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'The Following' Recap: Mad Love

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Love is a complicated thing but on The Following, it's absolutely twisted.

This week on The Following, Maggie seeks revenge against Ryan for killing her husband in the last episode and the groupies try to figure out what to do with the hostage. Plus, more backstory is revealed about Ryan's relationship with Claire.

The groupies are out for revenge and nobody does it better than Maggie. The recently widowed groupie managed to escape the FBI at the end of last week's episode but she's back again with a vengeance. Maggie places a call to Ryan and states that she is holding his sister, Debbie, hostage at her restaurant. Immediately Ryan ignores Maggie's request by coming alone (he brought Mike) and coming unarmed (he's a cop - he always has a gun on him). They make a deal for Ryan's life in exchange for Debbie's - which Maggie is happy to hold with a twist. She ties him up and plans to kill him in the most "are you serious?" way possible: stopping his pacemaker with magnets.

With Debbie tied to a chair and watching from afar, Maggie uses the magnets to slow Ryan's heart until it stops. A rule among the groupies is that no one is able to kill Ryan except for Joe. Though, since Joe was the cause of Ryan needing the pacemaker, Maggie only wants to finish was Joe started. The plan is working but then she cuts his wrists and lets him fall, only for Mike to sneak into the restaurant and shoot her dead. Seriously? The murder attempt was a little overcomplicated for a revenge ploy.

A new dynamic was introduced in this episode with the three living groupies. Jacob, Emma's boyfriend and Paul's semi-boyfriend, has never killed anyone and can't seem to finish the job. It seems that Paul's ploy at calling Jacob a liar is more about his lack of body count, not what he did with his body. Emma catches wind of his virginity and "encourages" Jacob to kill the hostage in the basement. When confronted with the pain, Jacob lets the hostage go and she makes a break for the door. Unfortunately for her, Emma and Paul hear her SLAM THE DOOR (are you kidding me?!) and they quickly catch her in the barn. 

This isn't a horror movie but it is a horror-inspired drama. Why didn't she just sneak out? That door was incredibly loud and the others caught on in a second. The real strange thing is that after recapturing the hostage, Emma and Paul connect in the bathroom and take a steamy shower together. Distraught over what he did, Jacob says that he's sorry and the others pull him into the shower with them! (I never know what to expect with this storyline).

The Following can sometimes be 60% flashbacks. There were a lot tonight - though, the most important ones where when Claire met Debbie and when Debbie confronted Ryan for breaking up with Claire. It's nice to see someone be the voice of reason because I'll never understand why he isn't with Claire. He can make up any excuse he wants but he's still acting as a coward by not being with her.

Who will be the next groupie to fall? Will the FBI discover the location of the house? Can the groupie's love triangle get anymore complicated? Let me know in the comments about what you thought of this week's episode.

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