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'The Following' Recap: Love Hurts

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Life is going to be tough for the Claire Matthews of the world.

This week on The Following, one of Joe's devoted followers begins her own chapter by targeting women named Claire. Plus, Jacob gets help for Paul from a trusted ally.

The cult has grown from a ragtag group of twenty-somethings to a compound full of people ready and willing to kill for Joe. One of the eager bunch, Amanda, is the next groupie to start writing her own chapter. Amanda, a wide-eyed giggly woman, is a widower who killed her cheating husband and his lover before joining Joe's group. Her contribution to the story will be a chapter that defines the love between Joe and Claire. Translation: by killing women named (you guessed it!) Claire Matthews. This groupie's just all about the love...

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Her first victim, Claire Matthews #1, is joking around with a friend at a diner before being impaled by a spear gun. "Love hurts," is the one message she forces the victim's friend to tell Ryan Hardy. Playing back to an earlier conversation between Ryan and Joe, this death only teased what was yet to come. More Claires around the state are soon targeted by this obsessive psychopath. The second Claire Matthews was thrown out an apartment building and the third is already being stalked at an off-campus party.

The FBI team arrives at the rave in time to search for Claire Matthews #3. Unfortunately for them, Amanda has tracked her to the party. Claire, completely unaware of the killing spree in the real world, learns the shocking truth from a concertgoer who gets stabbed trying to protect her. The problem that I sometimes have with The Following is that the groupies are a dime a dozen - they pop in and out before we really get to know them. What started off with six has turned into a giant compound where someone is revealed as a Joe follower before either disappearing or getting killed. Suffice it to say that Claire Matthews #3 survives the attack and so does Amanda but we lose crazy blonde groupie from the last episode. Oh well! There's more where she came from.

Jacob and Paul have been missing for the last few episodes after Emma abandoned them for the compound. This week saw the return of the "are-they-aren't-they" couple and their desperation to stay alive. With Paul heavily bleeding and near death, Jacob turns to the one person he trusts most: his mother. Hesitation (and a potential accessory charge) keeps her from helping the boys any further but she doesn't turn in her son.

Paul's situation is worse than Jacob originally thought. The infection has spread from the gunshot wound and without proper hospital treatment, he will die from his injuries. The relationship between these two guys has been a mixed topic between fans. (Hmmm... I wonder why?). The love triangle dynamic caused a lot of tension and now that storyline is over for another favorable relationship. Paul asks Jacob to end the pain of running and he completes his first kill for the group. Too bad that it was someone he cared about...

For a show about cults and serial killers, a lot of relationships are popping up. Emma and Joe hooked up last episode (much to the surprise of no one) and Roderick toys around with Emma's emotions. She clearly has feelings for Joe and thought that by losing Jacob AND Paul, it would help her snag a cult leader. It's painfully clear that Joe still loves Claire and he lets her down after their hook up.

Roderick might be my new favourite character. He contributed to the best part of the episode. Roderick invites Jacob back to the compound and the look the heartbroken groupie give's Emma: priceless! If looks could kill, Jacob could give Joe a run for his money.

Will Jacob forgive Emma for abandoning him? Can the FBI figure out the next chapter before someone else dies? Share you points below and post about your thoughts of this week's episode.

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