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'The Carrie Diaries' Recap: Date Expectations

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The real world comes knocking on this week's episode of The Carrie Diaries. For what normally is a fun and fluffy show, real life issues from the 80's were tackled as Carrie and Walt experienced their first brush with the AIDS epidemic in New York City. I enjoy The Carrie Diaries as a fan but I have to give credit where it's due. There's TV life and then there's real life and I'm glad the show went there to tackle the feelings of something major back then that still affects the real world today. Good job, The Carrie Diaries.

This week on The Carrie Diaries, Walt panics over the uncertainty, Carrie and Sebastian argue over the future, Maggie enlists help to save her future, and Dorrit celebrates anti-Valentine's Day.

Walt hasn't fully come to terms with being gay since he started admitting it. His friends have embraced it and he's had Bennett to lean on but this week he was overwhelmed with the real world. Instead of having the intimate Valentine's Day dinner he planned, Bennett convinces Walt to come to the hottest new gay bar in town, Boy, where Samantha works and spend the night at the Heartbreaking Party. At first he's scared at the new prospects but he slowly starts to have fun until a friend of Bennett's ex-boyfriend reveals that Bennett's ex, Eric, contracted HIV/AIDS and that Bennett should get tested.

Walt, terrified at the idea of dying, pushes everyone away and runs to Carrie's house to cry. While both Bennett and Walt receive negative tests, Walt is so scared for the future, potentially giving up everything he originally wanted, that he breaks up with Bennett and calls his Mother to go home. I understand where Walt is coming from but he shouldn't push away and I have feeling that he'll try to "fix" the situation or lie to himself. If so, hopefully that's resolved by the end of this season as I really like Walt and Bennett together.

Sebastian is turning over a new leaf and Carrie's none too happy about being left in the dust. After moving to New York from California, Sebastian is excited to begin a new business venture with his skateboarder friend, Tony Hawk. Boards, shirts, merchandise and designs - Sebastian is on to a popular new trend but Carrie won't look at the big picture as she's mad that he's cancelled Valentine's Day to discuss business plans with Tony. Though, after hearing he might move back to L.A. for the business, he's lucky she didn't break up with him. She spends Valentine's Day at the bar but after hearing Walt and Bennett could be diagnosed with HIV, she breaks down at Sebastian's apartment and the two reconnect once more, heading out to find her friend.

In the two seasons so far, Tom has learned a thing or two about parenting Dorrit and reverse psychology. Dorrit spends Valentine's Day watching unromantic movies with Scott and Tom ends up taking a liking to the new young man. If he admits that he likes her choice in boyfriends, Dorrit will dump Scott so he does the only thing he can do: lie. He demands she not see him anymore but she rebels and the two continue to date.

Larissa loves the attention and for once, Samantha is taking it all away, leaving Larissa with nothing. While working at Boy, Samantha rides in completely naked while on a horse - inspired by Lady Godiva. Larissa tries to dethrone the queen, pulling off her fake hair and leaving Samantha without cover, but the club-goers are on Samantha's side and Larissa is forced out. The two frenemies end up making up and ride into the club together...while still on the horse.

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Maggie and Mouse join forces with Donna to help Maggie escape a future in the army. Maggie's main conflict has been her future; she got accepted to Central Connecticut State University without financial aid and after hearing all the positives (i.e. traveling, free school, dedication) from a recruiter, she signed up. Mouse warns Maggie and by finally thinking it over, Maggie admits that she doesn't want to join the army afterall. With the help of Donna and her feminine ways, the trio sneak into the army base to look for Maggie's application but get caught in the process. The recruiter, Pete, ends up ripping up the papers for her but not before getting Maggie's name and number for a date

What desperate actions will Walt do next? Can the brokenhearted boyfriends reunite? Does Sebastian's business plans mean the end of the relationship? Will Maggie find a way to pay for school? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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