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By  Justin Carreiro     2:52 PM    Labels:,,,,, 
I've got some very exciting news!

Typically, I try to throw in a new post here-and-there about a review, a list, something fun or an article on my mind. Well... as many of you know, I've got a love for TV. There are a ton of programs that I follow and I usually just share my thoughts on Twitter or to the dismay of my friends and co-workers.

For the upcoming fall 2012-2013 broadcast season, I'm going to start doing weekly updates on certain television programs with fun taglines and insights. Since I'm the only writer on this blog/website, I'll try to brace myself with a few shows at first and see where I go from there. This summer will be good practice and you'll probably see some new updates coming up pretty soon for the summer.

If you've got a show or series that you'd like me to recap, share your thoughts below or send me a quick message.

About Justin Carreiro

Justin is a longtime TV buff and gamer. He loves chatting about shows, playing video and board games, and his not-so-secret love for reality tv. He is also a fan of horror movies, music and a bookworm at heart. He spends his time in Toronto working in PR and Social Media.

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