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'The Carrie Diaries' Recap: The Long And Winding Road Not Taken

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It's a New York Happy Birthday for Carrie Bradshaw.

This week on The Carrie Diaries, Carrie celebrates her 17th birthday working at an Interview Magazine party, Mouse continues her unspoken attraction for Wes and Dorrit meets a new boy. Plus, Walt reconnects with Bennett and finally starts to come to terms.

Another New York focused episode and I could not be happier. Carrie's responsibilities this week conflict between working the door at an Interview party or celebrating her 17th birthday with friends. Obviously she chooses work (more precisely she picks New York) first over her Castlebury life. Thinking that her brooding bad boy would celebrate with her, she invites Sebastian only to get cancelled last minute when he wants to spend time with his mother. Walt, being a great last minute invite, accepts and completely forgets that Bennett, his one-time male lip lock, happens to work at Carrie's magazine. Do I hear a reunion? Somewhat. It's more like a budding relationship in the horizon - which is ALWAYS good.

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Larissa can do no wrong when creating drama and opportunities for Carrie (especially with her amazing British accent in tow). She pulls Carrie from working the door to enjoy the party and introduces her to Tripp, a prominent publisher who takes an interest in the young Bradshaw. While lying about writing a book about sex (an homage to Carrie's future), Sebastian arrives completely drunk and blows her chance to impress Tripp. Luckily for that disaster, Walt and Bennett are still able to connect and it opens the door for future moments. One of the few relationships that I'm hoping works out by the season finale.

Sebastian has become that one person who ruins a moment. He prevents Carrie from networking with Tripp while also ruining the quality time between Bennett and Walt. I get that he's tortured and has mommy issues but arriving to a party drunk - he's lucky Carrie didn't kill him there and then! Her moment with Tripp will come another day. She drives Sebastian home and teases about spending the night before his mother arrives for some quality time. Cracks are starting to show in this relationship again: Carrie wants to be a New York star and Sebastian is self-destructive. Only time will time if and when he gets in Carrie's way.

Dorrit is slowing growing on me; if she continues to not act like a typical annoying brat anymore. She meets an interesting new bad boy at the record store when purchasing Carrie's gift and he catches her shoplifting. Instead of turning her over the police, he lets her go after locking her in a room. That definitely wasn't the way to get her attention. (Stockholm Syndrome, anyone?)

I'm not sure if Dorrit purposely left the gift at the store. Heading back for a little cat and mouse to talk with the bad boy could have just been an extra plus. They bicker, he teaches her something new about shoplifting and gives her the best gift ever. No, I don't mean the tapes: he kisses her. This was a real heartwarming moment that made me like Dorrit even a little. For that I'm already impressed.

Maggie, Mouse and even Donna played a part in the smaller storylines this week. Maggie started to have feelings for Walt again before maturely coming to terms with their friendship status. Donna, on the other hand, obsessed about finding a must-have Coach bag. Both were pretty much filler, but the episode did promote the bag which still is a hot seller today.

Mouse, competitive as always, battled with Wes for the attention of her Harvard connection. While he stole the spotlight at first, she won a new position as the team manger for the basketball team. Character development is an important foundation for teen dramas. Drama and romances are nothing without the back work of building these characters for future twists. I'd be more invested in characters like Maggie if they were more rounded out and developed to be a main character.

Is this the beginning of the end for Sebastian and Carrie? Will Carrie have another shot to impress Tripp? Anyone happy to see Walt and Bennett reconnect? How many episodes will it take for Mouse and Wes to hook up? Post your thoughts in the comments below.

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