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'Revenge' Recap: Illumination

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No more distractions... at least on my end.

I'm back from my little hiatus and starting with a new post for Revenge. The new episodes are tagged with #NoMoreDistractions but I'm a little mixed with what I saw yesterday. It could be because I was distracted myself with Big Brother Canada (which also airs the same time) or it could be the episode itself. Regardless the series is getting back on track to its first season glory, but I always do miss the episodes with the red sharpie.

This week on Revenge, the Graysons continue to use Fauxmanda's death to their advantage with a fake charity, Emily's foster brother returns to her life with an agenda, and Jack's trust is hanging by a thread.

There's a new man in the Hamptons... and for once it's not for romance! Picking up from last week's reveal, Emily's former foster brother Eli reappears on the scene to pay his respects to Fauxmanda. Though, it takes him little more than a minute to realize that his foster sister is alive under a new identity. Ever since Emily accidentally torched her foster home as a child, Eli claims to have tried for six years to reunite with her - even going so far as to find Fauxmanda. It's a heartwarming reveal until the truth starts to slowly come out about his real intentions.

Eli might have cared about finding Emily at first but he loves money more. He pretends to be a rare book dealer but she knows the truth: Eli is a con artist and all he wants is to swindle millions from the Hampton elite. He turns down Emily's offer of $100K to leave (though he accepts the cheque) and uses the money to lie his way into the Amanda Clarke Foundation launch party. She even went as far as to get Ashley to help spread rumours of his fake intentions which only impressed Victoria more. Emily has weaved a web of lies and Eli is the only person who could ruin it, especially now that he's staying to co-chair the Foundation.

Jack is slowly uncovering the revengenda bit by bit. He's already angry at Emily and Nolan for keeping Fauxmanda's secrets and now he can't really trust anyone. Jack's memories are the cause of his pain - he can't remember getting to the hospital for treatment after being shot. Declan claims that Jack and Fauxmanda arrive at their honeymoon hotel but a harbour friend tells a different story. A "tall, sandy-haired" man purchased a motorboat on the night of the attack. Jack confronts Nolan but changes direction to find Kenny Ryan. This is not going to end well for Jack when he finds out that Kenny had NOTHING to do with Fauxmanda's death. (For once a Ryan brother was not the cause of the trouble).

Sandwiched between the bigger storylines of Emily and Jack, the Initiative reared its ugly head again. The first being the Graysons are hiding their family fortune in the Amanda Clarke Foundation. Believing that they can hide their assets in a fake charity is going to give Emily (and her conniving brother Eli) a chance to steal the money. The second being a new 'red sharpie victim' for Emily to take down. A mysterious hacker, known only as the Falcon, was instrumental is framing David Clarke and has created a firewall on the Foundation's account. I miss the red sharpie and getting to have another episode will bring back the best parts of the first season. A new victim, a new layer to the framing plotline.

Will Emily be able to takedown the Falcon? Can Eli be trusted? Should Jack be invited into Emily's revengenda? Share your thoughts below and let me know what you thought of this week's episode.

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