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'Revenge' Recap: Endurance

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The amnesia plot is gone and I couldn't be happier! Sorry, I had to get that out of the way. I love a good soap opera and its many twists, but the "amnesia storyline" is a tried and true trope that gets used a lot. In this one instance, it allowed for Emily slip up and plant the seeds in Charlotte's head and now the story can keep moving forward, especially since Victoria is hot on Emily's trail.

This week on Revenge, Emily's memories return, Victoria and Patrick plot to steal the infinity box, Daniel reaches out to Sarah, and Niko joins the game.

Emily is no longer living without her memories and with the help of Fauxmanda's locket, all the painful moments of her past come flooding back. Nolan, while wearing another amazing outfit (well done, Revenge costume designer!), sneaks into the room to see his fallen friend and Emily admits that she can't complete her revengenda any longer, wishing to leave the Hamptons once and for all. Victoria, still worried about Daniel, decides it's time for Emily to come home before her memories return. She hires Niko as a home nurse and transports the wounded Ms. Thorne to the Grayson manor, akin to Lydia's situation in season one. Uh oh! History has a way of repeating itself and it doesn't look good for Emily.

At this point, things start to go downhill. Niko refuses to help Emily escape the manor to focus on healing and her revengenda, Aiden breaks things off when Emily chooses hate over their future together, and to add a painful cherry to the top of this sundae: the bullet wounds caused too much internal pain that Emily can no longer have children!

Patrick is desperate to win Victoria's attention, even though I'm pretty sure he already has it, and do anything for his birth mother to get to know her. What does Victoria desire? The mysterious double infinity box. Patrick offers to seduce Nolan in hopes of stealing the box and when the two boys are about to enjoy the night, Patrick attacks his former beau and leaves him unconscious; stealing the infinity box in the process.

Daniel still loves Sarah and his guilt over losing her has led to brash decisions. (Like shooting his lying wife!) The attempted killer returns to the Stowaway to find Sarah finishing up her night shift and walking around like her brush with death was nothing. Seriously! Emily gets shot in the stomach twice and is still recuperating while Sarah almost dies as well from accidental suicide and is already walking around - I expected some more recovery time. While Sarah didn't attempt suicide, she merely passed out drunkenly while taking a bath, she still didn't want to see Daniel or care that Emily lied about the pregnancy scare. Jack, knowing the truth about Daniel, demands that he leave the bar and punches him to kick him out. I'm usually neutral about Daniel but the second he lied to Sarah about shooting Emily, there are no redeeming qualities about him to gain sympathy. You go, Jack!

Niko, Emily's nurse and new ally, has a secret of her own: she is Takeda's daughter. She's heard everything about Emily from her father and we find out that she met Aiden in Australia while he was on a mission. While not only looking for Aiden, she's come to the Hamptons to find her father's killer and complete her own revenge. I wonder how pissed she'll be when she finds out it's Aiden who did it, especially now since they've hooked up again? 

With infinity box in hand, Victoria is really to destroy Emily's reputation and bring to an end the war. Unfortunately for her, the box is a fake and Emily uses the opportunity to add some favour to her predicament. She openly admits to the media that Lydia shot her, eliminating any speculation that Daniel or Victoria was the killer, and the uneasy trio come to an agreement for now: the marriage is still on. However, the war isn't over just yet!

How will this new alliance between Emily/Daniel/Victoria work out? Can Niko figure out Aiden killed her father? Will Sarah and Daniel heat up their romance once again? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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