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'The Carrie Diaries' Recap: Hungry Like The Wolf

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Ambition (or lack there of) can change someone's life in ways they could only dream. Working hard and doing anything to reach the next phase in a career is the goal of many, including the young Ms.  Carrie Bradshaw. However, when the opportunities start to present themselves, will the future writer take the advantage when it might hurt someone in the process?

This week on The Carrie Diaries, Carrie tries to help a troubled Bennett, Sebastian's father returns to town with an agenda, Maggie worries about her new relationship, and Tom battles an equally strong legal rival.

Bennett didn't handle the events of last week's episode too well. After breaking up with Walt and finding out his ex-boyfriend is dying of AIDS, he throws himself into partying and blowing off work. Carrie tries to cover for her friend but Larissa, demanding to receive his missing article on parachute pants, is already growing tired of letting Bennett take advantage for weeks. Carrie decides to write the fashion piece for Bennett but she never realized that Larissa would love the story and praise him for his work; much to the discomfort of Carrie. I would be mad too if I worked hard on a story and someone else got all the credit!

When Bennett finally arrives to work, receiving the credit and a stern talking to from Carrie, he feigns mental distress and leaves work to party with the boys. Carrie is livid at this point and takes his next writing job to interview the prima ballerina at the New York Ballet. Carrie has this charm to her and makes fast friends with the ballerina, getting a juicy interview in the process, but Larissa is on to Carrie's game. She knows that Carrie wrote the story, deducing the writing style from Bennett's last article, and gives Carrie the byline - causing Bennett to get fired in the process!

Sebastian at times has proven to be more mature than his parents. He receives word from his father that he'll be stopping by for a visit and what he originally thought would be a simply check-up became a request for money. Sebastian's father is broke! He lost all his money in bonds that went downhill and he needs Sebastian's trust fund to recoup his loses. What's Sebastian to do? He gives the money to his father and now must fend for himself, waiting to find out if he'll ever see the money again. Hopefully the Tony Hawk deal works for him or else he'll be in major trouble.

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Samantha, not one for relationships...or steady work, sparks an interest in a new man, Elliot, while on the hunt to find a missing bird for $500. They connect (in more ways than one) and for the first time, she's smitten and considers a real relationship with him. The problem? Elliot is revealed to be married when Samantha and Carrie find him at the ballet with his wife. He says that they have an open marriage (even I had to laugh at that lie), but after the wife breaks down in tears when meeting Samantha and coming face-to-face with her husband's mistress, Samantha calls off the tryst as she is not one to enjoy complicated matters and sharing her man with anyone.

Maggie has a new guy - Pete, the army guy from last week's episode - and she's head-over-heels for him. When she finds out he's coming for a visit, Mouse and Donna try to help Maggie not screw things up with Pete; effectively telling her to not screw him too early. Changing their extravagant dinner plans to the diner, not shaving her legs and blowing him off - Maggie's plans backfire as Pete cancels the rest of his trip to head home early. She rushes to the bus station to see him, explaining everything and reconciling their relationship. Best moment (and maybe a tad rushed?): Pete said he loves Maggie! I'm not the biggest Maggie fan but even I felt happy for her - too cute.

Tom claims to be a tough New York lawyer but he was bested on more than one occasion by a new opponent, Penny. She fakes a clumsy persona and steals a few of his documents, learning confidential information about Tom's client for a deal. Dorrit, trying to help Tom for once, uses her evil ability to trick Penny by stealing her legal documents, helping Tom to barter a truce to finish the agreement in peace. Tom and Penny have sparks and I wouldn't mind seeing them together again; besides, they hooked up pretty fast for a pair that might never see each other again.

Will Carrie thrive at Interview now that she has a job? Is this the last we'll see of Bennett or Penny? Will Sebastian's father return the money? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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