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Movie Review: Silent Hill: Revelation 3D

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This sequel has been in the works for years. Many reports on IMDB and movie websites stated that a film was potentially approved in the past but yet, a sequel came out in 2012. Obviously... I had to check it out. Today's post will be a mini review for the film adaptation of the survival horror game series: Silent Hill: Revelation 3D.

The Premise: Heather Mason (Adelaide Clemens) is a shy and mysterious teenage girl who has been in hiding for years with her father Harry Mason (Sean Bean). In reality, Heather is Sharon DaSilva, a protagonist from the first film who went missing in Silent Hill with her mother when she was a little girl. When her father is abducted, Heather and her new friend Vincent (Kit Harrington) must travel back to Silent Hill to save her father and defeat a mysterious cult that plans to use Heather to revive the soul of an ancient evil, Alessa.

The Results: 1.5/5!
Silent Hill: Revelation 3D was not that great. The plot was weak, the dialogue was minimal, and it felt like nothing really was taken away after watching the movie. I loved the first Silent Hill and naturally I would be excited to see the sequel, especially since the plot was based on Silent Hill 3 (the third video game and one of my favourites). This sequel let me down a bit with my expectations. Unlike the Resident Evil series, I feel that this will be the last film.

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