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Big Brother Canada 2: Allison Is Evicted

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Instant eviction. Two words that drive fear in both the houseguests and the rest of Canada ( of the show). It comes at a moment notice and at the end of 30 minutes, one houseguest is sent packing out the door. No campaigning, no Power of Veto (POV), no real chance to save themselves - it's just over and it's very uncomfortable to watch. The latest houseguest to be evicted came into the house without an audience and is leaving to no one. Ouch.

The ninth person evicted and second jury member is Allison White, the 25 year old registered nurse from St. John's.

Let's Meet Allison...

Allison is the mysterious yet outgoing and confusing super-fan who got voted into the house from the War Room twist. After spending a week with Nate and Scott campaigning for votes, Canada voted her into the house in the third week to play the game. She immediately sparked discussions between fans and houseguests: she started a showmance with Andrew (who was not well-liked by Canada), she came in under mysterious circumstances, and Kenny feared she knew his secret since they had a mutual friend. After her safety week was over, she was nominated for eviction but won the POV to save herself. She got nominated yet again the following week but this time, she flipped from the First Five side to join the Sloppy Seconds to save herself. Allison found the Secret POV and decided to save Sabrina in Week 7, but this caused Neda to distrust her and when Neda won Head of Household (HOH) during the instant eviction, Allison became the target. On Day 51, she was evicted by a vote of 4-0.

Why Did She Lose?

Super-fan status is a scary title as it clouds the mind and cause houseguests to make confusing decisions. Upon entering the game, Allison make quick friendships with the powerful First Five alliance but specifically Andrew and Sabrina - the most disliked by Canada and a showmance with the man she wanted to target. After they were revealed to be nominated, she didn't distance herself from them but kept wanting to play with them. She finally got a chance to join a real alliance with the Sloppy Seconds, but she was ready to turn on them to make a power move and work with the Gremlins. Playing both sides of the house can only take a houseguest so far and Allison would never commit. Neda couldn't trust her as Allison never gave her a reason to and it ruined her game in the end. 

How Could She Stay?

Allison made two big flaws (maybe more but I'll focus on two). Allison was trying to play both sides, even when she had sided with the Sloppy Seconds for the last two evictions. Neda couldn't trust her because Allison wanted to work with the Gremlins and secretly target Jon and Neda. If she had made a decision early on to make a girls alliance with Neda and Heather instead of the Gremlins, it could have changed her place in the game. The Gremlins/First Five had no power left in the house and she needed to focus on strategic moves instead of emotional ones. Neda and Heather would have protected her if they could have trusted her. She shouldn't have used the Secret POV to save Sabrina! I get wanting to make a "big move" but if you don't in the end and just wanted to use a power, it can destroy trust and that's what it did.

Also, the most obvious move would have been to keep Arlie around. If Arlie had stayed, the HOH competition would be four competing against two and in the chance that Neda still won, Arlie would still be the target. Allison and the Gremlins should have saved Arlie.

Last Thoughts...

I liked Allison, even with her confusing gameplay. Coming into the game later on and under mysterious circumstances already put her at a disadvantage. No one could really trust her and she had a cloud of mystery surrounding her at every moment. I wish she played like she had planned: Allison wanted to shake things up, make big moves and play without emotion. Obviously that changed! Still...I thought she was entertaining and I would love to see how she would play the game starting on even ground like everyone else. I think the outcome would be different and some fans would be less antagonistic toward her if she hadn't made the desperate and emotional moves she did.

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