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'The Carrie Diaries' Recap: Under Pressure

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A new year for The Carrie Diaries and the characters are already feeling the pressure. Five episodes left in the season (potentially the series) and several of the characters are trying to handle the new change in the lives. New romance, education, commitment, distance - when the challenge is put forward, which characters will thrive with change and which will slowly crumble through the remainder of the season? We'll find out soon enough!

This week on The Carrie Diaries, Dorrit throws an impromptu house party while Tom is away working, Mouse and Donna find common ground, and Carrie feels the pain of long distance dating.

Dorrit, while normally relegated to the role of bratty sister, is taking the lead this episode by throwing a house party while Tom is away to land a new boyfriend. Earlier in the day, Donna LaDonna spots the younger Bradshaw at school flirting with a typical bad boy and offers her the "best" advice to catch her new man: throw a party. Dorrit sets the events in motion and spends the entire evening playing it coy with the bad boy by eating a pot-brownie, throwing herself at the guy and ignoring his nice best friend, who is clearly interested in Dorrit after he lied to protect her. (Anyone else think they'll start dating soon?)

Her original plan to get the bad boy works and the two sneak away after the party, snuggling up on her bed until the next morning. Downside? He has a girlfriend! She throws the cheater out and returns to clean the house, not revealing what she did.

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Long distance dating can make or break relationships and Carrie is learning firsthand that it takes a lot of work to connect hours apart. After getting some troubling advice from Larissa about long distance dating, Carrie is surprised when Sebastian arrives in Castlebury and announces that he's going to move back home for her - one of the warning signs that Larissa mentioned earlier. She tries to ignore her worries, throwing herself into the mood with Sebastian but nothing is ever too picturesque when dealing with the heart and Carrie Bradshaw.

Dorrit's party throws a wrench into the nightly plans and Carrie is kept away from her guy as she tries to keep the house intact. Even Sebastian's Mother shows up to kill the mood; she refuses to help him move back home and for a while, Carrie is left wondering if she wants him back. Sebastian's Father offers to pay his way and he rents Larissa's old apartment to be close to Carrie. Moving for someone is never a great option for the relationship, it can either help or hurt the relationship and we'll find out if Larissa's words will foreshadow the death to the romance.

Mouse and Donna are two completely different characters: one is obsessive-compulsive and studious while the other is materialistic and flirty (I chose a nicer word here). Neither have much in common except their need to compete. Mouse is feeling empty after accomplishing her goal of getting into Harvard - it was everything that she wanted and now that motivation is gone. Donna, on the other hand, has dated every single available (in her words, "attractive") guys in school and there's no one left. The two bond for the first time, competing over a game of beer pong and end up spooning in a drunken haze after the party.

Larissa and Harlan, Tom's legal partner, are getting married and they've enlisted Tom's help to prepare the pre-nup. He turns down the offer at first but ends up spending the entire night helping the pair allocate their assets, from the naughty items (like a collection of porn) to the naughty clauses (i.e. sex four times a week). Everything is easy at first but Larissa refuses to move in with Harlan, demanding her own individuality to not lose herself in the marriage. Before the engagement is called off, Tom rectifies the manner and Harlan offers to buy Larissa a new pad (the one next door to his) so that they'll be together but not together. It sounds good at first - I would love to have the size of that giant apartment!

Will sparks fly between Dorrit and the new nice boy? Does the move to New York spell disaster for Carrie and Sebastian? Will Donna ever get her own storyline? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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