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Blockbuster sequels have a huge hill to climb to conquer the shadow of their predecessor. Some films have broken through those barriers and continued the train of success while others failed to measure up. So, when a much-anticipated sequel is announced for an extremely popular movie, the expectations are usually set pretty high. Luckily, we didn't have anything to fear this time around.

The next installment for this campy superhero flick stuck to its style of raunchy jokes, quick wit, and its tradition of breaking the fourth wall.  On the other hand, while the film had everything we wanted for this superhero series, the final product didn't stand out more than the original movie. The move I will be writing about today is the sequel to the foul-mouthed and fun superhero Deadpool series: Deadpool 2.

The Premise: After a shocking death shakes up his life, Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) assembles a group of misfit superheroes to do some good and save the life of a tortured Mutant. Unfortunately for him, the mysterious Cable (Josh Brolin) returns from the future to stop his plans.

The Good: Deadpool 2 is a movie defined by its raunchy attitude and quick-witted zingers. The sequel stuck to its style with plenty of fun moments that added a lot of humour and heart to this hilarious anti-hero. Ryan Reynolds excelled in his role as Deadpool. You could tell that he had a lot more fun revisiting this character now that he proved a Deadpool movie could work and that people loved the character. 

In addition to Deadpool, a majority of the supporting cast did an excellent job rounding out the ensemble. Out of the new characters, Josh Brolin as Cable mixed the darkness of the character with a nice light-hearted approach to be a good hero/villain, Yukio (Shioli Kutsuna) offered funny gags, and Domino (Zazie Beetz) was the perfect new addition in her seriously underrated role. Plus, the return of returning favourites, like Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead (Brianna Hildebrand), were always a pleasure to see after their stand out portrayals in the first film.

The Bad: Whereas a large portion of the cast was on their A-game, some of the new characters fell flat. In particular, Firefist (Julian Dennison) didn't have the same punch. He's still pretty new to the world of acting, so we can give him some slack in this regard. However, there were times were he was over-acting or trying to measure up to the talent of his co-stars.

The biggest problem for Deadpool 2, however, is the plot. As compared to the first film, the stakes for the sequel were substantially lessened. There was no clear villain or threat for much of the film, and Deadpool was left adrift until he decided what mission he wanted to set himself on. For a superhero movie, Deadpool 2 didn't utilize the potential for what the character of Deadpool, and his group of heroes, could bring to the screen.

Also, the sequel presented a HUGE plot hole that did not make near the end of the film. Without giving too much away in spoilers, a certain action made by a character should have negated the events of the film. But, that's a debate for another day.

The Results: 4/5!
Deadpool 2 returned to offer fans an entertaining adventure. All of the tropes you've come to a expect from a Deadpool movie returned, like death, action, nudity, dirty jokes and zingers. When it came to the plot, there wasn't much substance to keep the story afloat and at times, the cast was left adrift waiting until a purpose was made. If you like superhero movies and mindless comedy, Deadpool 2 is the movie for you. Don't go into the theatre expecting anything groundbreaking, this is a popcorn blockbuster and you will get your laugh in the end.

The curtain has been called for The CW's remaining low-rated (but fan favourite) series. At the annual 2018-2019 Upfronts, the youth-skewing network revealed that three of their returning series will be coming to an end in the upcoming TV season. The end had to come sometime for these TV shows, but it's sad to see!

Both iZombie and Jane The Virgin will be ending at the end of their fifth season. In the case of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, the low-rated show will be ending after four seasons.

While none were superstars in the ratings, all three had built dedicated followings and attention from both fans and critics alike. Jane The Virgin and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend earned wins at prestigious awards shows, like the Golden Globes - this was the first time that The CW had been in contention at all. iZombie, on the other hand, had built a cult fan following and earned a financial deal thanks to Netflix streaming.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend's final season will premiere this fall on Fridays, while iZombie and Jane The Virgin are being held to midseason. None of the shows will be placed on Sunday, which The CW recently announced as their newest day for their weekly schedule.

Out of the three shows, I've watched iZombie the most. I love this show! Thanks to the Netflix deal, I've been keeping up with the weekly episodes (and I also have a Funko toy of Liv). Jane The Virgin is also another one that grew on me over the years. I'm a little behind on the recent season, but it's a fun telenovela with great characters.

Are you sad to see these shows end? Share your thoughts in the comments.

If you can believe it or not, I've never played a game of Dungeons & Dragons before. I've seen them enough in the past; they're littered across TV series and movies. Twitch also has a steady stream of content, some even created by the likes of Geek & Sundry and Nerdist, to get your fill. But as a gamer, this was a series I never fully played through firsthand myself. (There was that one time my high school friends tried to start one. We failed MISERABLY and gave up 10 minutes in!)

As of this year, one of the websites I write for - The Young Folks - started up their own D&D adventure. I jumped at the chance to sign up. You know me: I love games, trying new things and I'm a bit competitive. All of that was right up my alley.

We're already six episodes deeps (my character joined in the third) and things are getting pretty heated. I play Alexandrus Tillart, a human cleric who serves the Grave domain for Kelemvor. I won't get too deep into my character's backstory, but let's just say there's a mission I need to complete and things will get a bit spooky.

If you want to join in and watch, we stream Mondays starting at 9 p.m. ET. You can check out past episodes on Twitch, YouTube and can download the podcasts on Apple Podcasts, to name a few.

It's October and you know what that means: Horror movies! I love scary movies. In fact, this blog is filled with countless posts about horror movie reviews and lists. Slasher movies are my favourite from the genre. Even though it can be a little generic and cheesy, watching the Final Girl try to survive always pulls me into the story. This latest movie review is no exception. The film I will be reviewing today is the time-jumping slasher flick: Happy Death Day.

The Plot: University student "Tree" (played by Jessica Rothe) wakes up after a hard night of partying and lives her full day on campus, which just so happens to be her birthday. The problem, however, is that she's murdered by a mysterious masked individual. Instead of dying, she is forced to repeat the same day again and again to stop her death from happening.

The Results: 3/5!
Happy Death Day is exactly what it looks to be: A cheeky horror film inspired by the film, Groundhog Day. Beyond the rewind twist, this was a standard slasher flick with a killer going after the same one person. You're not going to get much originality from that. However, Tree was a fun and engaging lead character; I liked rooting for her to solve the murder and her interactions with all of the other supporting characters. She really carried the film and brought life to the adventure. Happy Death Day is a movie that won't change the horror genre, but it is one that you should check out and add to your slasher rotation. It's fun, cheeky, and adds a good bit of humour to the horror tone.