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Big Brother Canada: Kat Is Evicted

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Big Brother Canada has arrived! 

It's been a busy few days and already someone was evicted from the house. For the first season, 15 houseguests were chosen to enter the Big Brother Canada house - that's a surprisingly large number when normally it's between 12 to 14 houseguests. No major twists were revealed yet but within only a few pre-launch days, the players simulated a full week with one person already being sent packing early.

Now that the game is underway, the first person evicted is Kat Yee, the 27 year old bartender from Toronto.

Let's Meet Kat...

Kat is the fun and sporty tom-boy who was ready to party with her fellow houseguests. On Day 1, she entered the house first and tried to stay clear of any drama. Once Suzette won Head of Household (HOH) from the Big Brother phone twist, Emmett and Tom were nominated for eviction. Tom won the Power of Veto (POV) and unfortunately for her, Kat was placed on the block as the replacement nominee. On Day 8, Kat was evicted by a vote of 11-1.

Why Did She Lose?

Since most of the drama occurred BEFORE the series premiered, information could only be supplied from houseguest recounts and the two "live" episodes. Kat is a victim of the "too-hard-too-fast" approach. She entered the game and tried to stay in the background, removing herself from the drama that was attracting to other players like Tom or Gary. By Tom winning the POV, names were being thrown around about who could be on the block. Kat decided in this time to try and establish a female alliance with Suzette to secure her place, but her approach came across as persistent. Her overtly talkative and outgoing nature was her undoing - the HOH nominated Kat because she felt irritated with her presence and made a personal decision. The alliance of Tom/Emmett proved to be more popular to keep around and the house made a simple decision.

How Could She Stay?
Once Kat was placed on the block, her status in the house was done. There was no deal she could have made or alliance created to separate Tom and Emmett. The best advice would have been to lay low in the first week. Instead of pushing Suzette and a few other houseguests to make decisions, she should have stayed in the background for one of the bigger personalities to be placed as the replacement nominee.

Last Thoughts...

It's never fun being the first person evicted. After going through so much application process to even be picked, getting the boot first is a slight kick to the ego. Not sure if Kat would have been a powerful presence in the house later on this season - I think maybe the Tom/Emmett alliance could prove to provide more drama. Though, I think the houseguests will regret losing the chance to evict Emmett early on before the game really starts.

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