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Big Brother Canada: Tom Is Evicted

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It's Double Eviction week!

The tides have turned and two houseguests were sent packing in a shocking ceremony. For those of you unfamiliar, a double eviction occurs when two houseguests are evicted on the same night. One from the normal course of week-long activities and the second within the same hour after competing in another Head of Household (HOH), Power of Veto (POV) and eviction ceremony.

The houseguest evicted is Tom Plant, the 24 year old firefighter from Edmonton.

Let's Meet Tom...

Tom is the hotheaded villain who started a final two alliance with Emmett on the first day of the season. On Day 1, HOH Suzette nominated Tom and Emmett for eviction - this spontaneous decision resulted in Tom forming a not-so-secret alliance with his nomination partner. He won the first POV and removed himself from the block guaranteeing his safety. During Week 3, Tom won both HOH and POV securing complete power - he decided to target Suzette. Unfortunately for him, the bottom collapsed and his game suffered. Canada used a new twist to pull Suzette from the nomination block, Emmett lost his HOH title due to a cheating scandal, and the house set Tom as the new target. On Day 29, Tom was evicted by a vote of 8-1.

Why Did He Lose?

Tom let his ego rule his emotions. Being a part of the dominant alliance has its perks and the Quatro alliance had ruled unscathed. The power went to Tom's head, he boasted about his final two alliance and walked around the house like he owned the place. He rubbed people the wrong way and assumed that he controlled everything that was going on in the house. Sooner than later infighting and the power struggle between the Tom/Emmett pair against the Shield (Peter and Alec) started to chip away at a once powerful group. The competing alliances struck first and took Tom down - giving him no chance to save himself after the POV wasn't used.

How Could He Stay?

The house flipped before Tom could do anything. Appealing to the Quatro's senses to evict Liza for strategic reasons could have worked but nothing would have saved Tom otherwise. If he had changed his attitude and approached the game in a different tone from the beginning, Tom would still be in the house.

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Last Thoughts...

I didn't like Tom as a player. There are villains you like, villains you love-to-hate and the ones you don't like at all - I just didn't care for him. He dominated the season with his alliances and almost guaranteed himself a post-jury spot. If by chance he did end up on the block, the Quatro alliance held a powerful majority and would have secured his safety. The Brigade from Big Brother 12 only worked because an equally identifiable threat was around to cause drama. With no one like that here (Gary and the outsiders are questionable), the top dogs from Quatro stood out more and more like glaring targets. Tom did well for the time being but let his emotions rule... he was a powder keg ready to explode.

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