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'Revenge' Recap: Homecoming

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The young Ms. Emily Thorne lives! Did anyone really think she would die? The show would be lost without her and then there wouldn't be any real cause for revenge. A new wrench is thrown into the mix and most of the characters are scrambling to pick up the pieces while others are starting to put them together.

In this week's episode of Revenge, Emily suffers from amnesia, Daniel's guilt starts to weigh him down, Nolan gets betrayed by the man he loves, and Victoria gains the upper-hand.

Emily's a survivor; she survived the attack from Daniel and managed to swim in the cold nightly water with two gunshot wounds to the stomach. Unfortunately for her, she couldn't make it all the way to freedom and was discovered by a fisherman, nearly succumbing to her wounds. Beyond the physical pain, Emily is suffering from amnesia and can't remember anything from her attack, especially the fact that her new husband tried to kill her. For a second I started to believe this was an act, another ploy by the real Amanda Clarke for her revengenda, until Aiden tried to whisk her away to freedom and she started screaming for help. Emily really does have amnesia - well...for now, at least!

Her memory starts to return when the two most unlikely people trigger something in her mind to start working again. Emily inadvertently admits to Charlotte that her father is David Clarke(!) and her memories return after Jack gives Fauxmanda's locket back to Emily, causing her to remember everything and identify Daniel as the shooter in the process.

Who shot Emily Thorne? We know the answer but the world wants to know and they've got a suspect in mind. Victoria is the main suspect and the police have reason to believe it's her: she's got no alibi and it's not hidden knowledge that she hates Emily. After being barred from seeing Emily at the hospital, Victoria returns home to find Lydia sitting at her throne (i.e. the calligraphy armchair) and spouting barbs, first about Victoria shooting Emily and then talking about redecorating. Lydia pours her entire glass of red wine onto the chair and breaks the glass before Victoria resists every urge to fight the reigning Grayson mistress.

Daniel's guilt is weighing him down after shooting his lying wife. He finds out Sarah is alive but the guilt is too much for him; he admits to Victoria that he shot Emily and plans to turn himself in. Victoria, never one to stop her obsession with her son, pushes Conrad to save their son by framing Lydia and causing his lover to leave the Hamptons with worries of being implicated. What may go down as one of the best Daniel/Conrad scenes ever, Daniel confronts Conrad about lying to protect him, spurning the help and Conrad in turn says that should Daniel ever commit a crime again, he better pray to God for help as his real father is done with him.

Nolan and Patrick are over yet again. With Emily in the hospital and only family allowed to visit, Nolan tries to see his fallen friend, only to be rebuffed by Victoria. The Grayson Matriarch is none too pleased with Nolan and chastises him for being a part of Emily's lies. When Nolan looks to Patrick for reassurance and help, he's spurned by the man he loves and the two officially break up. Patrick, while feeling betrayed, offers Victoria a tidbit of knowledge to help defeat her enemies: Nolan is hiding a secret box with a double infinity icon behind a painting - the same icon tattooed on Emily's wrist!

A new character is in the mix and she hails from Aiden's past. Emily's nurse, and possibly former acquaintance as well, is a woman named Niko who knows full well about their revengenda plans. She watches over the wounded Ms. Thorne and not only lets it slep that she was searching for Aiden but kisses him! This mystery woman could possibly shed some more light into Aiden's past and could take him away for the future. Seriously, find a way to write him off...

Are Emily's memories back for good? Will Charlotte finally deduce that Emily is her sister? Will Victoria find the infinity box? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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