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Someone from New Orleans' past is running rampant on The Originals. After the end of last week's thrilling conclusion, not much was revealed about the mysterious witches who returned from the dead. When one of the enemy witches strikes first, Klaus and his "allies" (I guess they're now working together?) must stop the witch before it's too late.

This week on The Originals, a powerful foe attacks the vampires, Marcel slips into depression, and Rebekah's hidden secret is revealed.

In New Orleans, there's always a new threat to fight for another day. The foe for this week is Papa Tunde, a resurrected fallen elder who channels the powers of others to use his voodoo spells. Papa Tunde is the first of the mysterious witches to return and as we find out through flashblacks, he hates the Mikaelsons (especially Klaus) for killing him in 1919 and his twin sons. Back with a vengeance and help from Celeste, he traps Rebekah in one of his mystical sacrificial markings and channels her powers to fight the remaining Mikaelsons when the time comes.

Klaus has had a hard time earning the respect from the vampires of New Orleans. They despise him and would prefer if Marcel were back in charge to lead but that is no longer the case. After the discovery of two dead vampires in one of Papa Tunde's markings, Marcel warns the group of the voodoo magic while Klaus calls on for more back-up. The group, seemingly uneasy with the plan, refuses to attack and when Klaus calls a city-wide meeting of the New Orleans vampires, he states that if anyone wants to leave instead of following him, they can. A few of the vampires take his offer to depart, including recently freed Tiery.

Marcel is broken now that Davina is gone. Is she dead? Is she simply in limbo? No one knows the truth but Sophie has an idea: the Harvest did work but someone stole the power to resurrect the Elder witches instead. The idea is sound, in fact it's absolutely what happened - smart deduction, Sophie! Marcel decides to seek out a friend to share his grief and reaches out to Cami of all people; she's playing this smart time and has  admitted to drinking Vervain to no longer be compelled. Though, I've got a bone to pick with the writers as they messed up with an important fact later on.

Papa Tunde wants to torture Klaus for his past and the best way to do so is attack someone close to him: Marcel. The voodoo warlock storms the bar and begins attacking Marcel to finish the job; causing Cami to retreat and call Klaus for help. Meanwhile across town, Elijah and Hayley realize that if they free Rebekah from her spell then Papa Tunde will no longer channel her power and he will become weak. Hayley's blood breaks the seal and the warlock loses his power but this distraction was only part of his plan. Papa Tunde has been stealing the powers of vampires across New Orleans, including killing off everyone hidden in the Garden and sacrificing himself, to channel enough energy into his blade so that it can kill an Original.

Photos courtesy of The CW & Wetpaint
A new piece to the 1919 puzzle is added this week as Rebekah and Marcel's part in the twist is revealed. Marcel called on Papa Tunde to visit New Orleans in 1919 with the hopes of causing Klaus to flee New Orleans so that Marcel could be with Rebekah. The plan ultimately failed but a new idea was sparked into motion. With the help of a witch (the same second Elder witch who returned), Rebekah and Marcel could locate Mikael, the Mikaelsons' father, to return to New Orleans and fight Klaus.

What other powers does Celeste need? Will we learn more of the other Elder witches? Why didn't Marcel burn biting Cami's neck if she drinks Vervain? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Prom. It's a magical night of bad dancing, blown allowances and great expectations to experience the best night of your life. Don't get me wrong - I liked my prom but actually living it, it's not the same as in TV or movies. Since The Carrie Diaries is a TV show, tons of drama, make-ups and break-ups are bound to ensue.

This week on The Carrie Diaries, Carrie and friends head to New York for prom, Larissa gives Carrie an ultimatum, Walt is conflicted over his life, and Mouse learns Donna's shameful secret.

Prom is only a few days away and the Castlebury friends are mixed over their plans for the big night. Sebastian is banned from attending after being expelled from school so Carrie, along with Mouse and Walt, are going solo. Maggie decides to bail on Pete instead to go as a group with her friends to the local inn where the prom is being held. Thanks to the fundraising from Mouse and overwhelming car wash sales from Donna, the aspiring prom queen uses the extra funds to change the prom's location to the Waldorf Astoria. They're heading to New York for prom!

Walt is a little uncomfortable heading back to the city; it reminds him of his break-up with Bennett, especially after deciding to hide his true self to return home. Maggie convinces him to attend and while at first he seems happy, he gets frustrated at Carrie when she tries to relate to his problems. Newsflash Carrie: deciding between a work life and going to school is not the same as Walt's real life issues!

Carrie apologizes for her comments and tells Walt that he should experience his own happiness the way he wants. He reaches out to Bennett and the pair reunite, becoming boyfriends again and reigniting their relationship. With the easy part done, Walt has to admit to his parents that he wants to live his life the way he wants and after coming clean, Walt's father, while uncomfortable with the topic, comes to accept Walt as his son and will approve of whatever paths Walt makes in life.

Photos courtesy of The CW
Mouse and Donna have an interesting friendship - they don't really have much in common but it somehow works. While organizing the fundraising cash, Mouse discovers Donna's secret: she got accepted to Columbia University and is, in reality, a brain. Donna only pretends to be dumb to be popular and it's all part of her plan to win prom queen. Unfortunately for her, the Jens, Donna's dim-witted minions, overhear her bragging to Mouse while at the prom and plot to reveal her lies to everyone. Donna ends up winning the crown and before it's placed on her head, the Jens rush the stage and reveal the truth. Donna's double life is public knowledge and her Castlebury classmates, while skeptical at first, accept their new prom queen as their own.

Dorrit is a bit of an 80's hipster. She's refuses to conform to the norm and doesn't want to attend prom unless it's ironically. Scott, her boyfriend but not defined boyfriend, convinces her to attend unless they can make a joke out of it. Pretty dresses, spiking the punch, dancing formally and renting a limo - Dorrit is actually starting to have a great time. The next day when Scott comes clean of his master plan - manipulating Dorrit in the process for the entire scheme, it impresses her enough to define him as her real boyfriend

Carrie and Sebastian are finally getting what they want...or will they? For Sebastian, he's getting to work on his skateboarding business career while staying in New York while Larissa surprises Carrie by offering her Bennett's vacated job. However there's a catch: Carrie's job is full-time and that means she'll have to make a tough choice whether to take the Interview job or go to NYU in the fall. Sebastian tries to offer support and her friends give her their advice but the strangest advice may have tipped the scales.  

Weaver, Carrie's ex-boyfriend, reappears out of nowhere on prom night to apologize to Carrie about everything he's done. She accepts his apology and takes into consideration his opinion to take the Interview job. In the end, Carrie accepts the job and tells Tom but he's not happy at all! He cuts Carrie off financially unless she goes to NYU and now she's left to fend for herself after high school, depending on her income to survive. Sebastian, on the other hand, will be heading to California instead to start his business, bringing with him his new (and adorable!) dog Ollie in tow.

Did Carrie make the right decision? Are you excited Walt and Bennett are back together? Is this the last we'll see of Bennett? Will Weaver pop up again? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Something witchy is on its way to The Originals. I'm seriously in love with this show! While I'm still a huge fan of The Vampire Diaries and its fallen cousin show The Secret Circle (R.I.P.), I'm hooked on the drama that is coming from New Orleans. The storyline is fast-paced, I love the characters and there isn't a love triangle that's being drawn out for multiple seasons - it's like a breath of fresh air! I haven't decided yet if I'm going to pick up recaps for the remainder of the season but we won't know unless I start one...

This week on The Originals, Davina falls violently ill from her excess of magic, Sophie tries to resurrect the Harvest, and Klaus tips the scales in the favour of the witches.

Davina is lost in a world of self-regret. After Klaus murders her childhood love Tim in the last episode, Davina's emotions are running wild; the pain causes her magic to accelerate and reach its breaking point - sending shockwaves throughout New Orleans. Earthquakes, strong winds, torrential rain, coughing up huge amounts of dirt and water - Davina's powers are becoming too strong for one person to handle. According to Sophie, unless Davina is sacrificed at the Harvest, her powers will call on the elements and destroy thousands of people; an idea that most are starting to reconsider. Marcel refuses to lose his dearest friend and decides to defy Klaus by taking Davina away, running from the house in hopes that her powers will subside.

Photos courtesy of Alloy Entertainment
& The Vampire Diaries wikia
Even if Davina wanted to complete the Harvest, the ritual couldn't pass without the help of an Elder - which Klaus and Elijah murdered the last Elder early in the season. No new Elders mean no Harvest and without the powers of an Elder, no one can be designated as one. However, Sophie determines that if they consecrate the bones of an Elder witch, one who has not already been consecrated, she can become an Elder to perform the Harvest. They first try the bones of Celeste, Elijah's long lost love, but the bones are powerless and cannot be used. The only other dead witch left is Esther, the Original Witch and the Mikealson's mother, and after a debate with the group, the group consecrates Esther and her powers flow to the witches of New Orleans.

Davina's powers are becoming uncontrollable and all of New Orleans is set to perish unless the group finds a way to stop her before her fire element destroys all. With help from Tiery, Rebekah finds Marcel and Davina hiding out in a storage locker, determining their fate with the Harvest. Davina is ready to sacrifice her life if it guarantees it will save everyone and bring her back in the end. Unfortunately for her, the Harvest doesn't work and when Sophie slices Davina's throat, none of the four sacrificed girls rise from their slumber and the powers of the New Orleans witches seem to be lost forever.

Elijah and Hayley have undeniable chemistry - they practically radiate romance. However, Elijah isn't ready to start dating the mother of his unborn niece...or give up the ghost for that matter. While yes, Hayley did help Sophie discover the bones of Celeste but Elijah was blowing Hayley off all episode, focusing on his guilt of losing Celeste centuries ago. The two had the perfect moment to reconnect and yet it fizzled before it even started. Thanks Elijah!

With the girls still dead after the ritual, does that mean the Harvest failed? The prophecy stated that four will rise after the Harvest is completed but it never indicated who will raise. Three Elders (including the witch who performed the Harvest earlier this season) walk through the streets and cemetery of News Orleans, confused at how they have risen from the dead. Sabine, Sophie's witch friend, has channeled the powers sacrificed from the ritual girls and called the fallen Elders from death to enact a mysterious plan. The biggest twist of the night: Sabine is no ordinary witch at all - she is, in reality, Celeste!

Is this the end of Davina's run on The Originals? What does Celeste have planned for her former lover? Will Sophie and the other witches have access to magic again? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Hate is not the opposite of love, but I did surely love this episode of Revenge! All the personal feelings that each character kept deep down during the majority of the season has now boiled to the surface and caused them to lash out at each other. Secrets are being uncovered and a new twist is being thrown in the works that may cause Emily to rethink her plans.

On this week's episode of Revenge, Emily plots to separate Daniel and Sarah, Patrick searches for his birth father, Conrad strikes Voulez, and Niko is on the hunt for her revengenda.

Sarah has assumed the role that Revenge had lost since Lydia left: the Mistress. The only way she could have Daniel is to embrace their torrid affair until Emily disappears or they get a divorce. Emily, trying to rebuild her fake relationship with Daniel after being shot, enters his room to deliver news about Voulez but discovers Sarah and Daniel in bed together. If looks could kill, no one would've left that room alive! 

Later in the day, Emily confronts Sarah by the pool, implying that she's a classless tramp and should leave before things get too uncomfortable - Sarah, not one to back down, stands her ground and challenges the reigning Mrs. Grayson. A little homemade dinner and desserts from Italy are what Sarah needs to keep Daniel in check (plus, a surprise trip from Daniel to Italy didn't hurt), but Emily is not one to lose the war. Sarah's mother arrives to confront her daughter, demanding that she leave the man who caused her so much pain but when she refuses, her mother stares Sarah down and tells her that she's not her daughter anymore. My heart broke a bit for Sarah and yet it didn't - the mere fact she still tried to break up Emily's marriage and sleep with a married man didn't help her cause, even if she broke up with Daniel in the end to be with her family.

Patrick has a strange relationship with Victoria: half codependent and the other with obsession. He thinks that he has a great relationship with his mother but Nolan arrives to ruin Patrick's day: Patrick's father tried to claim him when he was a baby and Victoria filed a legal restriction to stop him. The conflicted son starts his search to find his missing father and when he locates the man, Victoria does everything she can to stop the meeting until Victoria ends up face-to-face with Patrick's father. He doesn't remember her but she remembers him! Victoria breaks down in a panic attack and Patrick whisks her away. We find out the real reason why she stopped the claim: Patrick's father raped Victoria as a teen, stalked her and she wanted to protect Patrick before he could do more harm to them.

Voulez's first issue hit the stands and yet it could be its last. Conrad successfully bribed Margaux's assistant to change the Lydia Davis shooting story to implicate Conrad and he sued for liable. His deal: he'll call off the lawsuit if he buys Daniel's stake in the company, effectively firing his son. Daniel fights it but Margaux agrees! Daniel is out of a job and Conrad is another step closer to ruining his son.

Niko's main mission is to find the man who killed her father. Aiden killed Takeda and with help from Nolan, the pair try to throw Niko off, sending her on a wild goose chase to Russia to find the man who set the bomb that killed Declan in season two. Unfortunately for them, Niko finds her father's missing sword hidden under Aiden's bed. Really Aiden? You couldn't find any other place to hide the sword?! I guess you failed the cover-up course at Takeda's revenge school.

As viewers we tend to forget the characters who are mentioned infrequently and never seen but have caused a great impact to the story. The latest returnee is Conrad's first wife and the woman Victoria removed from the manor to be Mrs. Grayson. It's safe to say she hates Victoria and I can't wait to see what drama she brings with her.

The biggest twist may be Emily's new condition. After hurting her head in the attack, Emily has experienced dizzying blackouts where she can't remember anything before returning to consciousness. The first blackout occurred while swimming and she "woke up" at Nolan's place while arguing with Aiden. The second (and dare I say, shocking and really disgusting!), Emily wakes up in Conrad's bed with a night shirt after being threatened by Daniel earlier in the night. I'm not sure what happened between the pair but I really hope she didn't sleep with Conrad - that would be a really uncomfortable storyline to watch.

What do you think Emily did during her blackouts? Will she experience another one? Will Niko confront Aiden about the sword?

Ambition (or lack there of) can change someone's life in ways they could only dream. Working hard and doing anything to reach the next phase in a career is the goal of many, including the young Ms.  Carrie Bradshaw. However, when the opportunities start to present themselves, will the future writer take the advantage when it might hurt someone in the process?

This week on The Carrie Diaries, Carrie tries to help a troubled Bennett, Sebastian's father returns to town with an agenda, Maggie worries about her new relationship, and Tom battles an equally strong legal rival.

Bennett didn't handle the events of last week's episode too well. After breaking up with Walt and finding out his ex-boyfriend is dying of AIDS, he throws himself into partying and blowing off work. Carrie tries to cover for her friend but Larissa, demanding to receive his missing article on parachute pants, is already growing tired of letting Bennett take advantage for weeks. Carrie decides to write the fashion piece for Bennett but she never realized that Larissa would love the story and praise him for his work; much to the discomfort of Carrie. I would be mad too if I worked hard on a story and someone else got all the credit!

When Bennett finally arrives to work, receiving the credit and a stern talking to from Carrie, he feigns mental distress and leaves work to party with the boys. Carrie is livid at this point and takes his next writing job to interview the prima ballerina at the New York Ballet. Carrie has this charm to her and makes fast friends with the ballerina, getting a juicy interview in the process, but Larissa is on to Carrie's game. She knows that Carrie wrote the story, deducing the writing style from Bennett's last article, and gives Carrie the byline - causing Bennett to get fired in the process!

Sebastian at times has proven to be more mature than his parents. He receives word from his father that he'll be stopping by for a visit and what he originally thought would be a simply check-up became a request for money. Sebastian's father is broke! He lost all his money in bonds that went downhill and he needs Sebastian's trust fund to recoup his loses. What's Sebastian to do? He gives the money to his father and now must fend for himself, waiting to find out if he'll ever see the money again. Hopefully the Tony Hawk deal works for him or else he'll be in major trouble.

Photos courtesy of The CW
Samantha, not one for relationships...or steady work, sparks an interest in a new man, Elliot, while on the hunt to find a missing bird for $500. They connect (in more ways than one) and for the first time, she's smitten and considers a real relationship with him. The problem? Elliot is revealed to be married when Samantha and Carrie find him at the ballet with his wife. He says that they have an open marriage (even I had to laugh at that lie), but after the wife breaks down in tears when meeting Samantha and coming face-to-face with her husband's mistress, Samantha calls off the tryst as she is not one to enjoy complicated matters and sharing her man with anyone.

Maggie has a new guy - Pete, the army guy from last week's episode - and she's head-over-heels for him. When she finds out he's coming for a visit, Mouse and Donna try to help Maggie not screw things up with Pete; effectively telling her to not screw him too early. Changing their extravagant dinner plans to the diner, not shaving her legs and blowing him off - Maggie's plans backfire as Pete cancels the rest of his trip to head home early. She rushes to the bus station to see him, explaining everything and reconciling their relationship. Best moment (and maybe a tad rushed?): Pete said he loves Maggie! I'm not the biggest Maggie fan but even I felt happy for her - too cute.

Tom claims to be a tough New York lawyer but he was bested on more than one occasion by a new opponent, Penny. She fakes a clumsy persona and steals a few of his documents, learning confidential information about Tom's client for a deal. Dorrit, trying to help Tom for once, uses her evil ability to trick Penny by stealing her legal documents, helping Tom to barter a truce to finish the agreement in peace. Tom and Penny have sparks and I wouldn't mind seeing them together again; besides, they hooked up pretty fast for a pair that might never see each other again.

Will Carrie thrive at Interview now that she has a job? Is this the last we'll see of Bennett or Penny? Will Sebastian's father return the money? Share your thoughts in the comments below.
Music isn’t always the main focus of this blog. I tend to write more about television, movies, gaming and reviews; however, I love sharing new music I come across and experiencing live shows (which I finally got to do more of for 2013). As part of my yearly features, I highlight a few of my favourite songs from the previous year and rank them based on their impact on my playlist. While I still listen to songs I included in the 2011 and 2012 lists, I only feature new songs that haven’t already been chosen before.
Note: Artists will be listed from most-to-least favourite and if certain artists below collaborated on the same song then I may only reference a song once.

1. Icona Pop
Songs: I Love It, All Night, We Got The World, Girlfriend
LYR (Last Year's Rank): NEW
What can I say about Icona Pop that my Instagram and Twitter feeds haven't heard already? Their breakout hit song 'I Love It' became the dance song of the summer and everyone couldn't stop singing it (literally, it was everywhere!). In the span of one year, I've seen the duo perform live at three different festivals and concerts: once at Osheaga, Virgin Mobile FreeFest in the U.S. and at The Big Jingle in Toronto. I'm going to chalk this up to a strange (and very pleasant) coincidence as the year where I got to attend many great music opportunities, I got to see Icona Pop perform a few times.

2. Two Door Cinema Club
Songs: What You Know, I Can Talk, Handshake

Two Door Cinema Club wasn't a band I heard of before the summer. When I traveled to Montreal for Osheaga, their name was on the line-up and I had no clue who they were. After hearing their songs and seeing them perform live, I downloaded a few of their tracks and I've been listening to them ever since. I would love to see them in concert again.

3. Tegan and Sara
Songs: I Was A Fool, Goodbye Goodbye
LYR: #10

Another great act that I watched live a few times last year. While Tegan and Sara were included in my list for 2012, I was a bit surprised I decided to place them higher this year on the list, but I can't help it - I love their music. Plus, after seeing them perform with Macklemore at Osheaga, they easily cracked my Top 10 yet again.
4. Ellie Goulding
Songs: Burn, I Need Your Love
LYR: #1

The greatest joy for music fans is getting to see one of your favourite artists perform live. Ellie Goulding was at Osheaga last summer and I loved every minute of it. Her songs that I included in last year's list are still on my playlist rotation and I absolutely loved her collaboration with Calvin Harris. If she ever comes back to Toronto, I would definitely consider going to the concert.

5. Serena Ryder
Songs: What I Wouldn’t Do, Fall

This entry is twofold as I have two different experiences with Serena Ryder. Firstly, I caught on to her music after 'Stompa' and absolutely loved 'What I Wouldn't Do' - it's a really catchy song and the video is great as well. Also, as some of you may know, I work for a brand that contributes to the music space on occasion and we did two really great events with Serena that helped an amazing cause that I support. For those reasons, I couldn't describe my 2013 music life without her.

6. Imagine Dragons
Songs: Radioactive, On Top Of The World

I'm seeing a trend with the artists on the list this year as Imagine Dragons was another band I saw perform live. Their catchy hooks, amazing songs and larger-than-life live performances earned them a higher spot on the list for 2013.
7. Mumford & Sons
Songs: I Will Wait, Little Lion Man

I'm positively blown away by Mumford & Sons. They closed out Osheaga in one of the best performances I've ever seen and instantly made a fan out of me. I had heard of the band before but I didn't really listen to their music until after I stood in the rainy weather and watched them perform. Trust me! You need to watch them live.
8. Macklemore
Songs: Thift Shop, Can’t Hold Us

The YouTube sensation that became the instant hit for 2013! Macklemore, while mainly a rap/hip hop star (admittedly I don't listen to those genres much), pulled me in after I watched his viral music video and I saw him perform at Osheaga with Tegan and Sara. He's fun, loud and loves a great time - what's better than that?! Plus, 'Can't Hold Us' is easily one of the catchiest songs of 2013.
9. Chvrches
Songs: Gun, The Mother We Share, Lies

I had never heard of the band Chvrches before heading to FreeFest. Their name may have been thrown around here and there, possibly a catchy song on the radio I didn't recognize, but they were completely unknown to me at the time. Being open to new music and new experiences lets you enjoy new acts to discover and Chvrches is one of the new ones for me.

10. Lorde
Songs: Royals, Team

Is Lorde a one-hit wonder? I'm still not sure at this point but I really hope not. 'Royals' was the sleeper hit song of the year that made Lorde both an indie and mainstream success. I think 2014 will be a great year to see how Lorde develops as an artist and the new music that she's ready to release.

11. The Black Keys

Songs: Gold On The Ceiling, Howlin' For You
LYR: #5

12. Bruno Mars

Songs: Locked Out Of Heaven, Treasure

13. Zedd

Songs: Clarity, Stay The Night

14. Britney Spears 

Songs: Work It B*tch
LYR: #19

15. Metric

Songs: Synthetica
LYR: #16
16. Vampire Weekend
Songs: Diane Young

17. Capitol Cities

Songs: Safe And Sound, Kangaroo Court

18. Dragonette

Songs: Run Run Run
LYR: #3

19. Twin Forks
Songs: Back To You

20. Down With Webster

Songs: Party For Your Life (P4YL), One In A Million

21. Prides

Songs: Out Of The Blue 

22. Madeon

Songs: The City

23. Robin Thicke

Songs: Blurred Lines, Give It 2 U

24. Miley Cyrus

Songs: We Can't Stop, Wrecking Ball

25. Lady Gaga

Songs: Applause

Agree or disagree with the list? Share your thoughts in the comments below.