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'The Carrie Diaries' Recap: Identity Crisis

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Life is definitely not easier in someone else's shoes, even if they're Manolo Blahniks.

This week on The Carrie Diaries, Carrie assumes Larissa's life for a day, Walt struggles with his feelings for Bennett and Mouse drops the ball.

New York life is showing well for young Miss Bradshaw; she's excelling at her internship and strives to be hired on during the summer. The one thing Carrie didn't take into account: Larissa. The eccentric (and amazing) style editor disappears (probably on another overnight bender) and Carrie is left to take over the responsibilities for the day, including picking up a package for Andy Warhol. The first stop is to retrieve a package delivered to the trendy downtown fashion boutique, but as many interns around the world know, unless you're the one in power nobody tends to believe your tasks. Carrie immediately picks this up from the rude sales associate who refuses to see anyone besides Larissa and she assumes the identity. Slap on a British accent, a trendy outfit and an eccentric attitude - we'd have Larissa.

Carrie indulges herself with fashion designs and drinks, having a taste of what life could be in the next few years. The delivery woman, jealous and clearly heartbroken, wants to destroy "Larissa" for sleeping with her boyfriend (the REAL delivery person). She grabs a nearby vase and attacks Carrie, urging the sales associate to arrive and get pulled into the mix. I love the drama and comedy in The Carrie Diaries, this is of course a drama series but it's paired with a nice campy vibe that makes me laugh. Case in point: the sales associate who believes this to be a drug deal. "Is that drugs? Can I have some?"

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Don't worry readers, it's not drugs but a wig. Bennett, Walt and Carrie deliver the package themselves and impress the bouncers of the club. From a night like this, I don't think Carrie will ever want to pretend to be Larissa ever again. Well, maybe for the shoes and the parties...

Walt has come to terms this episode, in his own way. He joins Carrie in New York for lunch but ends up spending his time with Bennett and slowly starts falling in love with the out-and-proud reporter. Problem is that Bennett may have already moved on with another boy. It's sad to see Walt clearly upset over being jealous but he finally comes clean to Carrie and seeks advice from his friend. Maybe by the end of the season Walt and Bennett will actually get together? This is one of the few romances I hope works out.

Power trips can ruin a team but in this case, it was just Mouse being Mouse. In the last episode of The Carrie Diaries, Mouse becomes team manager for the basketball team; half to improve her resume and the rest just to torment Wes. Unfortunately for her, her over-coaching ignited a feud between two players on the team, hurting their chances at an undefeated season. Doing what's best for the team, Mouse pushes to get fired for the betterment of the team. Though, this battle pulled Mouse and Wes closer together - I definitely saw sparks!

I try to ignore the parents' storylines as much as I can. They can sometimes be a parody of themselves and provide nothing to the overall plot. First Tom, Carrie's father, argues with a woman he meets at yoga (yes, the man who chastised Carrie for trying new things went to yoga) and they soon begin hooking up on the side. Then, Sebastian's mother reappears on the scene to spill her guts before reconnecting with Sebastian's father. If there is a season two (or the back nine episodes), the storyline should focus only on the teens and the young adults. Carrie's father is a nice guy but he doesn't really fit in. He takes screen time for other characters who could use a fuller character development (i.e. Mouse, Maggie and Larissa).

Will Carrie be hired over the summer? Better question: will The CW pick up the series to show Carrie's summer run? Share your thoughts below and let me know what you thought of this week's episode.

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