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Previous posts of this section have highlighted trailers for movies, television shows and video games that have yet to come out but this post will be different. This trailer is for a movie that has already been released to theatres a few months ago. It's the teen-comedy slasher flick: Detention.

Detention is an indie film I've heard about for at least a year now. It had premiered at last year's South by Southwest and was scheduled for its theatrical worldwide debut back in April 2012 (apparently). Even Perez promoted the film on his website and I've still yet to see any promotion for the film in Canada. It may have already launched, went to theatres and ended its theatrical run, which is sad because I wanted to watch the film and now I'll have to wait until it's released on DVD.

Detention looks like an interesting movie but now I'll wait to see if I'll ever watch the movie at this point. There may be a few familiar faces in the trailer that you might recognize. See for yourself by checking out the official trailer below.

Update time!!!

It's been a couple of months since the last book club post that I was doing for my 007 novels. Time has gotten away from me and I've been focused on other books that were currently on my reading list. I don't want to give up on this section which means I'm going to continue with the next book in a week or so. From Russia With Love has been read and I need to create its post.

Stay tuned for more details...
Once a year in downtown Toronto, the MuchMusic Video Awards (MMVAs) takes over the busy streets and hosts the awards show at the infamous MuchMusic building. This was the first year that I got to attend and let me just say, it will be an experience I will always remember.

The two hour live show was incredible but the entire 13 hour experience was something I never expected. My friend Tara and I spent hours waiting in line with hundreds of teenagers/young adults on the Richmond sidewalk. For those who can't picture it, the day was hot (as in humid), it almost rained three times, there was trash everywhere, people were shoving and your body does hurt after spending hours sitting on the concrete sidewalk.

Even with everything, the entire day was incredible. I've never done a music festival or show like this before and it will be something I will never forget.
Television shows are either a hit or miss with viewers. Sometimes a network can decide to cancel a hit show despite overwhelming fan reactions and campaigning. On today's post, I'm going to reveal the final network show that I believe should deserve a "last-chance" renewal. As mentioned in the previous post about NBC's Awake, I've picked one show from each of the five U.S. networks that I think deserves another shot to be saved from its cancellation.

The final show is the teen witch drama from The CW...

Show: The Secret Circle
Original Network: The CW
Number of Seasons: 1
Number of Episodes: 22
Starring (select names): Britt Robertson, Phoebe Tonkin, Shelley Henning, Thomas Dekker, Jessica Parker Kennedy and Chris Zylka.

The Premise: After losing her mother in a mysterious house fire, Cassie (played by Britt Robertson) returns to the fictional town of Chance Harbor to live with her grandmother. What Cassie doesn't know is that she's a witch and a descendant from one of the most powerful witch families in Chance Harbor. Once she joins and is bound to the town's secret circle of teen witches, the Circle is soon pulled into a world of dark magic, deceit and mayhem.

Reaction To Cancellation: Completely shocked and outraged. If there was new one show that I loved from the first episode to the last (including ABC'S Revenge and Once Upon A Time), it would be The Secret Circle. I read the book series years before the television show was announced and I was excited to see it adapted to the screen. The Secret Circle didn't do the best in terms of ratings (The CW shows never earn the highest out of the five networks) but it was the network's third highest rated show and had the potential to dominate for a second season. 

How It Could Be Saved: The Secret Circle cancellation has been a heated topic for the last month. While it has been revealed that plans to renew/sell the show have ended, there is always a last minute chance to save it. First of all, the "price and cost" to run the show is high, with special effects and on-site locations. While I understood this at first, the network picked up a large number of pilots and currently runs high-cost shows like The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural and Nikita so obviously the network has the funds to run this program. If cost is an issue, cut back on the special effects a bit and build upon the characters and storyline. The season finale opened the door to a great plot and by utilizing the writers more, the story alone could raise ratings.
On today's post, I'm going to reveal the fourth show that I believe should deserve a "last-chance" renewal by its network (or any network). As mentioned in the previous post about CBS' Unforgettable, I'm going to pick one show from each of the five U.S. networks that I think could be improved if it was saved from its cancellation.

The fourth show is the reality-bending drama from NBC...

Show: Awake 
Original Network: NBC
Number of Seasons: 1
Number of Episodes: 13
Starring (select names): Jason Isaacs, Dylan Minnette and Laura Allen.

The Premise: After a devastating car crash, Detective Michael Britten (played by Jason Isaacs) returns to his life and discovers that every time he wakes up from a dream, he appears in a new alternate world where either his wife or his son has survived the same car crash. Making matters worse to the situation, depending on which reality Michael wakes up in, the other family member (wife or son) is mentioned to have died in the crash while the other survived. 

Reaction To Cancellation: Awake was the show this mid-season that sparked curiosity from fans and viewers. Many people wanted to discover the "truth" behind the show and determine if either the wife or the son was the true survivor. I had my own theories and watched two episodes but it didn't fully draw me in to follow the entire plot. Serial shows take dedication, especially when there is an overall arch to its storyline. Viewers who missed one episode (or even more) dropped off and couldn't follow the plot unless they backtracked. 

How It Could Be Saved: Awake might be a show that could have built on its initial potential. From reports I've seen about the season finale, a big twist was revealed and would have changed the entire landscape moving forward. If NBC (or any network particularly) wanted to renew the show, a fast-moving pace could help to keep viewers interested. While I don't think Awake will be picked up by another network, it's a concept that could have left fans satisfied for a few seasons to come.
Every year during April and May, some shows get renewed while others are cut before they're given a chance for a second season. As mentioned in the previous post about FOX's Terra Nova, I'm going to pick one show from each of the five U.S. networks that I think might deserve a renewal, even though the show has been cancelled.

The third show is the cop and crime drama from CBS...

Show: Unforgettable 
Original Network: CBS
Number of Seasons: 1
Number of Episodes: 22
Starring (select names): Poppy Montgomery, Michael Gastian, Dylan Walsh, Kevin Rankin and Jane Curtin. 

The Premise: Det. Carrie Wells (played by Poppy Montgomery) has a rare condition that allows her to visually remember everything in her life. After being asked to join the New York City's Police Department, she uses her ability to help solve homicide crimes while desperately searching to remember and help put to rest her sister's murder. 

Reaction To Cancellation: Unforgettable had a lot of potential in terms of cop dramas. While the television universe is filled with different shows about police officers, this program offered a new dynamic lead and an ability that has never really been touched upon. CBS unfortunately choose to cancel Unforgettable yet there has been discussions that other networks such as TNT and Lifetime have expressed interest in picking up and buying the show. 

How It Could Be Saved: If TNT or Lifetime chooses to buy the program then Unforgettable will be saved. In terms of other ways the show can be improved, the first season focused (moderately) on the murder of the main character's sister. Other shows have followed the same key mystery plotline (i.e. Twin Peaks and Veronica Mars) so I would recommend that if the show was "last-chance" saved that it would develop around the characters and a new mystery to follow. Leave the past behind and bring the series into new heights.

UPDATE: After this post was created, CBS choose to renew Unforgettable for a second season that is slated for Summer 2013.
On today's post, I'm going to be talking about the second show that could do well with a last-chance season renewal. As mentioned in the previous post about ABC's GCB, I'm going to pick one show from each of the five U.S. networks that I think could be improved and might deserve a reconsideration from its cancellation.

The second show is the prehistoric dinosaur adventure from FOX...

Show: Terra Nova 
Original Network: FOX
Number of Seasons: 1
Number of Episodes: 11
Starring (select names): Jason O'Mara, Shelley Conn, Landon Liboiron and Naomi Scott.

The Premise: Set in the distant future, the world has become plagued with overpopulation and dwindling resources. Scientists discover a wormhole that can help transport people into the past to live in a prehistoric time period. Terra Nova follows the adventures of the Shannon family and their plight in a world that is too different from the world they had originally came from. 

Reaction To Cancellation: I'm surprised but yet I completely understand the decision. Terra Nova was promoted as the "biggest show" to hit television screens this fall with its top-notch special effects and dinosaurs. The problem was that production costs were way too high and viewers were leaving the show. While it only ran for a mid-season fall run, news of the cancellation was revealed in May. 

How It Could Be Saved: Terra Nova is a television program that would have needed a serious rework. Many viewers and journalists criticized the show for its overtly "teen-storyline" focus and a lack of dinosaurs. I only watched the show for the first few episodes - dinosaurs aren't a big draw for me and I couldn't get into the show but there are thousands of loyal fans who would love to have Terra Nova back. Possibly a storyline that focused on the adults, an overarching nefarious organization and utilizing the "teen cast" could help. Plus, you know, throw in a dinosaur here and there.
The Fall/Spring television season is nearly over and U.S. networks have already revealed their line-ups for the new TV year. There are some familiar faces returning to the list, new freshman shows ready to prove their worth come this fall and some noticeable names that just didn't make the cut. For the next few posts on the blog, I'm going to pick one show from each of the five big U.S. networks that I believe (with some small tweaks) could be improved and do well with a last-chance renewal for the upcoming 2012-2013 season.

The first show is the quick-witted and glamorous southern charmer from ABC...

Show: GCB 
Original Network: ABC
Number of Seasons: 1
Number of Episodes: 10
Starring (select names): Leslie Bibb, Kristen Chenoweth, Jennifer Aspen, Marisol Nichols and Miriam Shor.

The Premise: Amanda (played by Leslie Bibb), former evil high school Homecoming Queen, returns to her home in Texas and back into the lives of big hair and southern charm. Amanda may have changed her evil high school ways, but her former victims (and now the most powerful women in Texas) will not let her forget the pain she put them through as teenagers.

Reaction To Cancellation: I was a little shocked to see that GCB wasn't picked up after its midseason run. ABC most likely had high hopes to make GCB their next Desperate Housewives, so much so, the network even "tested" the show in the coveted Sunday timeslot for a ratings review. While it didn't perform as high as they had hoped, GCB was earning a good following and a lot of people were hooked to its scandalous secrets and southern comedy charm. 

How It Could Be Saved: GCB is a cross between a light-hearted soap and comedy. If ABC gave it another a chance, a timeslot change would be needed or even a network switch could help. Since the show airs on the weekend, an idea could be to pair the show on a weeknight as a midseason run to see if it improves. Also, the pace of the show needs to be improved. I understand that GCB ran for a few episodes but it needed to set the pace and storyline for a dramatic first season. Viewers tune in for the outrageous drama and twists - what GCB was missing were shocking and scandalous storylines for viewers to stay tuned in. It was funny and cute (and I loved it!) but if a second season could have happened, there needed to be cheating and backstabbing moments.

Recently announced in movie news, former High School Musical and Disney star Ashley Tisdale has secured the lead role in the upcoming Scary Movie 5.

While not much has been revealed about the plot, an official press release by The Weinstein Company and news reports have noted that movies such as Final Destination, Black Swan and Paranormal Activity will be a few of the movies parodied. Originally Scary Movie 5 was confirmed in 2009 but due to unscheduled production delays and setbacks had postponed the possibility for a fifth sequel.

Tisdale jumps on the heels to take over the lead-role from Scream Queen and Scary Movie staple Anna Faris, who famously played the role of the clueless Cindy Campbell for the previous four films. Rumours have circulated that while Faris is unsure if she'll reprise her role, fans are hopeful that she and Regina Hall will return for the fifth film. Tisdale is set to play "one of the film's leads" so the comment leaves way for potentially more characters to receive top lead billing on the infamous movie poster. 

Scary Movie 5 returns to theatres after a nearly six year hiatus - the last film was Scary Movie 4 which premiered on April 14, 2006.

Are you excited for the return of the Scary Movie series?

Horror fans rejoice! 

The popular horror movie series
Scream may be making its way to a television screen near you. In an exclusive article revealed by TV Line, MTV is looking into the possibility of creating a television series based on the mysterious Ghostface killer and his list of untimely teen victims.

While no other updates have been reported (or if the yet uncreated pilot will be picked up by the network), fans should welcome the idea of seeing how this concept could be adapted to the small screen. I'm particularly excited to see how the show is created: will it follow the premise of
Harper's Island (a set of main characters with one being the killer) or will it be an unsatisfying creation similar to Freddy's Nightmares (a "A Tales of the Crypt" style show).

Unconfirmed is if 
Scream legends Kevin Williamson or Wes Craven will take part in the television series or if they'll return for the rumoured Scream 5 (current news reports have shown that Kevin Williamson is not interested in returning). Until then, you can check out the exclusive article from TV Line to read the full details: (Article)
Fairytale film adaptations (well... ANY adaptation for that matter) are a popular movie genre for Hollywood. In recent years, we've seen such movies as Alice in Wonderland, Red Riding Hood and the similar Mirror Mirror (a more family-oriented Snow White movie). For this movie review on the blog, I'm going to be writing about the dark interpretation of a fairytale: Snow White and the Huntsman.

The Premise: Once upon a time in a kingdom far far away, there ruled a royal family with a daughter who had skin as white as snow (the first line had to be story-like... back to reality). After the untimely death of the queen and a devastating battle against a glass army, the kingdom reigned victorious and the king remarried to a beautiful woman, Raveena (Charlize Theron). Come their wedding night, she killed her new husband and took over the kingdom with her sinister glass army. In actuality, Ravenna was an evil sorceress.

Several years later, the kingdom has fallen into disarray and torment. Ravenna has ruled with an iron fist, ordering her army and brother to take over the neighbouring lands and steal the youth of young woman. Trapped forever in the tallest tower, Snow White (played by Kristen Stewart) sits day-by-day alone to live without love and admiration. After an upsetting message from the Magic Mirror, Ravenna orders that Snow White be put to death but in an unexpected occurrence, she manages to escape into the forest away from the Evil Queen. Desperate to steal Snow White's heart and beauty, Ravenna enlists the help of The Huntsman (Chris Hemsworth) to track her down and bring her back. While not giving too much away of the plot, Snow White and The Huntsman join forces against the Evil Queen and her fight to kill Snow White.

The Good: Snow White and the Huntsman was surprisingly a good movie. Whenever there is a film that is being adapted from a classic fairytale, sometimes the writers like to be original and present their own plot or interpretation to the story. Most times the changes can be innovative and exciting (Alice in Wonderland) while others are pointless and could ruin what was already a weak plot (Red Riding Hood). Removing the entire premise that this is about Snow White, the movie could standalone as its own story.

Another highlight was the tone. Snow White and the Huntsman was dark, gritty and could be reminiscent of a Tim Burton-esque film. A traditional "happily ever after" and the gentle fairytale undertones were nowhere to be found, which could also be a positive compared to other films in the same genre. Tragedy could strike, characters could die and the villains weren't menacing in a melodramatic fashion. Charlize Theron showcased her talents as the Evil Queen and even Kristen Stewart played a good part in her role as Snow White. Suffice it to say, it felt more realistic and grounded, even in a fantasy flick like this.

The Bad: The only downside that I had to this film was the plot and storyline. Sure... we know that this movie was based on the tale of Snow White and that it's going to follow the same arch from the childhood tale. The problem that I kept facing when watching it was the "creative changes" that the writers had created to make the storyline different. I liked most of the differences that were implemented to improve the film but there was a single twist in the story that I expected and wished that it wouldn't have been so obvious from the beginning. By not spoiling details for those that have yet to see it, you may agree with me in terms of Snow White's decision in the end and at the climax of the movie.

The Results: 4/5!
If you're looking for a dark and new interpretation of a fairytale then Snow White and the Huntsman may be for you. It takes a popular childhood story that most have known and develops it into an overarching story of love, action and a battle between good vs. evil. The CGI special effects were great and Charlize Theron shines in her role as the Evil Queen, possibly even outdoing Kristen Stewart at times to be the dominant lead role. Plot and storyline could have been improved to be a little less predictable but it was great nonetheless. In terms of all fairytale live-action adaptations, Snow White and the Huntsman may be a great one to watch or add to your future viewing list.

Agree or Disagree with the review? Leave you comments below and let us know what you thought of the movie.
It's been a while since I wrote a mini film review for this blog. When I had watched this movie below in theatres, I felt that it didn't merit its own review article. The mini film review below is for the 3D aquatic horror film: Piranhaa 3DD.

The Premise: Set months after the terrible events of the first film, the community was dealt a heavy blow from the piranha attack and has become a quarantine zone. Seemingly believing that the catastrophe could never happen again, a local waterpark is ready to its doors for the summer and showcase its new look. Maddy (played by Danielle Panabaker) returns from university to find out that her step-father Chet (David Koechner) has transformed her late mother's waterpark into a sideshow attraction with skimpy lifeguards and an adult swim area (as you can bet... it's clothing optional). As the young-adults start to engage in some extracurricular fun, the terrifying man-eating piranhas from the first film bite their way into the waterpark and start to devour many of the swimmers.

The Results: 0.25/5!
Piranha 3DD is exactly like it sounds: a movie about CGI piranha attacking clothing-optional young-adults in water. There was no plot, the CGI special effects at times were sloppy and the dialogue was corny. I never watched the first film so I couldn't really compare against both but after watching this sequel, the urgency hasn't really manifested itself. Piranha 3DD wasn't all bad - I liked the actors, the cameos and sometimes it was funny. This is a "summer" horror film that doesn't take itself too seriously with excessive cleavage, slow-motion running and CGI piranha attacks. After Shark Night 3D, that should have been the sign for me to not watch this film but I always give a chance on a horror movie. I'd personally never watch it again but if you like CGI piranha attacking half-naked people, this movie might be for you.

The moment has finally come: Big Brother is coming to Canada!

Much to the delight and hopes of reality TV fans across the country, the 24/7 live competition program was announced at the 2012 Shaw Upfronts this Wednesday. Set to air for a 2012-2013 broadcast season, Big Brother Canada will premiere exclusively on Slice TV and will be the fifth U.S. reality TV competition to be adapted to a Canadian format. The programs being Canadian Idol and So You Think You Can Dance Canada (currently on indefinite hiatus), Canada's Got Talent (which has finished its first season) and Bachelor Canada (set to air its first season later this year).

While no further news has been released, reports have surfaced that Big Brother Canada will follow that same popular format that is currently run in the U.S. The format will focus on challenges, alliances and backstabbing allies to win the grand prize, which the total prize value has also not been confirmed. Other questions currently circulating on the internet is who will be the lucky host, the unexpected season twist and will the Big Brother season premiere for a Summer/Fall 2012, Winter 2013 or a Spring/Summer 2013 start date?

Applications have yet to be released to the general public, but suffice it to say that many loyal Canadian fans (such as myself) will send in their applications to be one of the lucky 13-16 houseguests. Only time will tell until we find out more details about the show but until then, Big Brother 14 airs this summer on CBS starting July 12, 2012.

Are you ready for Big Brother Canada?