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Second blog post of the day and I hope everyone's Christmas morning was everything you wanted and more. No real big surprises in terms of gifts for myself - I basically get my own gifts and I know what everyone in my family purchases for under the tree. Though, the real surprise was the awkward drama that followed. (I'll save that for another day!)

One of the gifts I got was a DVD of Pitch Perfect... which took me a while to finally get! I loved the movie and couldn't wait to have a copy for the holidays. My recommendation is definitely watch the film; it will surprise and you will love it. The DVD features a couple of featurettes, including an A Capella music video with the cast, YouTube star Mike Tompkins (pbpproductions) and fans who submitted for a cover of "Starships" by Nicki Minaj.

Since it's Tuesday, let's change up the feature and make this post only one video. The video is so catchy - enjoy!

Happy Holidays!
I want to wish everyone a great holiday season and I hope that you enjoy the rest of 2012 with friends and family.
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...Tate Stevens!

The 37-year old country music singer was announced as the winner of The X Factor's second season at yesterday's season finale. Tate, whom was a season frontrunner, earned the most votes in the end against runner-up Carly Rose Sonenclar and third place finisher Fifth Harmony. While I'm not surprised to see him walk away with the title, he wouldn't have been my first choice to win. Nevertheless, he has won the title and a $5 million recording contract.

With that being said, let's get right into the overview:

TEENS (Mentored by Britney Spears)  
Carly Rose Sonenclar
Oh Carly, I wanted her to win this season. She was the one I felt with the most "star quality" and potential to be a successful artist post-show. However, things can't always be planned and this might be the best news for her. Hit Broadway again, sign with a new record label, take some time off, or start recording some new tracks. Tate may have walked away with the title but she earned the most social buzz for when her debut albums hits shelves (or iTunes). The finale performances weren't as great as the previous ones and the recent trouble with LeAnn Rhimes might overshadow her reputation for a while. Though, I can't wait to see what her first new song will be.

OVER 25 (Mentored by L.A. Reid)  
Tate Stevens
The sound I heard when he won: whomp whomp! It was kind of expected that he would be the winner because of his song choices, his backstory and the fact that country music seems to be a really big thing in the U.S. The finale performances were good (not great) and he could be a moderate success in the genre. However, I found him to be dull and repetitive - not my type of thing but who cares. He may not have been my favourite but I will say congratulations and good luck on the solo career.

GROUPS (Mentored by Simon Cowell)
Fifth Harmony
Fifth Harmony did better than many had originally expected. Their finale performances weren't that great - I have a bias against repeating past performances and they did this a lot in the last two weeks. Contestants should never look back unless it's the week's theme and they HAVE to choose a previous song. Third place was almost guaranteed once the show started; my preferred final two from these three would have been Carly and Fifth Harmony. Surprisingly, I read that they've been signed by Simon Cowell's record label and will be staying together, even though they were created for the purpose of the show. Congratulations to them on being signed! Thing about it for a minute, the number of talent contestants who perform and never get signed... they deserve some credit.

Well, that's it for another season of The X Factor. The show is confirmed to return for 2013 with a third season and there will be another round of hopefuls ready to compete. New judges, new contestants and a new season of overblown performances... sounds like fun.

Did the right person win the prize? Sound off in the comments and let me know what you thought of the season.

My second Gossip Girl post of the day!

She is the master behind the website and the girl with eyes seemingly everywhere around the big city. Since the series began in 2007, I gave up on guessing which character would be revealed as the mastermind. However, I've always maintained that Gossip Girl would be a girl and someone linked to the main cast. Serena and Georgina were revealed to be accomplices last season and subsequently could not be the title character.

Going back through the series, I've picked five people whom I'm placing my final guesses and predictions. My guesses may be wrong or in some unbelievably lucky way, one of these will (hopefully) be revealed as Gossip Girl. In no particular order:

1. Jenny Humphrey
Chances: Maybe
Little J might be a strange choice to start off the list, being that she is a (former) main character. Her rebellious antics played an ongoing role on Gossip Girl's website, even contributing a few tips, and it did spark a few blog wars between herself and Blair. While today I did mull over the idea of her being the villain, chances are that Jenny isn't Gossip Girl. She abandoned the city in Season 4 during both the Blair and Juliet incidents and then she jetted off to university with Eric. If she were to secretly be the central character, I assume her international schooling might be the reason why Georgina took over the temporary role. 

2. Juliet Sharp
Chances: Slim
Juliet may have disappeared since her Season 4 recurring appearance; however, she could still be Gossip Girl. Her vengeful nature originated before she interacted with any of the main characters and the mysterious blogger was exceptionally cruel to Serena in high school. Plus, Juliet is set to return to the finale and it could be her character's revelation moment. The one instance which works against the theory is a text message sent to Blair when they asked Gossip Girl to help find Juliet (yep... I did my research). The text didn't directly lead to finding Juliet but it puts a wrench in theory.

3. Nelly Yuki
Chances: Very likely
Never trust a disgruntled former minion. While the final season has brought back many former characters, Nelly Yuki has earned the most screen time. The early seasons saw Nelly as a lowly minion to Blair who was delegated to the bottom of the group before "stealing" Blair's Yale acceptance. She came back as a fashion writer and I realized that we never knew what Nelly studied in school. She could have used the blog as training to develop her writing skills and connections to get a great job right out of school. It sounds like a stretch but Blair's been dealt the worst of Gossip Girl's wrath while Dan (whom Nelly has a crush on) usually gets the least amount of negative posts.

4. Dorota Kishlovsky
Chances: Doubtful
The only reason Dorota is on this list is because I thought she was Gossip Girl in the first two seasons. Blair, and also Serena, continually receive the most Gossip Girl blasts. Tips from strangers helped to provide the stories but some of the stories had to have been leaked from someone close. Dorota was always lurking around and could have secretly been the elusive blogger. However, my thinking has shifted over the seasons as Dorota has proven to really care about Blair and wouldn't create 95% of the posts Gossip Girl does. I've held on to the theory so far and I can keep it going for one last episode.

5. Kristen Bell
Chances: Are you serious?!
There is no way that Kristen Bell is Gossip Girl. She has an upcoming cameo role in the series finale and has never appeared as a character on the show. I have a running joke with a friend that Kristen will be revealed as Gossip Girl with flashback highlights to explain how she knew everything. She's only on the list because no matter who is revealed tonight, Kristen and her voice-over as the narrator will always be a reminder of Gossip Girl to me.

Do you agree or disagree with my guesses? Sound off in the comments and let me know your Gossip Girl predictions.
Six seasons, more than 100 episodes and too many text blasts to count, Gossip Girl is calling it quits with its series finale tonight at 8 p.m. EST on MuchMusic and The CW. (Make sure to check your local listings)

Not surprisingly, I've followed the show since it's first episode way back when in 2007. The show was once called the "most buzzed-about show on television" and sparked controversy for its use of sex, drugs and the scandalous drama of the teen characters. I didn't find it TOO shocking but I loved the show and the drama that followed. 

Gossip Girl has faltered in the last few seasons with underdeveloped storylines and lackluster characters. With the end only a few short hours away, I have a few requests that I'm hoping will (and MUST) be in the finale.

1. Every storyline is finalized (and stays closed)
No more frenemy statuses, no more reemergence of dead enemies, no more flip-flopping choices - let the decisions be final. These characters have gone back and forth with being rivals, friends, lovers and everything in-between. Let the storylines end properly and have the characters stick to their decisions without changing their minds halfway through. Also, at the end of the episode, if the writers choose to include an "in-the-future" montage, I'm hoping that this won't contradict whatever choice they had previously resolved earlier in the episode.

2. Nate is treated like a main character
Nate (arguably) might have the most undervalued and pointless character development throughout the series. His role on the show can be described in less than five words: he dates... a lot! This season has shown him getting into trouble with his business while dating a high school student (that everyone apparently accepts as normal). Whatever happens in the final episode - love, being dumped, jail, cleared of charges or who knows - his send-off shouldn't be a small footnote in the two hour episode; he should be treated with a proper ending compared to the previous characters.

3. Chuck/Blair and Serena/Dan relationships need closure These on-again-off-again relationships tend to pop up at the most random moments with a break-up or a make-up on the horizon. Whether they end up together or decide to part ways is irrelevant, the closure is what counts. I don't want Chuck's "I'm not a man" excuse or Serena's "I'm moving to L.A." choice but a thoughtful resolution between the couples whether it will work out or not. Though, if one of them is killed off then the decision will be made for them...

4. Georgina gets the last laugh A part from Gossip Girl, Georgina has been my favourite villain all series. She's calculating, manipulative, hilarious, sarcastic and proud of it! If there was ever an episode where she could take the reigns and cause the most havoc to the Upper East Siders, this episode would be it.
5. The Gossip Girl reveal is a complete surprise (but not random) Who is Gossip Girl? We'll find out later tonight. However, the identity has been an ongoing mystery for six seasons, with Georgina and Serena temporarily borrowing the title last season. The person needs to be someone I believe would WANT to be Gossip Girl (and has the power/connections to do so). It shouldn't be a complete left field individual, like the doorman or a minor recurring character who casually pops-in, but someone who can put the pieces together and tie the series with a shocking final reveal.

Stranger things do happen and this week's round just proved them.

Two more singers were sent packing and while I completely expected the eliminations, it's still a sore subject when it finally happens. Season underdog Cece Frey was the first to get the boot with the round's lowest votes and perennial second chance Diamond White followed next soon after. Both have reached the bottom of the leaderboard and sooner or later it was bound to be their time. Only two more weeks until the finals and four more acts are left to fight it out. Let's see if it's a real competition to get to the top!

TEENS (Mentored by Britney Spears
Diamond White
No last minute save can help Diamond now. After landing in the bottom last week, she placed against Fifth Harmony to sing-off and campaign for the judges' votes - needless to say she lost. She did a good alright with her Pepsi challenge ("it's Diamond singing in a diamond!"); many had pegged her to be the next Whitney Houston. However, her performances were constantly on the safe side and never stood out compared to the other contestants. Eventually all the safe performances add up and the votes weren't enough to save her.

Carly Rose Sonenclar
Carly finally lost her first place momentum to Tate. The "I-don't-need-to-vote-because-she's-safe" approach has reared its ugly head yet again and Carly fell one spot. Both her numbers this week were polarizing: I loved her version of the Justin Bieber song while the Beyonce number didn't stand out. She tends to do a lot of ballads and they do pay off but some of the songs that she chooses tend to be a little dull and repetitive. I would love if she tried something new and different.

YOUNG ADULTS (Mentored by Demi Lovato)
Cece Frey
The rollercoaster has ended and Cece was sent packing. An underdog can only last so long on a show where voting determines the winner. While I did like her on the show, her last performance of "Piece Of Me" didn't impress me and I fully expected her to get voted off. Sad to see her go and it's unfortunate that Demi lost all her contestants. Maybe now that she's eliminated, Cece can reevaluate her career goals, train her voice and come back with a new song.

OVER 25 (Mentored by L.A. Reid)
Tate Stevens
Tate scored the top spot back from Carly this week and I did not see that coming! He's doing well in the competition but it's been very safe and repetitive with the song choices. If it wasn't for his backstory or the fact that he's a country music artist, I don't think he would be a frontrunner. Not my type of thing but oh well... the votes say he could win.

GROUPS (Mentored by Simon Cowell)
Fifth Harmony
The leaderboard may change week-to-week but one thing has stayed constant: the top have stayed at the top. Fifth Harmony, whom haven't cracked the Top 3, landed in the bottom half with the lowest votes. The frankengroup had to compete in the sing-off against Diamond White for the votes and luckily, they survived. The girls have a lot to prove and I'm not sure they'll be here come finale night.

Emblem3 had mixed performances. Their Pepsi challenge was good but the unplugged song... wow, the blonde guy should not sing alone. Many websites had pegged the group to be in risk of elimination but they underestimated the fanbases. The boys held on to the third spot and were safe. My guess is that they'll be in the bottom next week and could face elimination or, if not, will be voted off.

Are you sad to see Cece and Diamond gone? Post in the comments and let me know what you thought of this week's round.

The countdown is on for the end of 2012. Can you believe that the year has gone by so fast? With only 31 days left until the end of the year, there are too many things that must be done. Holidays, shopping, food, exams, campaigns, New Years, making plans, resolutions and so much more.

I've got a few things planned. Some for my real life and some for this site. Stay tuned for more posts coming your way to mark the end of 2012. Hopefully December is the perfect month to transition and get everyone excited for 2013!

On Wednesday, X Factor USA premiered a small snippet of judge Britney Spears' new music video collaboration with Black Eyed Peas frontman, The new track was surprisingly really catchy and I thought it would be great to share the full music video with you all. A special note which I have to clear up is that this is not Britney's music video, it's Will.I.Am's video - she is only featured. (A lot of people don't make the clarification)