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'The Carrie Diaries' Recap: Hush Hush

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Original fans rejoice! There were plenty of Sex and the City references to enjoy.

This week on The Carrie Diaries, Carrie finishes her first week at Interview Magazine with a night out on the town at New York's hottest club. Also, two new couples start to heat up their new relationships while one breaks up for good.

If there was ever an episode for SATC purists, 'Hush Hush' is the one for you. A few references pop up here and there that round out Carrie Bradshaw for her future in New York City. It will bring a smile to your face! At the end of her first week at Interview, Carrie plays model and showcases a new pair of designer heels: it's her first pair of Manolo Blahniks! Larissa bestows her with the shoes if Carrie uses them for a night out at Limelight, New York's new and trendiest nightclub. Unfortunately for her, she's doubled booked - either hang out at the school lock-in or party at a nightclub. Guess which one she picks? New York it is!

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Who needs a fake I.D. when you're Carrie Bradshaw?! Apparently not Limelight - they'll let a 16 year old girl into a club just because she works at Interview. Magazine buddies Larissa and Bennett lead Carrie to a memorable night with dancing, drinks and a new boy who offers her an iconic drink: a Cosmopolitan. "This is going to be my drink." (If only she knew...). Can I just say that I absolutely love Larissa and Bennett. They add so much to the series and give the perfect mix of New York influence that I'd like to see more in the final five episodes.

Another storyline resolved this episode is Carrie's double life. Everything comes to a head when Carrie's father, who was also at the club on a date, discovers his daughter partying with overage friends. Larissa finds out Carrie is 16 years old (though, she absolutely loves the idea) and he learns Carrie's lied about everything, what with her new internship, the lock-out and New York in general. He bans her from Manhattan and the city, but she'll be back. Carrie can't stay away for too long...

Sebastian FINALLY (I mean really, finally!) admits that he still has feelings for Carrie. The smouldering bad boy breaks things off with Queen of Mean Donna LaDonna, who suspiciously took the break-up quite well, and wants to get back together with his former girlfriend. Mouse and Maggie, confronting Sebastian on his inability to admit his feelings, coerce him into telling Carrie the truth. This obviously leads Sebastian and Mouse to abandon the lock-in and find Carrie at Limelight. Unfortunately for them, Carrie is long gone. Looks like it'll be another day (or episode) for the truth to finally come out - it couldn't be fast enough.

While Carrie avoided the school lock-in in favour of New York, Maggie and Walt dealt with drama of their own. Donna is now on the hunt for a new boyfriend and wants someone who will treat her right. Enter Walt! A sweet and somewhat witty guy who becomes the new target for Donna's affections, but Walt's already taken. 

In last week's episode, Donna uncovered that Maggie had cheated on Walt with an older cop. Instead of being blackmailed, Maggie came clean to Carrie about the affair but not to Walt. Donna decided to use the information this time around to hit Maggie where it hurts and seduced Walt. I've got to give Donna some credit - she really knows how to get what she wants through manipulation. Maggie and Walt are over, but Walt and Donna might just be the new big couple on campus.

Will Sebastian come clean and admit his feelings to Carrie? Anyone else wish that Walt was dating Bennett? How will Carrie get back to New York? Post in the comments and share your thoughts on the episode.

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