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Today is the final day of 2010 and what a year its been. Things have been stressed, fun, and have begun new experiences that will make way for the future. Every year I always make a resolution which I never keep. Things always get in the way and truthfully, I forget about the resolution in a month or so and just continue living.

Below are my three resolutions for 2011 and hopefully I will be able to accomplish them for the next year:
  1. Move out of my family's house and into my own place or with a roommate.
  2. Explore life more independently and not be scared to take risks that will mean more to me in the long-run.
  3. Make more time to experience and enjoy love/relationships.
    I hope you all can accomplish your resolutions in the next year and that it will be everything that you are looking for. Happy new years everyone and I will see you all in the next year.
    Yearbooks remind me of how different fashion styles were back in high school. Usually it takes about 10 to 15 years for people to utter the lines, "What the hell was I thinking?" Recently, I was moving some stuff around and looked through a couple of yearbooks. 

    High school was about three years ago and I went to a Catholic school so reminding myself about my fashion style back then was like grasping at straws. I noticed some of the pictures where I was wearing "civvies clothes" (this means civilian clothes compared to our uniforms for those who are unfamiliar with the term) and it intrigued me to look back at pictures I took in high school on my Facebook. I realized something: the effort I spent then on personal style and finding things I liked was nothing compared to the detail I spend now.

    Style: (1st Semester) Casual with a mix of relaxed Punk.
             (2nd Semester) Casual but improving style-wise.
    Unfavourable Pieces: Stripped Zip-Up Hoodie, Scuffed White K-Swiss shoes, unfitted white graphic tees.
    Memorable Pieces: Dark jeans, black buttoned-up top, black vest.
    This ensemble was all I needed
    Thoughts: "Thank God for second semester and some important advice."

    In my first year of college, my friends now can admit that my fashion sense was lacking. I mostly wore graphic tees with blue jeans and tried to pass that off. For an unknown and idiotic notion on my part, the concept of size and fit did not matter because I ended up purchasing tops that were either one or two sizes too big. Skulls on polos was something I thought I could pull off and I'm so sorry Mel that you had to deal with that. After the new year and my first job, I had a steady income and started to take at least some interest to purchase some fashion-forward outfits like tops from Le Chateau, a vest from H&M, and jeans from Urban Behaviour. My biggest problem was still the size issue because I bought medium and larges when I was actually a small.

    Style: (3rd Semester) Casual meets Preppy and Club.
              (4th Semester) Preppy, Urban and Indie (in my wildest dreams for the last two).
    Unfavourable Pieces: Black running shoes (passed them off as dress shoes), over-sized black polo, over-sized blazer/hoodie combination, and a selection of random pieces.
    Memorable Pieces: Fitted clothes, Converse, Argyle sweaters, vests, black zip-up hoodie, sun glasses, and v-neck tees.
    Thoughts: "Think a relaxed version of Dan from Gossip Girl yet affordable is where I wanted to be."

    Second year really marked a turning point for individual style. I started working at Gap and things were much easier to distinguish where I wanted my style to lean towards. Pulling off skinny jeans is an accomplishment and my outfit pieces were becoming more fitted. The highlight was hearing Michelle say, "your shirt looks really good; it's better than your graphic tees." That joke really made me laugh but hey, I still wear t-shirts and some of the v-necks I got at Bluenotes I still have to this day. Fashion was something that I paid more attention to starting at this period to make me more professional instead of being too casual.

    Style: (5th Semester and Present) Preppy, Modern, and Hipster (Really Kemeny?!?!).
    Brands: American Apparel, Gap, H&M, Mexx, Le Chateau, Forever 21, Burberry, Banana Republic, and Urban Behaviour.
    Unfavourable Pieces: I don't really have any but if I had to choose it would polos. I've never really been able to pull them off and for a time I thought I could finally do it; end result: I can't.
    Memorable Pieces: Black double-breasted wool coat, black dress shoes (I think I just heard my high school graduating class all cheering simultaneously), skinny tie, scarf, black fitted pants, and faux-leather jacket.
    Thoughts:  "Trends come and go but personal style is all that matters"

    I feel if there was a point that I could look at as the fashion style that was really me, it would have to be my style right now. It's professional/preppy yet casual, hipster yet modern-on-trend; it's me and people took notice.

    If there was something I could tell myself (five years ago) and to anyone else is that your personal style and tastes will grow as you mature. The brands and outfits that you may have liked in the past will not be the same things you want to wear out of the house in the future. Skulls, white scuffed-up sneakers, and over-sized hoodies may be nice back then but remember to know that you're tastes will change and your personal style will grow. Look back with a smile, remember all the good times, and donate them to a worthy charity. Be confident and brace yourself to cringe when you look back and have your own WTHWIT moment.

    Today is Christmas so I want to wish everyone reading this blog around the world to have a very Happy Holidays. Hopefully you all got what you were hoping for this year but to always remember to spend precious moments with the closest people to you.
    Before life started to shift to a more mature setting and mode, I had a lot more time during my breaks to take up for hobbies. As many of you can tell, one of my guilty pleasures and hobbies is video games. This list will be showcasing some of the games (to my knowledge) that I was able to complete their story modes for 2010.

    NOTE: This list may be small compared to your completion list but remember that the time that is available for me to play video games is significantly shortened to once per two weeks at a time (if I'm lucky).

    1. F.E.A.R. 2
    An old game to some, I received F.E.A.R. 2 as a gift for Christmas 2009. This is the most recent completion because there were other games on my list that I really wanted to complete and they required much more time. I will say that I wasn't scared playing but the story mode was intriguing, online mode had its benefits, and Alma truly did freak me out whenever she randomly appeared to shake things.

    2. Tekken 6
    There were many releases of fighting video games last year. However, I was completely wrong with my initial bias. Tekken 6 was enjoyable and is now one of my favourite series. The story mode was gripping and actually made me want to play through to the end. The customization is a benefit but I really wish that fighting games would include a legitimate tournament mode for online and offline play.

    3. Dante's Inferno
    There was a lot of upheaval surrounding this game due to its religious connotations and plot from the famous piece of literature. The game, however, was a masterpiece. I didn't like how it was a hack-and-slash variety but the story and settings made up for everything. I seriously hope that there will be a sequel to this game because the team really took the effort to perfect its quality.

    4. Prototype
    With very little fanfare and marketing, Prototype turned out to be an interesting story. It's a sandbox type game (similar to GTA IV) where you can complete the game at your own pace. Sometimes the controls were clunky and the monsters were too hard even for the easiest mode. Though, I did enjoy all the upgrades and consume missions to learn the truth of how Alex came to be as the Prototype.

    5. Dead Rising 2
    A couple of days after I wrote this game's review, I finished the main story. It lived up to everything that I was hoping for the sequel. If you want to know what I thought about the game then you can read my previous article. One thing I will say is that the after-effect of continued play was not the same as the first; however, I can attribute this for the lack of time to actual do so.

    6. Deadly Premonition
    Television shows and movies can be classified as cult classics; Deadly Premonition is the equivalent of being a cult classic. Originally the game was slated at $69.99 but then mysteriously was downgraded to $24.99 (BRAND NEW!). With virtually no marketing and promotion, this game grew a following with word-of-mouth and underground status. The controls are clunky at best, the graphics are one-generation behind, and dialogue is laughable. However, the game is perfect BECAUSE of all its imperfections. The characters, storyline and everything before creates a perfect homage to TV cult classic Twin Peaks and a new B-horror movie. This budget game offers more than 20 hours of game play and provided me with an enjoyable experience for hours on end.

    7. Assassin's Creed II
    Originally I got this game in 2009; however, I finally passed it later on in 2010. Assassin's Creed II is an amazing game, the historical references and scenery of Italy were breathtaking. Sometimes the fighting stances provided a slight problem but everything else makes up for it. I know that I have the next installment, Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, under my tree right now for Christmas and I can't wait to play it immediately. If you're the type of person who likes loosely-based historical games but aren't into shooters like Call of Duty then Assassin's Creed is a series that you need to check out.

    Well these are the top seven games to my knowledge that I was able to complete this year. This doesn't mean that there aren't games in my list that I have yet to complete. Right now I still have Silent Hill 5 and Final Fantasy XIII to complete and I really want to pick up Castlevania: Lords of Shadows this Christmas. Hopefully I can write another review for you after the new years but until then, enjoy the holidays and I will see you on on the next post.

    Hello Bloggers,

    It's that time of year again where the books need to be cracked open and the studying must began. Right now I am beginning finals week for the semester which means A LOT of studying and A LOT of final exams to write. 

    If my calculations are correct, I have:
    • Four final exams.
    • One final project to hand in.
    • An internship form to submit.
    • Two more non-test classes to attend.

    Hopefully I do amazing on my final exams; however, I just found out that a take-home exam we were supposed to have just got changed, again, to an in-class written! You can all be shocked for me and every one in my class because we were not expecting that.

    Let the week begin...till then bloggers, I will see you all shortly.
    The holidays are upon us and the shopping season is in full gear. There are those that wait until the last minute to make their holiday purchases, but I am no procrastinator. I have to get the gifts before Christmas Day so that I can ensure that those closest to me will have their presents. I've thought long and hard about the Top 10 things people should get for the holidays. Let's start with #10:

    10. Gift Cards and Certificates
    People may perceive this gift as passé and boring. Sometimes it is just really hard to find the perfect gift for that special person. A traditional staple is to get them a gift card or certificate for their favourite store(s) so that they can choose what they want.

    I have a bias with an important issue regarding this gift. DO NOT: get a gift card/certificate to the mall. The card screams that you have no idea about their style and what they like. If you choose to go down this route of gifts, make the effort to at least figure out what they would like.

    9. Food: Chocolate, Gingerbread, and Champagne/Wine
    Food, technically, shouldn't be a gift that you give as their sole holiday present. However, people have provided it as a basis for a quaint offering. Stick with the traditional basics like FERRERO ROCHER® and POT OF GOLD when giving someone chocolate. Gingerbread men are delicious and instantly bring up the image of the holidays; creating a gingerbread house for that person is going a step too far. For adults and people over the drinking age, wine and champagne are a great idea.

    8. Jewelry
    This type of gift is presented to only those who mean a great deal of significance to the purchaser. There are gimmick-y gifts that people buy for each other like style jewelry such as headbands, plastic rings, "gold" necklaces and de-valued charm bracelets. However, the important factor to realize is that if the person is of true value to the heart, a significant and particular gift purchased from high-end stores does matter. Even antique stores can provide great finds for rings

    7. Clothes
    We all need clothes to function. It's a natural part of life, except for you naturalists who like to live free to the breeze. My lists are going to include such stores as H&M, American Apparel, Le Chateau, Gap, and Urban Behaviour. A special note to parents: while clothes are important gifts, please do not purchase only clothes for your children like socks, pajamas and underwear. Trust me, you will see the disappointment on their faces and that frown won't go away.

    6. DVDs, CDs and Video Games
    I consider these types of gifts like tree stuffers compared to stocking stuffers. There is always a favourite movie, video game, CD, TV DVD, and electronic disk that people will purchase. Just make sure that people do not get you more of the same item because chances are you're not going to use both copies.

    5. Money
    It's simple. It's quick. It has no real thought. It's perfect! Nobody will turn down money for the holidays because there are a million uses. Boxing Day is still a huge shopping attraction in Canada so having disposable income to shop is key. The reason this is higher on the list than gift cards/certificates is because that you may not choose the best location for where the card can be used. Just having money and a touching card with inspirational messages can mean a lot to someone.

    4. Donations
    When you want to give someone the joy of receiving a gift and something for the holidays but no one to give it to, make a donation to an important charity or cause. People are selfless during the season so maybe an option would be to make a small donation to an important cause that interests them. Also, someone once mentioned that if you made a donation then you might receive an ornament as a sign of your contribution.

    3. Furniture, Decorations and Appliances
    These can be expensive gifts. Home decor pieces like art, carpets, vases, and statues are great ideas; however, taste is a determining factor if they really like the gift at all. Furniture should ONLY be a gift from family-to-family. The best option in this category will be the cooking appliances because people like to pretend that they are the next Rachel Ray or Jamie Oliver.

    2. Electronic Devices
    I lean more to this department when I think of things that I want for the holiday season. These are incredibly expensive so if you are going to be purchasing products like the iPad, iPod Touch, BlackBerry, computers, laptops, and/or an iPhone 4 then be prepared to pay a lot. A new item to get would be an Android phone like my friend Zaira constantly recommends as a great phone to purchase or the Xbox Kinect as a new video gaming addition to have as the must-have item.

    1. Family and Friends 
    We can all think about what we want to have under the tree or what we want to give someone but let's face it, no matter how we feel about them...we want to spend the holidays with family. To think about how people are separated by cities because of work or other important issues is depressing. Maybe take a trip home to spend a couple of days with family and friends, it will cheer up your season and remind you of what is truly important instead of material gifts.

    Just remember the important ones this holiday season and not to blow your entire financial budget. Gifts are nice to have but being able to pay for a day-to-day life should be the top thing on your mind. Don't spend thousands of dollars on yourself if you really don't need to be purchasing gifts. Make each gift matter and remember: Happy Holidays.