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'The Carrie Diaries' Recap: This Is The Time

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Prom. It's a magical night of bad dancing, blown allowances and great expectations to experience the best night of your life. Don't get me wrong - I liked my prom but actually living it, it's not the same as in TV or movies. Since The Carrie Diaries is a TV show, tons of drama, make-ups and break-ups are bound to ensue.

This week on The Carrie Diaries, Carrie and friends head to New York for prom, Larissa gives Carrie an ultimatum, Walt is conflicted over his life, and Mouse learns Donna's shameful secret.

Prom is only a few days away and the Castlebury friends are mixed over their plans for the big night. Sebastian is banned from attending after being expelled from school so Carrie, along with Mouse and Walt, are going solo. Maggie decides to bail on Pete instead to go as a group with her friends to the local inn where the prom is being held. Thanks to the fundraising from Mouse and overwhelming car wash sales from Donna, the aspiring prom queen uses the extra funds to change the prom's location to the Waldorf Astoria. They're heading to New York for prom!

Walt is a little uncomfortable heading back to the city; it reminds him of his break-up with Bennett, especially after deciding to hide his true self to return home. Maggie convinces him to attend and while at first he seems happy, he gets frustrated at Carrie when she tries to relate to his problems. Newsflash Carrie: deciding between a work life and going to school is not the same as Walt's real life issues!

Carrie apologizes for her comments and tells Walt that he should experience his own happiness the way he wants. He reaches out to Bennett and the pair reunite, becoming boyfriends again and reigniting their relationship. With the easy part done, Walt has to admit to his parents that he wants to live his life the way he wants and after coming clean, Walt's father, while uncomfortable with the topic, comes to accept Walt as his son and will approve of whatever paths Walt makes in life.

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Mouse and Donna have an interesting friendship - they don't really have much in common but it somehow works. While organizing the fundraising cash, Mouse discovers Donna's secret: she got accepted to Columbia University and is, in reality, a brain. Donna only pretends to be dumb to be popular and it's all part of her plan to win prom queen. Unfortunately for her, the Jens, Donna's dim-witted minions, overhear her bragging to Mouse while at the prom and plot to reveal her lies to everyone. Donna ends up winning the crown and before it's placed on her head, the Jens rush the stage and reveal the truth. Donna's double life is public knowledge and her Castlebury classmates, while skeptical at first, accept their new prom queen as their own.

Dorrit is a bit of an 80's hipster. She's refuses to conform to the norm and doesn't want to attend prom unless it's ironically. Scott, her boyfriend but not defined boyfriend, convinces her to attend unless they can make a joke out of it. Pretty dresses, spiking the punch, dancing formally and renting a limo - Dorrit is actually starting to have a great time. The next day when Scott comes clean of his master plan - manipulating Dorrit in the process for the entire scheme, it impresses her enough to define him as her real boyfriend

Carrie and Sebastian are finally getting what they want...or will they? For Sebastian, he's getting to work on his skateboarding business career while staying in New York while Larissa surprises Carrie by offering her Bennett's vacated job. However there's a catch: Carrie's job is full-time and that means she'll have to make a tough choice whether to take the Interview job or go to NYU in the fall. Sebastian tries to offer support and her friends give her their advice but the strangest advice may have tipped the scales.  

Weaver, Carrie's ex-boyfriend, reappears out of nowhere on prom night to apologize to Carrie about everything he's done. She accepts his apology and takes into consideration his opinion to take the Interview job. In the end, Carrie accepts the job and tells Tom but he's not happy at all! He cuts Carrie off financially unless she goes to NYU and now she's left to fend for herself after high school, depending on her income to survive. Sebastian, on the other hand, will be heading to California instead to start his business, bringing with him his new (and adorable!) dog Ollie in tow.

Did Carrie make the right decision? Are you excited Walt and Bennett are back together? Is this the last we'll see of Bennett? Will Weaver pop up again? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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