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'The Originals' Recap: Apres Moi, Le Deluge

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Something witchy is on its way to The Originals. I'm seriously in love with this show! While I'm still a huge fan of The Vampire Diaries and its fallen cousin show The Secret Circle (R.I.P.), I'm hooked on the drama that is coming from New Orleans. The storyline is fast-paced, I love the characters and there isn't a love triangle that's being drawn out for multiple seasons - it's like a breath of fresh air! I haven't decided yet if I'm going to pick up recaps for the remainder of the season but we won't know unless I start one...

This week on The Originals, Davina falls violently ill from her excess of magic, Sophie tries to resurrect the Harvest, and Klaus tips the scales in the favour of the witches.

Davina is lost in a world of self-regret. After Klaus murders her childhood love Tim in the last episode, Davina's emotions are running wild; the pain causes her magic to accelerate and reach its breaking point - sending shockwaves throughout New Orleans. Earthquakes, strong winds, torrential rain, coughing up huge amounts of dirt and water - Davina's powers are becoming too strong for one person to handle. According to Sophie, unless Davina is sacrificed at the Harvest, her powers will call on the elements and destroy thousands of people; an idea that most are starting to reconsider. Marcel refuses to lose his dearest friend and decides to defy Klaus by taking Davina away, running from the house in hopes that her powers will subside.

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Even if Davina wanted to complete the Harvest, the ritual couldn't pass without the help of an Elder - which Klaus and Elijah murdered the last Elder early in the season. No new Elders mean no Harvest and without the powers of an Elder, no one can be designated as one. However, Sophie determines that if they consecrate the bones of an Elder witch, one who has not already been consecrated, she can become an Elder to perform the Harvest. They first try the bones of Celeste, Elijah's long lost love, but the bones are powerless and cannot be used. The only other dead witch left is Esther, the Original Witch and the Mikealson's mother, and after a debate with the group, the group consecrates Esther and her powers flow to the witches of New Orleans.

Davina's powers are becoming uncontrollable and all of New Orleans is set to perish unless the group finds a way to stop her before her fire element destroys all. With help from Tiery, Rebekah finds Marcel and Davina hiding out in a storage locker, determining their fate with the Harvest. Davina is ready to sacrifice her life if it guarantees it will save everyone and bring her back in the end. Unfortunately for her, the Harvest doesn't work and when Sophie slices Davina's throat, none of the four sacrificed girls rise from their slumber and the powers of the New Orleans witches seem to be lost forever.

Elijah and Hayley have undeniable chemistry - they practically radiate romance. However, Elijah isn't ready to start dating the mother of his unborn niece...or give up the ghost for that matter. While yes, Hayley did help Sophie discover the bones of Celeste but Elijah was blowing Hayley off all episode, focusing on his guilt of losing Celeste centuries ago. The two had the perfect moment to reconnect and yet it fizzled before it even started. Thanks Elijah!

With the girls still dead after the ritual, does that mean the Harvest failed? The prophecy stated that four will rise after the Harvest is completed but it never indicated who will raise. Three Elders (including the witch who performed the Harvest earlier this season) walk through the streets and cemetery of News Orleans, confused at how they have risen from the dead. Sabine, Sophie's witch friend, has channeled the powers sacrificed from the ritual girls and called the fallen Elders from death to enact a mysterious plan. The biggest twist of the night: Sabine is no ordinary witch at all - she is, in reality, Celeste!

Is this the end of Davina's run on The Originals? What does Celeste have planned for her former lover? Will Sophie and the other witches have access to magic again? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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