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In less than 12 hours, we'll be saying goodbye to 2013 and welcoming a new year. New shows will premiere, seasons will return from their breaks and in the coming few months, the axe will start dropping as struggling performers are cut from next year's line-up. With the holidays nearing its end, many programs are set to resume this week. New year, new possibilities!

From my personal list of shows that aired in the Fall/Summer, I've come up with a few hopes and predictions for the rest of the season. Obviously, I will mention stuff that's happened on the show so this a SPOILER alert to anyone who has yet to watch so turn back now!

The series finale is set for March 2014 and the story is slowly (as in VERY slowly) inching its way toward introducing Ted to the Mother. With the final season centred on Barney and Robin's wedding, I would like the last few episodes to tie the Mother's involvement and connection to the group as this wedding shouldn't be the sole focus. Plus, a twist at the end is always appreciated (my guess is either Ted or the Mother has died in the future).

So much is yet to come with Hayley's baby and the mystery surrounding its upcoming birth could change the course for the remainder of the season. New creature? New powers? In the meantime, I would love if Davina's story continues to be a major plot arc as The Harvest could prove to be a climactic season finale, especially now since she also has Josh and a newly "freed" Cami on her side to protect her.

With the prison gone and the group splintered, it's become a game of survival until they find each other again. New characters are going to be introduced but a few current ones will obviously have to go to make way for new storylines. Carol should hopefully reunite with the team, Beth/Maggie need to survive after losing their father and some resolution should be done about Judith's disappearance. Spoiler: she dies in the graphic novels, but it shouldn't be left ambiguous.

Nostradamus predicted the future but Mary's relationship with Francis is still unclear (on the show... not real life). Giving her virtue to Francis and now running off with Bash, this will add a new layer to the love triangle and make things more complicated if she returns to French Court. For Mary and her friends, the death of Aylee could leave the girls rethinking their future and place while at French Court. New love interest for Lola? Pregnancy for Kenna? Commitment for Greer? All predictions and I can't wait!

A bloody Stiles?! Maybe the latter half of this season could be where Stiles becomes a supernatural creature? Even Lydia is now something more than just the popular girl and even as a human, Alison is a hunter. Always the comic relief, it would be interesting to see how he copes with a new curse... and maybe a new love interest for Teen Wolf

I've got a lot to catch up on with Arrow and I'm still a little behind with the second season. However, whatever the case may be, I do hope that Felicity and Oliver start dating or continue their flirtatious moments. They possibly have the best chemistry that resulted from an unexpected pairing. Until Laurel becomes the Black Canary and Flash has his own series, I can focus on this potential romance as a possibility.

What a midseason finale! Emily's shooter was revealed to be her new husband Daniel after he learned the truth of her conniving ways. She went overboard with two shots to the stomach and now the upcoming previews show that she has amnesia. For the first time ever, the Graysons have the upper-hand against Emily and it would be great to see how Daniel reacts to this new predicament. Will they stay married? Will he try to kill her again? Plus, what has happened to Victoria? Since she might be framed, I'd like for the tables to turn in her favour and have the Queen Grayson hold the power for once.

This is not so much as a prediction but a recommendation for Glee. I'm a fan of the series but the tone/quality has drifted so far from where it originally started. The show has split into two stories: the New York story and the glee club story. Since there will be another graduation coming up, once the last of the original glee club members have graduated, the main story should shift to New York solely. There's potential there for a rounded plot with many of the original Glee club members and it's clearly the main focus that's keeping its core fans.

Reboots are a tricky thing and Once Upon A Time is taking a gamble with its latest twist. Spoiler: Peter Pan ushered a new curse which caused Regina to remove every fairytale character from Storybrooke and return them to the Disney World without their memories. Has everyone forgotten their memories? Hook hasn't and he's reached out to Emma for help. I hope that all of the good that came from Storybrooke isn't gone because the "Happily-Ever-Afters" throughout the three seasons (i.e. Ariel, Cinderella) were sweet to see and I wouldn't want them gone. If something were to have gone wrong with Peter Pan's curse, that could be an interesting development.

Sebastian's gone, Walt's kicked out of his home, Maggie and Mouse are alone, and Carrie is only just starting her adventure in New York. The future of this teen drama is still on the bubble but before its last remaining episodes, a few Sex and The City origin stories might be needed. Graduation is coming and Carrie will obviously make her way to New York but who will she meet there? Miranda? Charlotte? The infamous Stanford? Someone new should be on their way to help the series; Samantha can only do so much.

Many highs and lows for the cupcake shop throughout the three seasons. Success can't come soon enough but after the second season, it shouldn't feel rushed. What about Max's mother and Caroline's mother? These two important characters have been unseen, but we've heard a lot about them. Having one of them appear could shake up the show and add a new level to the girls' backstories. Plus, someone should experience a new romance...even if it's Han.

NO MORE NEW DOPPELGANGERS! The whole Silas/Amara/Qetsiyah love triangle arc helped to add some backstory to the curse but it did little to add excitement - it was more of a distraction to end off a Season Four plot. With that arc finished (hopefully for now), Katherine will be a main focus and the mystery of the knife should be revealed. I don't think she'll die (yet) but her collapse will cause the group to take a drastic action.

Simple prediction but an important one: more Marvel characters will appear. If Smallville and Arrow can get away with using characters from its universe then SHIELD could be ready to have a few familiar faces pop up. The season so far has been without superheros or superpowers for the large part and with the remainder of its first season still airing, someone is bound to appear.

With a season and a half left in the series (potentially), there are a few more bombshells left to be revealed. Ezra, now confirmed to be a member of A team (or the enemy of A team), could start the fight of his life to find Alison, especially now that she's revealed to be alive. In the battle between Ezra and Alison, I think a few more people will be revealed as part of the conspiracy and Ezra won't make it past the season alive.

A few more episodes left in the mini-series and it looks like the two queens of New Orleans are coming together against the hunters. While it looks to become a war of witches against hunters, not all will survive and I predict that potentially the witches may turn on each other at the end. Who is the Supreme? My guess is either Misty Day, Zoe or Nan.

I only promised 15 predictions but these two shows carry simple predictions that I wanted to throw in. On Sleepy Hollow, Ichabod learned that he had fathered a son with Katrina after death while Liz is still searching for her birth father on The Blacklist. My guess for both shows: Red is Elizabeth's father and Jeremy Crane will return at the season finale from being buried alive by the coven.

Agree or disagree with my predictions? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

The Dark Knight returns for another installment of the hit Arkham games. I absolutely fell in love with last year's Batman: Arkham City after secretly playing my brother's copy and it was hands-down the best game of the year. Never did I think that a superhero game could achieve more than as simply as a movie tie-in. The series surpassed my expectations and suffice it to say, I was excited to check out the latest game in the series. The latest video game I will be reviewing is the Arkham prequel: Batman: Arkham Origins.

The Story: Set years prior to the events of Batman: Arkham Asylum (the first game in the series), Bruce Wayne has started his adventures as the Dark Knight and began his mission toward ending the criminal control in Gotham City. Batman: Arkham Origins takes place on Christmas Eve when criminal mastermind and mob boss Black Mask issues a cash challenge to several highly-trained and powerful assassins to rid Gotham City of Batman.

Batman: Arkham Origins delves into the early days of Batman, as well as the beginnings of several notable characters and villains like (the future) Commissioner Gordon, the Penguin, Deathstroke, Bane, Barbara Gordon (the future Batgirl/Oracle), and the clownish psychopath Joker to name a few.

Where To Play: Arkham Origins is available on PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii U.

The Good: Batman: Arkham Origins excels with its immerse storyline and open world. The success of the previous game proved that the developers could integrate its characters, the landscape and the extras together to make a cohesive story. While there was a linear plot to follow, I enjoyed all the hidden easter eggs and side-missions that deviated from the main story.

Similar to the previous installment, the main and supporting characters were the biggest draw. I enjoyed the interactions that Batman had with the likes of Joker, Anarky, The Mad Hatter and the many characters he encountered while roaming Gotham City. I grew up loving Batman (i.e. watching the movies, the cartoon TV show, games, action figures) and it was great to meet new characters while revisting the familiar ones.

The Bad: Arkham Origins only suffered from two negatives that left me questioning certain aspects. The first were the technical glitches that kept popping up during loading screens and saving. At first I wondered if there was an issue with my console, but the problems persisted when the game froze/stopped at certain points and wouldn't transition to the loading screen. While it only happened a few times, it was still enough to notice.

The final negative was the ending. Compared to Arkham Asylum and Arkham City, Arkham Origins presented a lackluster conclusion and boss battle to finish the game. The final scene and battle, which preceded itself after a somewhat easy fight, didn't last more than two minutes. Without giving anything away in terms of the villain and battle, I expected a much more thrilling conclusion.

The Results: 8/10!
Batman: Arkham Origins had a lot to live up to in terms of expectations. Since it's a prequel compared to a sequel, a lot of what was introduced was exposition and reintroduced many aspects to people new to the Batman universe. Characters, whether main or supporting, delivered great performances and were more than just filler of having a character on screen. The technical glitches presented a slight problem with the gameplay and the lackluster conclusion didn't payoff after what was up until that point a satisfying story. If you're a fan of Batman (or like action games), this is the game for you. It's also a great filler until the next Arkham game is released that continues the story after Arkham City.

Agree or Disagree with the review? Share your thoughts in the comments below.
Only one week left before the "death" of Emily Thorne.

The penultimate episode before this season's climax is approaching in a few days and we caught a glimpse into some pre-wedding fun. Revenge has suffered the growing pains of transitioning from a lackluster sophomore season: figuring out how to be serious while also embracing its ridiculously soapy fun. The show has tried to erase its previous faults and in the process, it's bringing back the things we love slowly: the witty jokes, romance and the fact that Revenge doesn't take itself too seriously. For the continued success of Revenge, it needs to remember these factors or else it will continue to fall.

This week on Revenge, Daniel is conflicted between his love for Sarah and Emily's fake pregnancy, Lydia storms the manor, Margaux chooses Jack, and Victoria throws a wrench into Emily's plan.

Daniel has not had an easy road when it comes to love. Emily isn't trustworthy, Ashley was merely using him and Sarah nearly died because of Daniel - he doesn't make the smartest decisions when it comes to love. After finding out Emily is pregnant, the conflicted Grayson continues to play groom while posing for wedding photos and caring for his pregnant fiance. Sarah is none too pleased as Daniel promised to live his life with his true love; while he didn't sleep with Sarah during the last episode, we find out his desires: to be with Sarah. He receives some advice from Charlotte and he lets Sarah go to be a responsible man for his unborn child. 

If Daniel were ever to have a chance at REAL happiness, I hope he finds it. Emily has lied enough to him and if the choice came between death or being with Sarah, he needs to experience true love again. It's either that or continuing to live life while making unintentional Titantic references. Really?! He had to drop the necklace into the ocean?

Margaux, the ever respectable writer, decides this episode to give up the story of a lifetime. In the matter of minutes, she gives up her ambition to uncover Conrad's secret instead to protect Jack from a potential unforeseen death. I can respect Jack telling Margaux the truth about Conrad and yet I don't think this will be the end of this plotline. She's only a few steps away from the truth and all she needs to legitimize her magazine is a story like this.

Lydia is a dose of underhanded evil and social climbing that's been sorely missed on Revenge. Everything she's done in the first season had an air of snobbery and manipulation that I really missed when she was revealed to be alive. Her role as a news source may have ended but her mission to take down Emily has not. Lydia finds the New Year's Eve photo in Conrad's photo albums and now the social climbing enemy has the ammunition needed to fight Emily; not just pushing her off the steps.

Aidan doesn't work for me. I get that he loves Emily and they have this bond that was slowly introduced during the second season (at some times to a painful degree) but it seemed forced compared to the simplicity of Daniel and Jack. The equally vengeful Brit proposes to Emily (which she accepts) and yet I'm wondering if this will really last? This looks all too simple for the pair to run off into the sunset. With half a season left, something has to go wrong for this plan to end in flames... or bullets.

Oh Victoria, how I enjoy you so. With a single mark of a pen, Victoria can send Emily's plan into a nosedive. The Queen Grayson is refusing to attend Emily's wedding and preventing herself from being framed for Emily's murder. Moments like these remind me of the first season: Victoria and Emily keeping each other on their toes, neither is winning in the fight but both are delivering equally manipulative tactics. Well done!

How will Emily get Victoria to attend the wedding? Will Margaux return to the story? What does Lydia have up her sleeve now? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

When is too comfortable not the right fit?

The young Ms. Bradshaw and crew were put to the test as their relationships crashed and burned on The Carrie Diaries. Some excelled with taking risks for the future while some couldn't live without staying in the comfort zone.

This week on The Carrie Diaries, Carrie tackles her first topic of writing sex, Maggie finds a friend in Sebastian, Larissa bonds with Samantha, and Walt sets a brave face for Bennett.

Weaver, the young writer and Carrie's current beau, is the lucky man to earn her heart and V-card in the last episode. Even though the couple are enjoying their new found bliss, Carrie is still pretty new to talking about sex in public or to her friends. An essay at the New School - Carrie's writing program - offers Carrie a chance to explore a topic that would take her out of her comfort zone: sex. She's ready to start but Weaver isn't as agreeable; he tries to talk her out of the story idea and focus on something safer. Carrie may not be fully ready to discuss sex now but the future sex columnist isn't ready to throw in the towel yet and writes the story regardless.

I never had a problem with Weaver. He seemed like a good match for Carrie; a more stable boyfriend than Sebastian and definitely more likeable than George. His decision to read Carrie's diary was a bad move and I was unsure if the couple would survive after that. They've called it quits for now and it may be for the best but I wouldn't expect them to be a part for much longer. The boy who took Carrie Bradshaw's virginity won't disappear that easily.

Maggie is the victim of the teen drama trope. A night of passion has left her pregnant and alone while carrying the child of her secret affair. She reaches out to the father but is spurned to fend off the responsibility alone. With nowhere left to turn, Maggie seeks Sebastian's comfort - first by coming onto him (only to be rejected) and then by explaining the situation of being pregnant. Maggie has a friend in Sebastian but how long does Maggie have until she has to make a decision: keep the baby, adoption or an aboration?

Walt and Bennett are the perfect romance on The Carrie Diaries. I love their interactions and Walt's personal story of overcoming his fears to be with the guy he loves. For this episode Bennett moves into a new apartment in a scary neighbourhood as Stanford, Bennett's roommate and Carrie's future BFF, has decided to live the year in Ibiza. Walt, while scared at first, overcomes his fears and sprays himself with mace in the process.

The two queens of sexual drama come to a head when their desires intersect. To celebrate Larissa's one-year anniversary with Harlan, she engages in a threesome with Samantha. Unfortunately, Harlan isn't able to make the meeting but the two girls don't waste the opportunity, they succumb to the pleasure and film the experience for Harlan's future enjoyment.

Mouse possibly had the most frustrating plotline this week. She refused to apply to a back-up school and focus solely on her dreams at Harvard before realizing that having a safety school was the best advice. We've all had that friend who's safety school was our top choice. Ugh! Really Mouse?!

Was it too soon to get rid of Weaver? Will Samantha and Larissa connect again? How will Maggie cope with her new predicament? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

I love gaming. I like zombies. And I can't wait for the next generation of consoles. Obviously, combining all three together would sound like a pretty enticing topic. I have yet to purchase the Xbox One - I'm still holding out until my birthday - but when I do, I believe that this game will be the first game I will purchase to welcome my new console. The open-world zombie survival-horror game: Dead Rising 3.

My first purchase for the Xbox 360 was the original Dead Rising and I was equally excited for the sequel a few years back. Now that the series is continuing to the next generation, the game has been equipped with new features, characters and a continuation to the storyline that will make the wait so much better. 

Dead Rising 3 is currently out today but if you're still unsure about the purchase, check out the recent trailer released by Gamespot.

Plenty of romance and hook-ups are making their way to The Carrie Diaries.

While the first season toyed around with the ideas of innuendos and flirtatious hook-ups, this episode lit the steamy fire. Throw Samantha Jones and Larissa into the mix, The Carrie Diaries sparked its first intense and passionate episode with the characters. Dare I say, it felt a little like Sex and the City.

This week on The Carrie Diaries, Larissa arrives from her adventures overseas, Tom returns to the fold, Maggie makes peace, and Sebastian comes to terms with the future.

Larissa is the wild and carefree editor-in-chief at Interview Magazine. She left at the end of last season to become a geisha which allowed Carrie and Walt to live in Manhattan during the summer. Now that she's arrived back, the pair have to head back home for the school year. (Sigh!) Upon her return to the city, Larissa introduced Carrie to the world of zen: not just for any stressful moment but for helping to give up Sebastian. Her practice makes perfect at first until she sees Sebastian. Plenty of shirt removing, kissing and desk kicking ensue in their classroom make-out session. Go Ms. Bradshaw!

At first I thought "Kyddshaw" would reunite but luckily the pair didn't. Sebastian realized that he was holding Carrie back and decided to let her be free. Their relationship is toxic and for Carrie to live the life we all hope, she needs to give up the bad boy.

All photos provided by The CW
Walt and Maggie had a lot to overcome, not just for their friendship but with their lives: Walt with finally coming to terms with himself and Maggie with her future. Bennett, Donna and Mouse, while supportive, offer help and advice to the conflicted pair. Donna plays Walt's beard, which ultimately gets him punched by Donna's boyfriend, while Mouse continues to reassure Maggie about going to college. It isn't until the two finally meet and become friends again do they show some kind of resolution to their storyline. Maggie became really unlikable last season and I'm glad to see she's turning over a new leaf.

Tom has a new job! Well, it's his old job at his former firm in New York with Harlan. Except for catching Larissa and Harlan in the act, nothing else progressed for the new big city lawyer. Though, I'm wondering if this storyline will have the Bradshaws move to New York? It would change the pace for the rest of the series.

Larissa and Samantha are two sides of the same coin; one is classier while the other is more modern. Both immediately started fighting after their first meeting but strangely the pair had a few moments together that sparked a potential frenemy status. While Larissa hooked up with Harlan and Samantha with an unknown ninja, I suspect that these two will fight for supremacy as the flirtatious force of The Carrie Diaries before admitting their friendship. Maybe Larissa is the one that helps Samantha break into the world of marketing/PR?

Now that Sebastian is out of the picture, will Carrie find a new guy? How long will Walt's life stay a secret? Will Maggie get into college? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

The past is coming back to haunt Daniel.

After a few slow beginning episodes, I'm pleasantly surprised of where season three is heading. Plots are intermixing, others are developing into broader characters, and previous sentiments are boiling over as the climax episode nears. The jury is still out on if things have really changed from my last assessment but I'm starting approve in certain areas.

This week on Revenge, Nolan stands up to Emily, Charlotte becomes Victoria Grayson, the tide rolls in on Grayson Manor, and Patrick runs for the hills.

Emily's take down this week is not on an individual but a house instead. Conrad plans to sell the iconic Grayson Manor and keep his family afloat with funds, but Emily can't risk her favourite targets leaving the Hamptons. With help from Aidan and a sledgehammer, Emily destroys part of her house to fool the Grayson's realtor into believing the beachfront properties will soon be destroyed by Mother Nature. The report is real but the severity and impact of the erosion is false. The realtor blacklists the Graysons and they're stuck in the Hamptons to live next to Emily.

Nolan has played the role of sarcastic and loyal ally to Emily throughout these three seasons, but what he really wants is to be called a friend. It's not hard to understand with someone as cold as Emily that wouldn't share any friendly or tender moments. Emily asks her Nolan to break things off with Patrick but he can't seem to do so, thinking it to be a step too far. He does what he's asked and ultimately confesses the truth to Jack out of a fit of anger. Jack already knows the secret and after a heartfelt argument, it's Emily that needs to apologize to her two closest friends and raise the white flag.

Photos courtesy of ABC
Charlotte hasn't played the game of Revenge. She's acted spoiled, focused on her relationship with Declan and dealt with family drama over anything else. Season three is showing a new side of Charlotte; she's manipulating the people around her with a secret agenda to break up Emily and Daniel. By leading Daniel to a new bakery, he ends up face-to-face with Sarah, the bartender and former flame he nearly killed pre-series. I'm impressed by Charlotte, not only does she lead Daniel to an uncomfortable moment but she manages to get Sarah fired and manipulates her into working at the Stowaway; causing Daniel to reconnect with her. Well played Charlotte, well played.

Patrick bid a fast farewell to the Hamptons after the truth of Conrad's accident was revealed. He committed the crime to protect Victoria but all she could do was help him flee the country. I hope this isn't the last we see of Patrick as there seems to be more to his story than what we originally saw

Will Daniel spark a new romance with Sarah? Can the new Charlotte take down Emily? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

More New York episodes make the show a brighter place.

Similar to last season, the episodes that focused in the Big Apple are my favourites. Castlebury, while important to Carrie's past, doesn't hold the same appeal with episodes as do the New York storylines. It's similar to the current situation with Glee - the New York storyline is the real draw while the Lima focus can be a hit-or-miss. Since Carrie and friends are still high school students, I'm interested to see how the show progresses when it moves back to including the school setting.
This week on The Carrie Diaries, Walt and friends celebrate his 18th birthday at the Z100 festival, Samantha overstays her welcome, Carrie looks to the future, and Tom defines his relationship.

The moment has finally arrived: Walt is turning 18 years old. (Did anyone else feel really creepy right now?) I mean this strictly in the sense of the Bennett factor, as at the end of last season, the two didn't start a relationship as Bennett wanted to wait until Walt turned 18 years old. Arguably, Walt had the strongest character story and finally seeing him with the boy he likes is a happy moment to see. 

Photos courtesy of The CW
To celebrate Walt's big day, Mouse and Donna head to the city to party with Carrie, Walt and Samantha. Bennett is unfortunately working the Z100 festival and to have Walt spend time with his guy, Samantha helps the group get into the festival too. Tainted food - courtesy of Mouse - leads the group to head home in a fit of nausea but by the end of the episode, Walt and Bennett come to terms with their relationship. They're not defining it as a serious relationship and want to spend time together to see where it goes. Not exactly "happily ever after" but a nice to start to something more.

Before Samantha finds a future as a PR maven, she had to make a living somehow. Last week it was as a bouncer and this week, it's a phone sex operator. Even though she does good by helping Mouse in the ways of dirty talk and gets the group into the festival, her presence in Larissa's apartment is wearing thin. The illustrious Interview editor is returning within a week and Carrie needs to find a way to get Samantha out, even though her new friend has no place to go. 

After the debacle with tainted food - which led Carrie to potentially ruin her program interview - Carrie lashes out at her new friend and demands she leaves. Instead of caviar that Samantha bought off a truck, it turns out the eggs in Mouse's quiche were expired and cause the group to vomit in hysterical fashion. Carrie apologizes to Samantha and the two reconnect.

Sebastian has never been one to approve of his family. Meeting his mother last season, we finally caught a glimpse of his relationship (or lack there of) with his father. They decide to rebuild a car together but Sebastian's father has another plan: he plans to sell it to a business partner. After being letdown by his father yet again, the bad boy heads to the city to reconnect with Carrie but the future columnist is not having any of it. She lashes out and confirms that she still loves him but hates herself for it. Ouch! If I heard that from my ex (or had to say it), I don't think I could hold it together.

Tom is finally getting a storyline separate from his daughters. He's still hooking up with Deb from last season but this time, they've defined the relationship. An official woman is now in his life and on top of that, Carrie of his "gym" workouts.

How will things change with Larissa back? Will Carrie forgive Sebastian? Does Carrie still have a shot at the writing program? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Does the third season have a main story?

That's the question I keep finding myself asking with Revenge so far. With five episodes in, Revenge has taken a slow start to pulling these characters together to the main episode (Spoiler Alert: Emily gets shot on her wedding night). Much of the first few episodes erased the entirety of season two and the others have done little to progress the season arch. Small problems were created and two people were "sharpied" but anything that was established has eventually been erased too. Emily's journey the last few episodes aren't setting the tone for a big climactic moment; characters like Margaux, Daniel and Aidan (my guesses for the attack), while potential shooters, haven't shown any reason to do the deed. While it is early in the season and only on episode five, Revenge needs to quickly return to its fast-paced nature and character progression.

This week on Revenge, Daniel throws a wrench in Emily's plan, the culprit behind Conrad's crash is revealed, and Jack finds a new lady love.

I'm not an Aidan fan. He suddenly appeared last season with a story that connected to The Initiative and became the new third person fighting for Emily's heart; it was a bit much and he hasn't won me over yet. Picking up from last episode, Aidan confronted Jack and threatened him that Conrad (and by extension, the Graysons) will cause his death. Jack's being framed for cutting Conrad's brakes and if he doesn't hightail it soon, he'll soon meet a grisly fate.

Receiving word from Victoria (albeit because of nefarious motives - more about that later on), Emily runs to the Stowaway to help her former flame and discuss a plan of action. Jack's being pulled into yet another set up and he's reached his end with Emily's plans. I would be too with the amount of destruction that Emily leaves in her wake. Moving on from his toxic ex, he kisses Margaux, setting up for another love triangle that won't last.

Emily's pull on Daniel has weakened the last few episodes. All the lies, lack of trust and hidden motives reached the boiling point when Daniel calls off their engagement when Emily arrives late to the Voulez launch party - instead helping Jack first. He's tired of the situation and doesn't know if he can really trust Emily. For the first time, she comes clean about her trust issues, sheds a few tears and shares her resentment toward losing her family. This may be the closest moment that she's ever told Daniel the truth of her past.

Charlotte has shown her Victoria side. She sided with her mother to add doubt in Daniel's mind about Emily and she's successfully pulled Jack and Margaux together. When the "truth" is revealed that Charlotte cut the brakes, Conrad is all too forgiving to reconnect with his daughter but the real truth is more sinister (and believable). In actuality, Charlotte is lying to protect Victoria and keep the truth that Patrick was on the one to cut the brakes. No reason yet why he did it but we'll find it soon enough. But where is Patrick? He's off hooking up with Nolan and getting together for the first time. So far Patrick's five episodes in and already winning at Revenge.

Will Charlotte continue to bring out her devious side? Does Jack have a shot at surviving this season? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

The little scrappy show is back to fight again.

Last season had a shocking and uphill battle for renewal. I don't think anyone expected The Carrie Diaries to return with its ratings, especially on a network like The CW, which only has a limited schedule as is. Though, I'm happy it did and I was pleasantly excited to see how the premiere of the second season would turn out. New faces (Samantha!) and more footage in the city, I already prefer it much more than some of last season's episodes. Will the show survive? I'm still on the realistic side, but at least we'll see how things go with the new changes.

This week on The Carrie Diaries, Carrie loses a treasured icon but gains a new ally, Mouse brings the fight to Maggie, and Dorrit's love life is uncovered by her father.

The first season is a faint memory. Change is good and "Win Some, Lose Some" washes away the childish theme of the first season to introduce a more mature Carrie Bradshaw. Who am I kidding! Carrie is still in her naive phase, but she's grown up since Sebastian cheated on her last season. The time away in Manhattan gave her and Walt more independence to grow up and live the life they want. However, when Sebastian shows up with Donna for a party night in the city, Carrie reverts to her old ways and avoids dealing with her toxic ex to attend a different club.

Two major events happened this episode. The purse, as in the Carrie purse, is stolen outside the club and Ms. Bradshaw has a mini panic attack, practically calling the police and breaking down at each available moment. The purse, while nostalgic and important, is better off gone moving forward - Carrie needs to mature and holding onto something from the past keeps her from moving on to the character we all know. The theme was a little too on the nose but if introducing Samantha was a trade-off, I'd be happy to see it gone forever.

Samantha Jones, the witty and larger-than-life character from the main series, is introduced as Donna's cousin and a bouncer in New York. In the span of one hour, Samantha loses her underwear, flirts with cops, helps Carrie break into her apartment, and delivers a multitude of life lessons to Bambi (i.e. Carrie). Samantha's a breath of fresh air the show needed to feel more like the original series and Lindsay Gort owns the role as her own person; fans of the original would be proud. Samantha helps the young Ms. Bradshaw out but calls on a favour to crash at her place for a few episodes. Let the fun begin!

Castlebury.... if only your storylines disappeared. Mouse and West, picking up their official new relationship from the end of last season, spend fourth of July at the country club for some food and fireworks. Unbeknownst to Mouse, Maggie is working the party to raise money for college and ends up fired by the end of episode - due to Mouse. I've never been drawn to Maggie as a character - she's a little egotistic, self-centered and plays the victim card too much. The Carrie Diaries' writers probably introduced the student and money issues to add some humility to the villainous character. Mouse ends up forgiving her friend but will Carrie be as forgiving?

Miller and Dorrit balance each other. Both are rebels in their own right, defy the rules of convention, and refuse to conform to the expectations of others. While Tom, failing as parent to spot the obvious, finally discovers that Dorrit not only has a boyfriend but has spent the night with him, invites Miller to the house and meets the new boyfriend face-to-face. It's great to see Tom try and reach out to his daughter; even if he it failed miserably at it. Dorrit takes a stand and reverts back to her punk trendy style. I like the look - it's very Topshop now.

What adventures will Samantha dragged Carrie into next? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

New beginnings, old rivalries.

Revenge is known (or used to be) for its fast-paced storytelling. Barely were there any filler episodes in the first season and Emily only focused on her mission or the events of the Hamptons. While nothing new really happened this week (except for a MUCH needed steamy kiss), this episode focused mostly on exposition.

This week on Revenge, we find out the aftermath of Conrad's car crash, Nolan digs a little deeper into Patrick's life, and Victoria enters the working world.

Soap operas kill characters off all the time. One day they're casually throwing off-handed comments, the next they're being poisoned by their enemy. Conrad possibly has survived the most murder attempts and assaults over the last three seasons. When Emily finds the car crash and makes the subsequent hospital visit this episode, Father Paul is dead while Conrad, not only survives the episode, but finds out that his Huntington's Disease diagnosis was a lie. Conrad is a megalomaniac but Emily has been dropping the ball lately and giving him the opportunities to outlive these endeavors.

Someone is trying to kill Conrad, though. Emily and Jack's snooping discovered that the brakes on his car were cut, leading to Father Paul's death. Jack is being framed by Aidan but who really cut the brakes? My money's on potentially Patrick or Charlotte.

Victoria is trying something new: she's working a real job. Well, she's selling her artwork and invited her rich friends to buy the items at the art gallery. Sheila, her new boss and frenemy, deals in stolen art and when Patrick sells a painting from Victoria, the Grayson matriarch uses the opportunity to force the frenemy out of the Hamptons and takeover ownership of the gallery. Victoria should be proud - she used her new son to take down a threat. So proud!

Nolan hasn't had the best luck in dating. Tyler, Marco, and Padma all fizzled but his newest beau, Patrick, might have a secret or two. Patrick catches his interest and by digging a little deeper into his past, Nolan makes the first move. They're so on! Though, I have to wonder if one or both of them have ulterior motives? The sly looks speak for themselves.

What secret does Patrick really hide? Can Emily score another take down since Father Paul? Will Conrad eliminate Jack? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

The holidays tend to keep me busy.

Thanksgiving weekend was held last weekend in Canada. From spending time with family in different cities and the last two work weeks, I haven't had much time to catch up on my favourite shows - let alone writing a full recap. I've only really had time for smaller pieces and quick posts.

Now that the schedule has calmed down, I will be returning to recapping shows like Revenge and Sleepy Hollow as of today. You should be getting a new post of Revenge with tonight's episode. This weekend gave me a chance to catch up and get up-to-date on what's happened since I last watched them. Also, congratulations to Sleepy Hollow on the renewal for a second season!

If I'm ever behind or the site feels a tad slow, you can definitely send me a comment or a post to my social feeds.
I have a penchant to enjoy a good horror movie. Some can be quite entertaining while others follow the same horror tropes that were introduced decades prior. The movie on today's list originally premiered in 2011 at the Toronto International Film Festival but delayed due to production and mainstream release. Today's film review is the horror slasher: You're Next.

The Premise: Set at a luxurious mansion nestled deep in the woods, the Davison family returns to celebrate their wedding anniversary with their adult children and spouses. While dealing with unsettled family drama and fighting, a group of masked killers await in the woods to finish off the family before sunrise. Erin (played by Sharni Vinson) is new to the drama and must help the splintered group survive the night, while also trying to locate her missing boyfriend, Crispian Davison (A.J. Bowen).

The Results: 3.5/5!
You're Next was surprisingly an interesting take on the "home invaders" horror genre. Slow motion, dramatic tension and albeit genuine scares, I enjoyed watching something more than a body count running throughout a mansion with a killer on the loose. Did the movie offer something new? No. You're Next is a simple plot: a large trying to survive a group of serial killers. Nothing new will define the horror genre but even with that in mind, You're Next is still a good popcorn movie to watch.