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'The Carrie Diaries' Recap: Express Yourself

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More New York episodes make the show a brighter place.

Similar to last season, the episodes that focused in the Big Apple are my favourites. Castlebury, while important to Carrie's past, doesn't hold the same appeal with episodes as do the New York storylines. It's similar to the current situation with Glee - the New York storyline is the real draw while the Lima focus can be a hit-or-miss. Since Carrie and friends are still high school students, I'm interested to see how the show progresses when it moves back to including the school setting.
This week on The Carrie Diaries, Walt and friends celebrate his 18th birthday at the Z100 festival, Samantha overstays her welcome, Carrie looks to the future, and Tom defines his relationship.

The moment has finally arrived: Walt is turning 18 years old. (Did anyone else feel really creepy right now?) I mean this strictly in the sense of the Bennett factor, as at the end of last season, the two didn't start a relationship as Bennett wanted to wait until Walt turned 18 years old. Arguably, Walt had the strongest character story and finally seeing him with the boy he likes is a happy moment to see. 

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To celebrate Walt's big day, Mouse and Donna head to the city to party with Carrie, Walt and Samantha. Bennett is unfortunately working the Z100 festival and to have Walt spend time with his guy, Samantha helps the group get into the festival too. Tainted food - courtesy of Mouse - leads the group to head home in a fit of nausea but by the end of the episode, Walt and Bennett come to terms with their relationship. They're not defining it as a serious relationship and want to spend time together to see where it goes. Not exactly "happily ever after" but a nice to start to something more.

Before Samantha finds a future as a PR maven, she had to make a living somehow. Last week it was as a bouncer and this week, it's a phone sex operator. Even though she does good by helping Mouse in the ways of dirty talk and gets the group into the festival, her presence in Larissa's apartment is wearing thin. The illustrious Interview editor is returning within a week and Carrie needs to find a way to get Samantha out, even though her new friend has no place to go. 

After the debacle with tainted food - which led Carrie to potentially ruin her program interview - Carrie lashes out at her new friend and demands she leaves. Instead of caviar that Samantha bought off a truck, it turns out the eggs in Mouse's quiche were expired and cause the group to vomit in hysterical fashion. Carrie apologizes to Samantha and the two reconnect.

Sebastian has never been one to approve of his family. Meeting his mother last season, we finally caught a glimpse of his relationship (or lack there of) with his father. They decide to rebuild a car together but Sebastian's father has another plan: he plans to sell it to a business partner. After being letdown by his father yet again, the bad boy heads to the city to reconnect with Carrie but the future columnist is not having any of it. She lashes out and confirms that she still loves him but hates herself for it. Ouch! If I heard that from my ex (or had to say it), I don't think I could hold it together.

Tom is finally getting a storyline separate from his daughters. He's still hooking up with Deb from last season but this time, they've defined the relationship. An official woman is now in his life and on top of that, Carrie of his "gym" workouts.

How will things change with Larissa back? Will Carrie forgive Sebastian? Does Carrie still have a shot at the writing program? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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