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'Revenge' Recap: Victory

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Nothing's more amazing than the red sharpie. The red pen finally reappeared again and someone has felt the wrath of Emily. It was a breath of fresh air that I haven't seen since the first season. 

This week on Revenge, Emily and Eli team up to confront their former foster mother, Nolan and Aidan target the Initiative, Jack joins Conrad's political campaign and our favourite reporter delivers a jaw-dropping twist!

Eli has had an ulterior motive for finding Emily. At first we were lead to assume that it was about money, but he might have turned his stripes in his (possible) last appearance. While meeting with the Graysons for the Amanda Clarke Foundation, Eli pitched offering a donation to the foster home that housed Emily and Eli as children. For once Emily and Victoria agreed against the idea since Fauxmanda burned the place down. After a little schmoozing the Graysons supported the idea since Conrad could work it into his future campaign win. (I'm going to ignore the campaign, he's obviously going to win). Emily is a cool and collected person but seeing Mrs. Hayward brought out all the traumatic memories, including finding that hole. Not sure if anyone has seen Saw V but that little dungeon is practically treading scary movie territory. It's not a shock the other foster children were also traumatized.

Emily (and arguably Eli) were on a mission. Eli, for some unknown reason, finally revealed to Emily that her father had written several letters from prison but Mrs. Hayward kept them from her. Somewhere in the house are the letters she's looking. Though, Eli could just be playing with her since he's in cahoots with the deranged foster mother to steal money from the Graysons. At the press conference, he comes clean and outs Mrs. Hayward as the monster she truly is; ruining any chances at getting money and looking after kids. Eli may be a monster as well. Apparently he started the fire that burn down the foster home and not Emily.

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Jail seems to be doing well for Mason; he hasn't been killed off which is a plus for being a soapy drama like Revenge. Emily arrives to confront the disgraced journalist and blackmails him again for the truth behind the letters. Years prior Mason Tredwell purchased the letters from Mrs. Hayward when writing his book but since they burned up in the season one fire, he's the only one who knows the truth. Frankly he should have negotiated with Emily for a prison release - he gave away the information TOO easily and without a fight. Turns out one of the letters mentioned a girl that gave up her son at 16 years old and placed him into foster care: the girl was Victoria. The Queen of Mean has another son lurking in the wings but where (and who) could he be?

Let's take a moment and mourn the loss of Nodma (Padma & Nolan! No? Fine, I'll stop...). The awkward insta-couple were torn apart by the Initiative in this week's episode and Nolan's little heart is broken from losing his lady love. Padma's missing father makes a video appearance and the Initiative sets a blackmail ultimatum: deliver Carrion or her father dies. Aidan and Nolan thought they could use this opportunity to eliminate the Initiative and get a leg up on the competition but this is Revenge... no one can win that easily.

The boys are double crossed and the Initiative high tails it with Padma in toe. Everything Nolan did couldn't save Padma from a fate worse than death. What's more shocking is that Emily couldn't come and help?! I get that she was having lunch with Daniel but a simple excuse could have made her leave. Lazy or just mixed priorities?

Jack's revengenda is slowly coming together; he's set his sights on Kenny Ryan and Conrad for the death of Amanda. Now that he's accepted Conrad's offer to join the political campaign, Jack plans to bring down the campaign from the inside and destroy Conrad for killing his wife. What's surprising is that Jack brought Declan into the fold of this plan. Usually the kid is kept away from the major storylines and spends all his time mixed up with Charlotte. Speaking of, how long do you think it will take until Charlotte finds out? Declan can't keep a secret, especially when he's dating Charlotte.

Were you excited that this was a red sharpie episode? How long until Declan spills the beans to Charlotte? Is Padma dead or will she be saved? Post in the comments below and let me know what you thought of this week's episode.

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