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'The Carrie Diaries' Recap: Endgame

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Time for another holiday themed episode during our cold winter season. (Wouldn't be surprised to see Christmas next week!)

This week on The Carrie Diaries, Carrie channels her late mother and prepares a family Thanksgiving dinner with help from Mouse. Plus, Maggie spends an awkward dinner with Walt's family and an unexpected guest arrives at Carrie's door.

Apple pies and disaster dinners are on the menu this week when the Bradshaw family must deal with preparing Thanksgiving dinner. Some of Carrie's best childhood memories with her mother are when she would be cooking the Thanksgiving dinner - naturally, Carrie decides to take on the role as matriarch this year. Though, the day didn't start off quite easy enough. Carrie is trying to impress her new boyfriend George with her cooking abilities while the recipes for her mother's meals are ruined and Dorrit is acting more of a pain than usual. (Hmmm... I wonder how those recipes were destroyed.)

Aspiring surgeon Mouse tags along for this little Thanksgiving adventure and helps Carrie with her cooking duties. Neither girl can handle all the disasters that come their way, what with the turkey not fitting into the tiny stove and both girls being disgusted from pulling out the turkey's insides. (Mouse said it best: "I want to be a people surgeon... not a turkey surgeon!" Oh, I love Mouse.) Meanwhile, while the girls are trying to hold in their lunch, Dorrit is sparking a new crush on her sister's boyfriend. It's quite obvious that she likes the guy from the way they talked on the couch and how she keeps looking at him. Would George cheat on Carrie? Could happen. (It's only the sixth episode after all...)

Dorrit, defiant as ever, goes off on another dramatic tirade and smokes weed in the privacy of her bedroom. Unfortunately for Carrie, this little distraction caused her or Mouse to not notice the food burning in the stove. No one could have saved that mess in time! If you thought Dorrit was over-dramatic, Carrie set off all her inner resentment and let loose on her father in front of EVERYONE. Cooking can be a stressful task and Carrie just really needed to let out all her frustrations towards Dorrit and her father. Though, I wouldn't be surprised if she was channeling "Carrie" from the Stephen King book instead of her mother. The power went out, the party died and she was left to pick up the pieces yet again.

Not everyone knows by high school what they want to do in life - Maggie is currently in the same boat. Is a university education in her future or will she be stuck in Castlebury forever? While spending Thanksgiving with Walt's VERY proper and upper-crust family, who clearly don't like Maggie or want anything beyond perfection for Walt's future, the dinner has left her thinking about the future and asking her simpleminded brother what could be in store for her. Also reemerging this week is Maggie's casual hook-up buddy who gets shut down when he's looking to start up their previous relationship. Maggie really needs better taste in men!

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Carrie has a mysterious power over the bad boys - they can't stay away from her, even when they're broken up. After his neglectful mother bails on dinner, Sebastian shows up at Carrie's door in the middle of the night to talk... just talk. (And clearly shunning Donna in the process. One point for Bradshaw!) The conversation is his way of hoping to reignite a relationship but Carrie clearly turns him down in the nicest and subtle way possible. He made his decision and now he has to live with the choices - they can't go back... yet. Bet he wishes he didn't break up with Carrie after all.

Will Sebastian ever has a chance with Carrie again? Is there a potential secret romance brewing between Dorrit and George? Can Mouse ever forget the horror of playing turkey surgeon for the night? Share in the comments and post your thoughts on this week's holiday episode.

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