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'The Following' Recap: Guilt

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Joe must be wishing on a star tonight because he finally gets his way. It was bound to happen sometime!

This week on The Following, Joe sends two of his best enforcers to bring Claire to the compound by force and Jacob arrives to the killer compound, leaving Emma to deal with a cold shoulder.

Patience has run thin with Joe Carroll. He wants to have the love of his life back and he's tired of his followers' screw-ups. Enter two eager militia groupies who are ready to literally blow down the door to bring Claire back. Roderick is forced to tag along and he does not look happy. Meanwhile, at the FBI hideout, Ryan tires of not seeing Claire and believes that Joe's followers will strike any minute - he schmoozes his way into visiting Claire's hideout. Which just SO HAPPENS to be the same day the militia killer groupies attack the safe house. There are coincidences and then there's right on the nose.

In less than two minutes, all of Claire's protectors are shot dead and the pair are left to seek protection from Angel Battista... er, I mean Tyson. (Though, if he can't tell Dexter is a serial killer, I don't know how well he can do with Joe Carroll). Tyson is Ryan's former FBI partner and best friend who just so happens to live in the middle of the forest. Everything looks calm at first until Claire discovers a tracking chip slipped into her cardigan; the militia are coming and they won't stop until they get her.

Arriving in timely late night fashion, the three groupies storm the forest home. One is shot dead immediately through a glass door and another, I assume Roderick, begins taunting Ryan like an extra from The Warriors. Everything goes downhill for Ryan at this point: Tyson is wounded and Claire, making a stupid horror movie move, runs from the house and gets caught by the remaining groupies. They offer her a deal: enter the car and they'll take her to Joey. No surprise here... she takes the offer.

Better call Bruce Willis because Jacob is seeing dead people! (Hey, it's not a spoiler if the movie's been out for more than 10 years). Finally arriving at the compound and giving Emma the coldest shoulder ever, Paul (yes, the DEAD Paul) comes out of the bathroom and teases Jacob to get out of bed and see a bloody Emma dead in the bathtub. Don't worry Emma lovers, it's only a dream - it's a foreshadow for his current feelings. Emma tries to apologize but his turned yet again while Joey, oblivious to anything going on, takes his best friend around for a tour. I'm retracting my earlier assessment of Joey. He's stopped trying to run and STILL half trusts Emma - I've lost a little respect for the delusional kid.

Who knew Joe played match maker? (Or pawned off his sloppy seconds to the groupies?) Sensing that Emma still craves the mad man, Joe urges Jacob to forgive the bad girl and take her back. He understands the stupidity in trusting the girl that abandoned him and brushes off Emma yet again. Her excuses were obvious lies; she only thought about herself and didn't care if both boys died. (I didn't see any tears or worry from her when Paul died).

Later that night Emma arrives to make peace and show Jacob how she really feels about him. I don't understand the allure of crazy Emma and yet Jacob starts to fall under her spell until Ghost Paul arrives. We finally see Jacob take charge and snap under the pressure between losing his best friend and the woman who caused it to happen. He tells Emma to "watch her back" and leaves in a huff. They'll probably get back together... or one of them will get killed off this season. My guess is on Jacob.

Did Claire make the right decision by going to the compound? Post in the comments below and share your thoughts on this week's episode.

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