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15 Midseason Predictions for 'The Originals', 'Teen Wolf' and more

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In less than 12 hours, we'll be saying goodbye to 2013 and welcoming a new year. New shows will premiere, seasons will return from their breaks and in the coming few months, the axe will start dropping as struggling performers are cut from next year's line-up. With the holidays nearing its end, many programs are set to resume this week. New year, new possibilities!

From my personal list of shows that aired in the Fall/Summer, I've come up with a few hopes and predictions for the rest of the season. Obviously, I will mention stuff that's happened on the show so this a SPOILER alert to anyone who has yet to watch so turn back now!

The series finale is set for March 2014 and the story is slowly (as in VERY slowly) inching its way toward introducing Ted to the Mother. With the final season centred on Barney and Robin's wedding, I would like the last few episodes to tie the Mother's involvement and connection to the group as this wedding shouldn't be the sole focus. Plus, a twist at the end is always appreciated (my guess is either Ted or the Mother has died in the future).

So much is yet to come with Hayley's baby and the mystery surrounding its upcoming birth could change the course for the remainder of the season. New creature? New powers? In the meantime, I would love if Davina's story continues to be a major plot arc as The Harvest could prove to be a climactic season finale, especially now since she also has Josh and a newly "freed" Cami on her side to protect her.

With the prison gone and the group splintered, it's become a game of survival until they find each other again. New characters are going to be introduced but a few current ones will obviously have to go to make way for new storylines. Carol should hopefully reunite with the team, Beth/Maggie need to survive after losing their father and some resolution should be done about Judith's disappearance. Spoiler: she dies in the graphic novels, but it shouldn't be left ambiguous.

Nostradamus predicted the future but Mary's relationship with Francis is still unclear (on the show... not real life). Giving her virtue to Francis and now running off with Bash, this will add a new layer to the love triangle and make things more complicated if she returns to French Court. For Mary and her friends, the death of Aylee could leave the girls rethinking their future and place while at French Court. New love interest for Lola? Pregnancy for Kenna? Commitment for Greer? All predictions and I can't wait!

A bloody Stiles?! Maybe the latter half of this season could be where Stiles becomes a supernatural creature? Even Lydia is now something more than just the popular girl and even as a human, Alison is a hunter. Always the comic relief, it would be interesting to see how he copes with a new curse... and maybe a new love interest for Teen Wolf

I've got a lot to catch up on with Arrow and I'm still a little behind with the second season. However, whatever the case may be, I do hope that Felicity and Oliver start dating or continue their flirtatious moments. They possibly have the best chemistry that resulted from an unexpected pairing. Until Laurel becomes the Black Canary and Flash has his own series, I can focus on this potential romance as a possibility.

What a midseason finale! Emily's shooter was revealed to be her new husband Daniel after he learned the truth of her conniving ways. She went overboard with two shots to the stomach and now the upcoming previews show that she has amnesia. For the first time ever, the Graysons have the upper-hand against Emily and it would be great to see how Daniel reacts to this new predicament. Will they stay married? Will he try to kill her again? Plus, what has happened to Victoria? Since she might be framed, I'd like for the tables to turn in her favour and have the Queen Grayson hold the power for once.

This is not so much as a prediction but a recommendation for Glee. I'm a fan of the series but the tone/quality has drifted so far from where it originally started. The show has split into two stories: the New York story and the glee club story. Since there will be another graduation coming up, once the last of the original glee club members have graduated, the main story should shift to New York solely. There's potential there for a rounded plot with many of the original Glee club members and it's clearly the main focus that's keeping its core fans.

Reboots are a tricky thing and Once Upon A Time is taking a gamble with its latest twist. Spoiler: Peter Pan ushered a new curse which caused Regina to remove every fairytale character from Storybrooke and return them to the Disney World without their memories. Has everyone forgotten their memories? Hook hasn't and he's reached out to Emma for help. I hope that all of the good that came from Storybrooke isn't gone because the "Happily-Ever-Afters" throughout the three seasons (i.e. Ariel, Cinderella) were sweet to see and I wouldn't want them gone. If something were to have gone wrong with Peter Pan's curse, that could be an interesting development.

Sebastian's gone, Walt's kicked out of his home, Maggie and Mouse are alone, and Carrie is only just starting her adventure in New York. The future of this teen drama is still on the bubble but before its last remaining episodes, a few Sex and The City origin stories might be needed. Graduation is coming and Carrie will obviously make her way to New York but who will she meet there? Miranda? Charlotte? The infamous Stanford? Someone new should be on their way to help the series; Samantha can only do so much.

Many highs and lows for the cupcake shop throughout the three seasons. Success can't come soon enough but after the second season, it shouldn't feel rushed. What about Max's mother and Caroline's mother? These two important characters have been unseen, but we've heard a lot about them. Having one of them appear could shake up the show and add a new level to the girls' backstories. Plus, someone should experience a new romance...even if it's Han.

NO MORE NEW DOPPELGANGERS! The whole Silas/Amara/Qetsiyah love triangle arc helped to add some backstory to the curse but it did little to add excitement - it was more of a distraction to end off a Season Four plot. With that arc finished (hopefully for now), Katherine will be a main focus and the mystery of the knife should be revealed. I don't think she'll die (yet) but her collapse will cause the group to take a drastic action.

Simple prediction but an important one: more Marvel characters will appear. If Smallville and Arrow can get away with using characters from its universe then SHIELD could be ready to have a few familiar faces pop up. The season so far has been without superheros or superpowers for the large part and with the remainder of its first season still airing, someone is bound to appear.

With a season and a half left in the series (potentially), there are a few more bombshells left to be revealed. Ezra, now confirmed to be a member of A team (or the enemy of A team), could start the fight of his life to find Alison, especially now that she's revealed to be alive. In the battle between Ezra and Alison, I think a few more people will be revealed as part of the conspiracy and Ezra won't make it past the season alive.

A few more episodes left in the mini-series and it looks like the two queens of New Orleans are coming together against the hunters. While it looks to become a war of witches against hunters, not all will survive and I predict that potentially the witches may turn on each other at the end. Who is the Supreme? My guess is either Misty Day, Zoe or Nan.

I only promised 15 predictions but these two shows carry simple predictions that I wanted to throw in. On Sleepy Hollow, Ichabod learned that he had fathered a son with Katrina after death while Liz is still searching for her birth father on The Blacklist. My guess for both shows: Red is Elizabeth's father and Jeremy Crane will return at the season finale from being buried alive by the coven.

Agree or disagree with my predictions? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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