal rock band, Kittie. On Day 1, she was chosen, along with Frank and Ian, by Big Brother All-Stars winner Boogie to be on his team. Jenn sat pretty in the background for the majority of the game and played the role of house floater; rivaling such notable floaters from previous seasons. When the coaches entered the game, Jenn felt abandoned by her former coach and relaxed with other floaters Wil and Ashley in the backyard. She really started to play the game during Week 6 when Head of Household (HOH) Shane made her the replacement nominee against Boogie. In Week 7, she won the critical Power of Veto (POV) that saved Dan from eviction but after Ian won HOH two weeks later, he made Jenn his target. On Day 67, Jenn was evicted by a vote of 2-0.

Why Did She Lose?

Jenn played the majority of the game in the background - I'm not even sure if she knew she was playing Big Brother. After she was nominated by Shane, she started to gain some sense and learn more about how to play. It was very reminiscent of Porsche last season but Jenn didn't have any top-tier alliances left to help her. Wil was evicted, Ashley campaigned against her (also evicted), Boogie was gone and Frank was recently sent packing. She did have the alliance of Dan and Danielle who legitimately worked with her for a Final Three deal. However, Ian (the HOH) was still pro-Quack Pack alliance and made Jenn his target. Dan, Danielle and Jenn had originally planned to get out Ian but were forced to target Shane (much to Danielle's dismay). For the plan to work, Shane couldn't win POV but he did and Danielle was the replacement. She had more friends in the house and the Quack Pack alliance still dominated in numbers. Jenn was never really part of any powerful alliances early on and since she only started playing halfway through the game, none of her connections were there save or help her.

How Could She Stay?

Jenn needed to make the right moves. Without any of her previous friends left in the game, she had to rely on herself and the only smart move left was to get Ian to turn on Dan. The Shane/Danielle alliance was powerful but the Dan/everyone alliance was an epic monster. With him out of the way, everyone else had a better shot to win. Jenn should have confronted Ian and give some sense to the kid and explain that Dan was a fire that needed to be put out. The Quack Pack alliance had to be split up and Dan blindsided but it never happened. Dan's Mist worked again.

Last Thoughts...

Jenn's experience can be explained in one word: mysterious. Nobody noticed her, she barely had any airtime, could not win a single competition except once, and never was the target till near the end. I liked her as a character (and to a lesser extent, a competitor) later on but it irritates me when houseguests (who never watched a single episode before playing) get a chance to play. When she realized she was in a game, Jenn really started to play but it was too late in the season. Luckily for her though, she won't have the record as most useless player who did nothing all season - that's still Adam from Big Brother 13.
Another horror movie review and this one has a supernatural element to it. Every year there seems to be a new movie about someone being possessed by an evil spirit. It usually involves a priest, a worried family and a child or teen being the target of the ghost. A little bit cookie-cutter but I gave the film a shot; besides a good horror movie is a reminder that Halloween is coming. This mini review is for the supernatural thriller: The Possession.

The Premise: Based on a "true story" and a classic urban legend, The Possession tells the tale of one family being tormented by a mysterious wooden box. Upon visiting a yard sale, one of the daughters becomes entranced and convinces her father (played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan) to bring the box home. Soon Em (Natasha Calis) becomes possessed and her father is left to figure out how to save her before losing her to the spirit like so many people before.

The Results: 3/5!
The Possession has everything you'll need to enjoy a quick popcorn flick. There are scares, special effects, an evil spirit and alright acting for a movie under two hours. Don't expect anything innovative because you've probably watched a similar film in the past: a story about a possession and a family trying to save their love one. The real gem of the movie is the story behind the film and the tale. The tagline "true story" has been thrown around a lot but the tale of the box has actually been featured in the media (not quite exact as the film) and is an actual urban legend. Halloween isn't for a few weeks and if you're in the mood for something scary then The Possession may be for you.
Frank was the first person to go during the double eviction but another soon followed. This houseguest has equally been placed on the block multiple times and ranks as the biggest floater this season. While I won't miss his yelling in the diary room, he never had a shot to win. Surprisingly, he was an alternate since another male houseguest backed out from playing - glad he got a shot which other alternates never really get.

This player will be the fourth jury member and will help Ashley, Britney and Frank determine which player will win on Finale Night. Until then, the next player evicted from the game is Joe, the 41 year old chef from Indiana.

Let's Meet Joe...

Joe was the house chef who had a penchant for yelling in the diary room. On Day 1, he was selected by Big Brother 6 veteran and coach Janelle to join her team, along with Wil and Ashley. Joe never won a single competition or was given safety by Janelle. He was nominated plenty of times but was never the target; he was always the pawn. During the second double eviction of the summer, he survived the first eviction against Frank but he was nominated against Ian by Head of Household (HOH) Dan. Unfortunately for Joe, Ian won Power of Veto (POV) and saved himself. On Day 62, Joe was evicted by a vote of 3-0.

Why Did He Lose?

Joe could never find footing in the house. Sure, he coasted and provided competitors with an extra vote they needed to evict a threat. The problem was that no one took him serious enough to want to work with him beyond a voting stance. Being a floater is a great way to survive the early weeks and stay under-the-radar but the strategy can't win the game. Joe tried to convince those around him to work in powerful alliances but his appeal didn't lead to any true partnerships; he was no strategist and he definitely wasn't an athlete. Once the teams were dissolved, his "alliance" of Janelle, Ashley and Wil imploded when Janelle was evicted and neither Ashley or Wil warned him ahead of time. He was left in the game on his own and it was only a matter of time before Joe was finally evicted.

How Could He Stay?

Joe needed to improve his image. He couldn't win any challenges which meant that his social game and alliances were all that he could offer (he didn't really do well). After Janelle was evicted, he played it smart by laying low and letting the bigger threats target each other, but he didn't use that time to create new alliances with players that he didn't connect with before. If he had sided in saving Britney, he could have become a member of another powerful alliance against Dan, Frank and Jenn (Danielle would have been evicted at that point). Actually making a moving when he was presented with the opportunity could have helped Joe.

Last Thoughts...
Did I think Joe could win Big Brother 14? No. He wasn't one of the powerful players nor could he convince the others to actually give him a vote. He did make it far and I have to applaud him because most players could never make it to September, let alone a jury spot. Chances are this will be the last we'll see of him and I hope he had some fun playing. I will say that after Joe and also Hayden from Big Brother 12, houseguests really need to stop screaming in the diary room! There are 98 microphones... we can hear you just fine.
The second double eviction of the season has sent another two houseguests packing. What may have been a surprise to a few, one of the biggest threats this season was finally eliminated. The first houseguest eliminated in the night has been on the block almost every week (except when he won Head of Household) and the players have kicked themselves for not taking the opportunity to get rid of him sooner.

Since this houseguest has been evicted in the later half of the season, he will return on finale night to help decide which finalist will win Big Brother 14. The third jury member is  Frank, the 28 year old from Naples, Florida.

Let's Meet Frank...

Frank Eudy is unemployed and the son of former professional wrestler Sid Vicious. Known throughout this season as an honorary member of Chilltown, he is the man with nine lives and played the game as a bully. On Day 1, Big Brother All-Stars winner and coach Boogie selected Frank, Ian and Jenn to be on his team. Frank spent most of Big Brother 14 as either Head of Household (HOH) , Power of Veto winner (POV) or as a nominee. He joined several powerful alliances such as Chilltown and the Silent Six. After his closest allies Boogie and Ashley were evicted during the first double eviction, Frank won HOH and decided to target those he believed blindsided and eliminated his friends. Dan and Danielle were nominated for eviction but in a last minute decision, Frank formed another powerful alliance of Dan/Danielle/Frank/Jenn and saved Dan to evict Britney as a replacement nominee. The decision proved to be his downfall when Dan and Danielle betrayed Frank and helped Ian to organize his eviction. On Day 62, he was evicted by a vote of 3-1.

Why Did He Lose?

Frank was the most powerful physical threat. Whenever he was the supposed target, chances are he could win the POV that week and/or the HOH competition the following week. He needed to win challenges to survive and most likely he would; if not, Frank could have been evicted weeks ago. He was on the block a lot and many houseguests were evicted instead due to a last minute campaign, alliance or challenge win (i.e. Kara, Janelle, Boogie, Ashley and Britney). With only a few houseguests left, this was the only chance they had to get rid of him.

This is quite surprising in a game like this but Frank was TOO trusting. He placed his faith in alliances and depended on people to stick to their word. Let's be real... this is Big Brother - no one is trustworthy! Many of them wholeheartedly worked with him (i.e. Boogie, Ashley and Jenn) while the rest were plotting for his downfall. I'm not sure if Frank watched Big Brother 10 (he's a fan so I'm guessing maybe), but he completely trusted Dan and didn't expect that he would be backstabbed. Everything Dan has done this season should have raised red flags for Frank and Jenn, though it was too late. Frank's trusting nature finally led to his eviction.

How Could He Stay?

Unfortunately for Frank, he was a goner. His eviction was set in stone and there was nothing he could say or do that could have changed anyone's mind. His elimination stemmed from the decision he made the previous week. If he and Jenn had not chosen to side with Dan and Danielle in evicting Britney, Dan would have been evicted and his alliance would have been fractured. Britney's eviction angered this week's HOH Ian and Frank was subsequently nominated and targeted. Had Frank followed through with the original Dan plan, he would have stayed longer.

Last Thoughts...

Frank changed my opinion. For the longest time, I considered him a bully and a person that needed to be evicted as the "enemy" of the house. The was true while Boogie was around (together they were annoying). However, I have to give Frank the respect he deserved. He never stopped fighting because if he did, he would be evicted at any point. Frank's trusting nature and athleticism led to his eviction and now we'll have to see what happens when he comes back at a later season. After everything he's won and done this season, he'll definitely be invited back at some point in the future.
Three down and only one coach is left. Would it be surprising to say that only a few weeks ago, the same veterans had chosen to revoke their coach status to become players? Ironically, this evicted veteran was the first to press the reset button. She was an underdog in her true right and played the game aggressively to redeem the embarrassment from her previous season.

Blindsided and bitter, she has earned her place as the second jury member. Along with Ashley, she will return on finale night to determine which player will win Big Brother 14. The second jury member is Britney, the 24 year old from Pharmaceutical Sales Representative from Tulsa.

Let's Meet Britney...

Britney is the sarcastic and witty veteran from Big Brother 12. On Day 1, she selected Shane, Willie and JoJo to mentor and join her team. Her team successfully won the first Head of Household (HOH) competition and she selected Willie to be HOH. Prior to Kara's eviction, Britney and her team had formed a solid alliance with fellow coach Janelle. The tides soon turned against Britney: Willie was expelled for head-butting Joe and JoJo was evicted in week two. When Shane (her last player) won HOH, they both formed a foursome with Dan and his last remaining player Danielle. Due to an "unexpected" twist, the four veterans rejoined the game as fellow houseguests and Britney set her sights on winning the grand prize. She joined two powerful alliances (the Silent Six and the Quack Pack), back-stabbed Janelle and Boogie, and tried to finish Dan. Unfortunately for her, Dan plotted his escape and successfully convinced Frank (HOH) and Jenn (Power of Veto holder) to save himself and blindside Britney instead. On Day 55, Britney was evicted by a vote of 4-1.

Why Did She Lose?

From the minute she set foot in the house, Britney had something to prove. The stigma and notoriety (with the Big Brother fans) that she obtained from being deceived by The Brigade in season 12 made her want to show that she's a real competitor. She had a real paranoia complex. Every little conversation she overheard made her believe that a potential alliance was brewing and she quickly plotted to throw allies under the bus. Trust was fleeting and Britney could only rely on herself, except when she played emotionally. She blindsided allies in pursuit of her "anyone-but-her" tactic and by the time of her eviction, she was backed into a corner that she couldn't escape.

Britney had a talent for making deals but she couldn't manipulate people. Sure, some houseguests can create plans or lies to plant the seeds, though only a few have successfully changed the game with a conversation. After Frank had won HOH, the target had been placed squarely on Dan. The house had the votes to evict him and he was the top choice for leaving on Thursday night. However, Britney got too comfortable in thinking that Frank and Jenn were following the same plan. Dan got to work in creating an alliance with the duo and got them to blindside Britney with a replacement nomination. Prior to the week before, Britney helped blindside Boogie and Frank didn't mind getting revenge against Britney instead of Dan, who was also responsible

How Could She Stay?

Britney may have been out-manipulated by Dan but she was not evicted yet. Danielle was sitting on the block against her and while she was sitting pretty with the alliance of Dan/Danielle/Jenn/Frank, Britney needed to reaffirm her connections with the remaining players. If she had pulled the others together (Shane, Joe and Ian), they would have had the votes to get Danielle out. While Britney did try this tactic and it seemed like it was working until the final day, she had to put some sense into Frank and Jenn that Dan was not to be trusted. She would still be in the house if Frank/Jenn or the outsiders agreed.

Last Thoughts...

Britney tried to shed her image and it somewhat worked. Big Brother 14 was a roller coaster and at a point in this game, she could have left had Shane been evicted. She helped form three powerful alliances and plotted the demise of several notable houseguests. While I didn't peg her to win and she did play emotional at times, Britney didn't rely on a floater tactic. Unfortunately for her, once you remove the role of floater and become a competitor, the other powerful targets in the house start to pick each other off one-by-one. She thought she had Dan's eviction in the bag but things changed and she was sent packing.
A double eviction can spell a quick end for the chance at the prize. Unfortunately for this player, she was the unlucky one to get the boot. She was a consistant floater but when she finally choose a side and started to play the game, it proved to be a terrible mistake.

The only bright side of being evicted at this point is that she will be the first member of the Jury. The Big Brother Jury consists of the seven most recent evicted players who will decide which finalist will win on finale night. Until then, the first jury member is Ashley, the 26 year old mobile spray tanner from West Hollywood.

Let's Meet Ashley...

Ashley is the Mobile Spray Tanner who has a  candalous online past. On Day 1, Big Brother 6 & All-Stars veteran Janelle selected Ashley, along with Wil and Joe, to be on her team. While Ashley has never won an individual competition, Janelle choose to award Ashley with immunity during week two. After the coaches entered the game, she lost two of her former teammates: Janelle and Wil. The following week the house divided and Ashley joined the alliance of Boogie and Frank but it proved to be her downfall. Boogie was evicted first during the double eviction and later that same night, she was nominated alongside Frank (who then saved himself with the Power of Veto). On Day 48, Ashley was evicted by a vote of 5-1.

Why Did She Lose?

Ashley played a very notable role this season: floater. She wasn't a threat to anyone, couldn't win any competitions and her social game was only social (no manipulation involved). That being said... during the double eviction, she was a clear target to go. Floaters tend to not pick sides and sit back while the real threats pick each other off. Ashley followed this method to a tee but when the house turned against Boogie and Frank, she decided to not be a floater anymore. She sided with the guys and her decision came at the worst time as both men were up for eviction. She became part of the enemy and the alliance that was in power relegated her to their hit list. Her decision backfired as her closest ally (Jenn) turned against her when she found out Ashley had campaigned for Jenn's eviction; if she had not sided with Boogie and Frank, she would still be in the game.

Ashley's inability to play also hurt her chances. She was part of some powerful alliances early on (due to Janelle's influence, of course); however, she didn't have any say with the players or had the ability to sway votes. Nobody trusted her to turn the house against targets to save the likes of Janelle, Wil or Boogie. She delegated herself as an extra vote when she could no longer really compete in challenges and never thought about the weeks ahead.

How Could She Stay?

The simplest solution could also be the simplest answer. If Ashley had not sided with Boogie and Frank but with Dan's alliance, she wouldn't be evicted. Thinking about the actual possibilities of the game and siding with people who were actually in power would have helped Ashley. Plus (and I can't believe I'm actually saying this but...), if she had stayed a floater then Joe would have been evicted instead.

Last Thoughts...

Ashley played Big Brother 14 in a somewhat dream-like haze. She was playing yet she wasn't 100% there (possibly due to the amount of prescription medication she was taking). I love when a floater decides to start playing the game and I feel bad that when Ashley tried to make a legitimate game move, it got her evicted. While this may be the last we will see of Ashley after this season, let's remember all of her diary room sessions and her storyline that progressed to three flirtmances in just one season.