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Big Brother Canada: Danielle Is Evicted

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The Big Brother curse has struck yet again!

In the real first blindside of the season, a model/actress is the second person to get eliminated. Looking back on several of the U.S. seasons, the model and/or actress character is always the one to get the boot in the second week.

With that being said, the second person to be evicted is Danielle Alexander, the 20 year old aspiring actress from Calgary.

Let's Meet Danielle...

Danielle is the bubbly and over-dramatic outsider who never felt shy to speak her mind. When current Head of Household (HOH) Jillian nominated both Aneal and Gary for eviction, Danielle felt safe enough to try and rebuild her standing with the HOH. She offered to be the replacement nominee if the Power of Veto (POV) was ever used this round. Gary won the POV and took himself off the book, leaving Jillian with the choice to place Danielle up on the block as a pawn. However, shesoon became the target and on Day 15, Danielle was evicted by a vote of 8-3.

Why Did She Lose?

Danielle fell into the same trap as many before her: she got comfortable. Offering yourself up as a pawn is one of the stupidest moves in Big Brother history; the worst is asking to be evicted to win a nonexistent power (I'm looking at you Lawon). Being on the outside against a more powerful alliance made Danielle desperate - she needed to smooth things over with Jillian. In the heat of the moment, she offered herself up as a goodwill gesture and ASSUMED that everyone was following the same plan. Problem was that the house was changing around her and when she started to see Aneal gaining some ground, she didn't fight back. Danielle trusted that the houseguests would evict Aneal but it showed the second on her face when Arisa called out her name. She didn't even think it was a POSSIBILITY that she would be evicted.

Danielle caused some drama, sure, but it was her alliance partner that might have sealed her fate. Being best friends with Gary and aligning with Suzette pushed Danielle to the outsider alliance. Gary proved to be a serious physical threat and when he removed himself from the block, the house clearly tried to hurt him by evicting his closest ally. Danielle's inability to campaign and create new deals was part of the reason she left, but the personal problems with Jillian and who she aligned with was what put the target on her back.

How Could She Stay?

Danielle shouldn't have offered herself up as a pawn. More often than not the pawn is evicted instead of the original targets. Danielle should have pushed and reiterated that Aneal would be a bigger threat in the grand scheme of the season. The early weeks are the perfect time to evicted houseguests before the numbers begin to dwindle. Without fighting and just trusting her place, she was almost guaranteed to be evicted.

Last Thoughts...

I liked Danielle for the drama that she could have provided. The later weeks are full of floaters but having houseguests with a short fuse offers more drama when the game winds down. Danielle would never have won Big Brother and she was clearly here to be famous. Good luck to her future post-reality show fame career.

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