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It's October and you know what that means: Horror movies! I love scary movies. In fact, this blog is filled with countless posts about horror movie reviews and lists. Slasher movies are my favourite from the genre. Even though it can be a little generic and cheesy, watching the Final Girl try to survive always pulls me into the story. This latest movie review is no exception. The film I will be reviewing today is the time-jumping slasher flick: Happy Death Day.

The Plot: University student "Tree" (played by Jessica Rothe) wakes up after a hard night of partying and lives her full day on campus, which just so happens to be her birthday. The problem, however, is that she's murdered by a mysterious masked individual. Instead of dying, she is forced to repeat the same day again and again to stop her death from happening.

The Results: 3/5!
Happy Death Day is exactly what it looks to be: A cheeky horror film inspired by the film, Groundhog Day. Beyond the rewind twist, this was a standard slasher flick with a killer going after the same one person. You're not going to get much originality from that. However, Tree was a fun and engaging lead character; I liked rooting for her to solve the murder and her interactions with all of the other supporting characters. She really carried the film and brought life to the adventure. Happy Death Day is a movie that won't change the horror genre, but it is one that you should check out and add to your slasher rotation. It's fun, cheeky, and adds a good bit of humour to the horror tone.

Period pieces, and especially films about war, are not my typical movie choices when heading to theatres. Give me horror movies, superhero flicks, and any endless array of sci-fi/fantasy/action/teen drama blockbusters to fill my time - you can never go wrong. So, it's surprising to see that I agreed to check out the biggest war movie of the summer this week. My hesitations were for naught. The movie I will be reviewing today is the WWII war drama: Dunkirk.

The Plot: Set through three interconnected stories at the Battle of Dunkirk, Dunkirk follows the devastating series of events as soldiers try to make their escape from the deadly battle. 

The Results: 4/5!
Dunkirk is a visually beautiful war film. Not much is needed with words to show the extent of how terrifying and deadly the battle is for these soldiers. Starting from the beginning of the film to the end, viewers will be hooked as you follow the journey of these interconnected characters. I preferred the story of the foot soldiers and their many attempts to escape off the beach. 

Whereas the film was beautifully edited and captured, I think it lacked in the plot direction. Dunkirk brings viewers right into the war and the early stages of the main character's arrival at the beach. However, it took a long time to realize what was going on, what these characters were trying to do and how it was all connected. There was no main overall plot except to escape and fight the enemy; it was pretty bare bones. If you like war films and a thrilling introduction to this period in history, you should check out Dunkirk. There's no doubt it will do well at this year's Academy Awards.

Bring on the superhero movies. I would watch them all day, every day if I could. Well, it depends on the superhero. This might surprise a lot of you to hear, but I haven’t watched every crime-fighting flick. The Hulk, Ant-Man, Doctor Strange, and the Iron Man films are some I’ve missed. I won’t be returning my Geek Card just yet – there’s still plenty of time to get this done. (Though, the Iron Man films are still near the bottom of my list. #SorryNotSorry)

Most recently, one of DC’s most notable superheroes has hit the big screen with their own solo adventure. We saw her cameo in Batman vs. Superman – and it was EVERYTHING! The movie I will be reviewing today is the action-packed time period piece: Wonder Woman.

The Plot: Diana (Gal Gadot) is an Amazonian trained to fight an unknown ensuing battle of the Gods. After a U.S. agent washes ashore on the island, she takes on the role of Wonder Woman and enters the battle of World War II to stop a potential apocalyptic destruction.

The Results: 5/5!
Wonder Woman is incredible! I don’t give out perfect scores often, but Wonder Woman earns it (and even more). Gal Gadot shines in her leading role and adds plenty of heart/depth to the character. The writing isn’t cheesy, the special effects and fight scenes are perfectly designed, and the supporting cast each have their own personality. Wonder Woman is the DC action movie we’ve needed in a long time – more films need to be created like this. You need to see it. We need another sequel. Let’s make it happen.

I grew up watching Power Rangers. I don't just mean Mighty Morphin Power Rangers...I watched A LOT of this show. Power Rangers meant a lot to me as a child since it showed me adventure, action and the chance to do good as a teenager. Let's just say I was hooked for many years. A big screen movie has already been created about five fighting teenagers, but that was a long time ago in the 90s. This time, a reboot was created to get new people invested in the series and for others (like me!), to relive the nostalgia. The movie I will be reviewing today is the teen action adventure: Power Rangers.

The Plot: Nestled in the quiet town of Angel Grove, five teenagers stumble upon magical glowing rocks that grant them superhero powers. Unbeknownst to them, the rocks have chosen them to become the Power Rangers, a group of evil-fighting heroes. When the villainous Rita Repulsa (Elizabeth Banks) plans to steal the Earth's life force, the team suits up to stop her.

The Results: 3.5/5!
Power Rangers is a guilty pleasure action movie. There are plenty of fighting scenes, teen drama and build-up included it that leads to the climactic battle. I liked the performances of the main five teenagers who make up the new team; we learned a lot about them to get their individual personalities and why we should care about them. Elizabeth Banks and Bryan Cranston also did a great job as Rita and Zordon, respectively. 

The tone, on the other hand, does come across as too cheesy and teen angsty at times; the same can also be said for the special effects. It fits the Powers Rangers TV show feel, but for those new to the series, it may look weird. However, Power Rangers (the movie) is an addictive popcorn flick. The movie provides some genuine fun and a good start for a potential movie franchise. Though, some major tweaks will be needed to keep this series fresh and mature.