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'Revenge' Recap: Hatred

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Hate is not the opposite of love, but I did surely love this episode of Revenge! All the personal feelings that each character kept deep down during the majority of the season has now boiled to the surface and caused them to lash out at each other. Secrets are being uncovered and a new twist is being thrown in the works that may cause Emily to rethink her plans.

On this week's episode of Revenge, Emily plots to separate Daniel and Sarah, Patrick searches for his birth father, Conrad strikes Voulez, and Niko is on the hunt for her revengenda.

Sarah has assumed the role that Revenge had lost since Lydia left: the Mistress. The only way she could have Daniel is to embrace their torrid affair until Emily disappears or they get a divorce. Emily, trying to rebuild her fake relationship with Daniel after being shot, enters his room to deliver news about Voulez but discovers Sarah and Daniel in bed together. If looks could kill, no one would've left that room alive! 

Later in the day, Emily confronts Sarah by the pool, implying that she's a classless tramp and should leave before things get too uncomfortable - Sarah, not one to back down, stands her ground and challenges the reigning Mrs. Grayson. A little homemade dinner and desserts from Italy are what Sarah needs to keep Daniel in check (plus, a surprise trip from Daniel to Italy didn't hurt), but Emily is not one to lose the war. Sarah's mother arrives to confront her daughter, demanding that she leave the man who caused her so much pain but when she refuses, her mother stares Sarah down and tells her that she's not her daughter anymore. My heart broke a bit for Sarah and yet it didn't - the mere fact she still tried to break up Emily's marriage and sleep with a married man didn't help her cause, even if she broke up with Daniel in the end to be with her family.

Patrick has a strange relationship with Victoria: half codependent and the other with obsession. He thinks that he has a great relationship with his mother but Nolan arrives to ruin Patrick's day: Patrick's father tried to claim him when he was a baby and Victoria filed a legal restriction to stop him. The conflicted son starts his search to find his missing father and when he locates the man, Victoria does everything she can to stop the meeting until Victoria ends up face-to-face with Patrick's father. He doesn't remember her but she remembers him! Victoria breaks down in a panic attack and Patrick whisks her away. We find out the real reason why she stopped the claim: Patrick's father raped Victoria as a teen, stalked her and she wanted to protect Patrick before he could do more harm to them.

Voulez's first issue hit the stands and yet it could be its last. Conrad successfully bribed Margaux's assistant to change the Lydia Davis shooting story to implicate Conrad and he sued for liable. His deal: he'll call off the lawsuit if he buys Daniel's stake in the company, effectively firing his son. Daniel fights it but Margaux agrees! Daniel is out of a job and Conrad is another step closer to ruining his son.

Niko's main mission is to find the man who killed her father. Aiden killed Takeda and with help from Nolan, the pair try to throw Niko off, sending her on a wild goose chase to Russia to find the man who set the bomb that killed Declan in season two. Unfortunately for them, Niko finds her father's missing sword hidden under Aiden's bed. Really Aiden? You couldn't find any other place to hide the sword?! I guess you failed the cover-up course at Takeda's revenge school.

As viewers we tend to forget the characters who are mentioned infrequently and never seen but have caused a great impact to the story. The latest returnee is Conrad's first wife and the woman Victoria removed from the manor to be Mrs. Grayson. It's safe to say she hates Victoria and I can't wait to see what drama she brings with her.

The biggest twist may be Emily's new condition. After hurting her head in the attack, Emily has experienced dizzying blackouts where she can't remember anything before returning to consciousness. The first blackout occurred while swimming and she "woke up" at Nolan's place while arguing with Aiden. The second (and dare I say, shocking and really disgusting!), Emily wakes up in Conrad's bed with a night shirt after being threatened by Daniel earlier in the night. I'm not sure what happened between the pair but I really hope she didn't sleep with Conrad - that would be a really uncomfortable storyline to watch.

What do you think Emily did during her blackouts? Will she experience another one? Will Niko confront Aiden about the sword?

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